Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Proof of maintenance & Summer brief check-in 2018

I've been off the blog quite a bit, for mostly good reasons. Okay, the Holy Fire in So. Cal was not a good reason.

Here are my excuses 

1. Proof of weight maintenance (at the top or just over my desired range and 3-5 pounds over my best range).

3 months weight maintenance June-Aug 2018

2. When the Holy Fire hit So. Cal. we all got reverse 911 phone calls and exited the building.
A spider decided to exit one side of my pants leg by biting me 5 times in a row. This resulted a 2-3 pound weight gain for 4-5 days. Ughhhhhh. Itchy.

I'm a normal blood donation (paid, IRB approved) for Histamine Release, so hey, I'm NOT taking any anti-histamines. That test is my cash cow, so I'm not going to mess it up.  My weight is finally returning to <120, which  is indeed my "scream weight".

I'm sparing you gross spider bite photos. You are welcome. LOL.

Holy Fire, August 2018, as seen from Orange County

3. Traveling soon, transitioning to empty nest. I'm so happy for "Jr Family Member"

Tortoiseshell luggage guardian, Summer 2018

4. Volunteered and had a great time at Low Carb USA 2018 San Diego- 

Standard of Care meeting Adel Hite and Gary Taubes

Traditional Poster Photo 2018

I helped Vinnie and Serena Scott-Thomas with the first few days of filming

Donate if you are able. The interviewees are my favorite people.

I''ll be doing a separate blog post on Low Carb USA 2018. Soon!!! As long as the fires stay away.

4. Podcasts 

I have been a guest on 3 podcasts lately. Links coming soon!

Back to life, food sober living, and long term weight maintenance.

5. Home work for a future blog post. Keto Woman Podcast episode #41 Georgia Ede

Terrific Weight Maintenance topics:

Link to the podcast

I took 2 pages of notes around this podcast. I'll blog about it soon.

What's working for me

1. Daily weighing, even though I want to be a lower weight
2. Staying safe and well during fire season
3. Dealing with a life transition as my kid goes to college, building my social life
4. Hanging with my tribe at Low Carb USA 2018, building the tribe.
5. Continuing weight maintenance education through podcasts

What didn't work for me in the past

1. Staying off the scale and lying to myself about my morbid obesity
2. Binge eating during fire season to soothe myself
3. Binge eating during life transitions to soothe myself
4. Hanging with the "all foods in moderation tribes" so I could binge eat and justify it.
5. Learning one thing (points counting" and not expanding my learning as I aged.

Onward and safe travels to all.