Saturday, January 19, 2019

Local NSNG meet up and please follow Jill on a Journey, another great weight maintainer!

Hello blog readers!

There is a NSNG San Diego Meet Up soon. So if you want to watch the fun, be sure to follow Jill on a Journey.



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YO!!!!   Some peeps and hashtags to follow and use

For those of us who do well on low, yet some carbs

And for those of us who were sick not eating meat and need meat (for me meat off the bone for stopping binge urges and morbid obesity)

Vinnie Tortorich- NSNG  #NSNG  Fat Documentary

Anna Vocino- Cookbook author- EAT HAPPY #eathappy

Here's to new friends, NSNG and more weight maintainer awesomeness.

Blog post on the NSNG meet up soon.

PS- if anyone is blowing sustainability of low carb, NSNG, Paleo, Keto, Primal up your WAZOO, then please share my blog, my twitter, and my blog post with them.

I'm about 10 days or so from 7 years of sustainable living in mild keto. YO! #yes2meat #NSNG

My graph does not lie. Normal BMI's for almost 7 years. Previously morbidly obese or yo-yo dieting 40 years

For some of us, it's the answer to our best lives. Not all. Make it an option for exploring. If it doesn't work, move along. If it does work, welcome!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 2019- slow but steady loss, early time restricted eating for the win!

A. Quick check in to show I'm putting actions to my plans and that I'm addressing the root cause of my regain. 

B. Also, a quick shout out to those who are working their dietary plans into World Carnivore month, January 2019.

I'm not a carnivore, but by eating meat off the bone, I get the BEST and most NORMAL happy feelings, fewest binge urges, best skin tone and less acne. Combine this with over all feelings of wellness, youth (I'm almost 53) and lowest joint pain. Chicken thighs, drumsticks, bone in ribeye and beef ribs (when I can find them on sale), baby back ribs. I also include ground beef and thinly sliced beef, and of course eggs.

I eat some vegetables. I also include kale, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic. Sometimes sauerkraut. Black coffee, yes! Olive oil, rendered lard, tallow, schmaltz are my cooking oils.  Occasionally coconut oil and 85% chocolate, too.

Collagen for the win?! Normal weight also, always for my own personal win. I'm not sure what the connection is with early time restricted eating, but I'm now convinced that I'll need to eat early to stay a normal weight.

What's working now:

1. Early Time restricted eating (6am-12noon- or 2pm at the latest) (mild Keto)
2. Tracking my food intake, eating ever so slightly less
3. Meat off the bone, chicken, beef, pork short ribs (NSNG, Paleo, Low Carb)
4. Sipping broth occasionally (good salt vehicle)
5. Consuming enough salt to keep my blood pressure high enough. I salt to taste, and I need a lot of salt to feel well. Food tastes fab, also.
6. Sleeping longer by meditating at the start of sleep.
7. Spending lots of family time this month.

What didn't work in the past

1. Eating 6am-10pm, every 2 hours
2. Didn't track, over ate because I ate my binge foods
3. I ate soy, nut milk,  fake meat chemical products and boy did I have sore joints and a face full of painful zits, but super low WW points - LOL. Bad idea.
4. I ate the DASH diet, felt terrible and food tasted AWFUL, just NOOOOO.
5.See number 4. Ugh. Most people are not salt sensitive.
6. Watched reality TV and ate Skinny cow ice cream spiked with WW 1 pt of M&M's. Ugh!
7. Didn't want to have family photos taken because of my weight.

CATS- went to the vet and had a good check up. Thanks to my college girl for the vet assist.

Totitude 2019
Epic winter beach combing

Sea glass
and winter sunsets
Carlsbad, CA January 2019

Phoenix Airport, Smashburger for the travel WIN

Snow!!! Prescott, AZ 2019
Mountain and desert hikes.
Dixie Loop Trail, Anthem, AZ 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December 2018 Weight Maintenance Check-in - I've done nothing but gain weight this year- still in range tho!

***  photos****  Progress photos coming soon as I can get some good angles

In the meantime, scroll to the last half of the post for my  favorite photos and weight graphs from Dec 2018

I'd rather blog without the standard progress photos than to not blog.

Second hand clothes shopping and new hair cut, Dec 2018, Double Take, Carlsbad, CA

Coffee and baby back ribs. Yes, I had a salad earlier. Meat off the bone for a 2018 WIN!!

Honestly #1: I'm out having fun with my family, doing house projects, hobbies, and of course, batch cooking low carb foods. I'v just been enjoying myself too much to bother to blog.

PS- I've got my Keto and my Food Addiction resource pages ready to post, in a single "Resource" page- to replace my outdated resource tab on this blog. You'll see those pages go up in the first half of Jan 2019.

Honestly #2Look, lets' be honest, all I did was gain weight this year. About 5-7 pounds
 Ha! True. And I value the truth. I'll update my social media weight maintained to 65 pounds until I get back to 68-70. And I do believe that I will cycle back to <120 pounds. Fairly sure.

It's also my own truth:  I'm still maintaining inside my maintenance range. This is what my weight maintenance looks like. 

Looking at my 7-8 years of data and food sober living. The cyclic nature of my weight gain and loss within the bracket of weight maintenance is probably my true normal.

What's working for me now 2018 review, in general

0. I don't lose my cool when I gain in maintenance, I hop on the scale daily.
1. I do look for root causes and take action within my Paleo, Modified AIP, LCHF, Keto protocol
2. I do adopt what work and assess risk at each major decision point.
3. If 2018 has taught me any thing is that my high risk for obesity is still at play
4. I must, must, must track my food
5. I must, must must fast after 12 noon to and broth is okay up to about 2-3pm
6. I can have sparkling water and electrolyte powder after 3pm
7. I will get higher cholesterol when I fast, with low hs-CRP, great glucose, HA1c, skinny jeans, no Coronary Calcium, great CIMT values.
8. I will likely have lower risks on my high risk genetic SNPs (Type 2 Diabetes , obesity, unnamed disease risk, auto-immune disease, obesity related cancer associations- I hope I'm far enough past it)
9. I have super good hot/cold tolerance and only allergies due to high winds in So. Cal (no colds like I thought!)
10. I'm leaning into empty nest in a good way so far.

What didn't work for me in the past

0. If I gained I avoided the scale because I didn't want to be honest with myself
1. I ate everything in moderation because WW said so, this fueled my food addiction & binge eating
2. I did not consider risks like Type 2 diabetes and obesity associated cancers
3. I did not understand how much my genetic risk of  obesity wants to come back
4. I did not track my binges and crappy food, except at WW where I ate high carb, low fat.
5. I ate from 6am-10pm, daily
6. I ate my binge foods from 6am-10pm daily
7. I had perfect lipid profiles with terrible joint pain, 6.8 hs-CRP, and metabolic syndrome markers.
8. I did not consider my genetic obesity and type 2 diabetes risks
9. I was "cold" all of the time. ALL of the time, sleepy, immobile
10 I ate to soothe life changes- to numb out, to not feel my feelings. It didn't work.

Weight graphs Dec 2018

Out living life and having fun. And walking, lots of walking at the beach.
Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA Dec 2018

Dave's Rock Garden, Moonlight Beach 2018

Extreme Tides, Dec 2018 Carlsbad Tide Pools

Nice Carlsbad Sunets

Intagram polls

The outcome, no green flash

Thought full time with family

Reality of life for me

Praying to my higher power for food sober living in 2019