Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day 2011

It's National Coffee Day 2011- which for me is EVERY day- heh, heh, heh.
  • My most famous phrase "Where is my coffee cup?" as I get ready for my day. 
  • My daughter's favorite thing to do was to add "clouds in my coffee" - AKA skim milk. 
  • I can do all things through coffee, which wakes me up and keeps me going

Looking forward to transition on Take Shape for Life and more clouds in my coffee!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday 9/25/2011 weigh-in & The Black Eyed Peas

Okay,  I only lost 1 pound this week. Not bad, and I stayed on my food plan. About 20 more to go or so, maybe 25?  I'll know when I get to goal weight. Glad to have a Take Shape for Life health coach to help me during transition and maintenance.

One big non-scale victory is that I feel like a thinner person again.  I feel normal and it feels fabulous. Loving it.  When I dream at night, I'm a normal weight person in my dreams. Now I feel like that person during day time hours.  My sub-conscious self matches my conscious self.  Feels so good. :)

Hey, maybe someday I'll fly to work Jetson's style, because sometimes I do fly in my dreams.... LOL.

I celebrated my morning and my healthy habits by taking a hilly walk and listening to the Black Eyed Peas- The END (Energy Never Dies). Great songs to listen to while walking up steep hills. I didn't even notice that I was on the steep part.


Yeah!  :)  I'll be cooking some Lean and Green meals this afternoon so I can eat quickly this week. I'll post some recipes and links to recipes soon.