Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 34 and 35- End of year review- 2011

Week 34 was on Christmas day with a 2.2 pound loss, total was 63.4 pounds, ave loss per week 1.86 pounds.Week 35 will end tomorrow- New Years Day, but to put and end to this year, I've lost another 2 pounds! and I'm now down to a 65.2 total loss, ave per week is 1.87 pounds
I stayed the same weight between Dec 26th-Dec30th. I really thought that I had reached my maintenance plateau, but only time  and my body will tell.

2011 was the best of times and the worst of times for me. The worst of times were not things I could control, friends and family members who passed or are ill.The best of times were the weight loss with Take Shape for Life, my friends and family, safe travels, fabulous coffee, reading weight maintenance blogs of others who have lost and maintained, and all the cool photos I've taken and posted at Project Noah .

 More to come in 2012. I'll post a new blog tomorrow with my 2012 goals. It's all about structure! And lots of coffee and photos.  Happy New Year! Safe travels to all.

I know you know not to drink and drive. So step in and speak up if you see anyone else doing that. We all deserve to drive home safely every day of the year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 32 & Week 33 update- slow loss continues

The holiday season has been busy, so here's week 32 and week 33 updates together.

Week 32 I hit 60 pounds lost. Whoot!!!  Very good. My loss was only 1.2 pounds this week. I'll take it!

Week 33 I'm at a 61.2 pound lost for another 1.2 pound lost week. See a trend here?

Even though weight loss is slow for me near the end, I can tell I've lost inches. No complaining, here. I do need to stay on my quest for finding pants that fit and I'm waiting for some nice Kohl's coupons so I can buy some Lee dress pants for work.

I'm reading some great blogs and I'll post more about my learning and favorite quotes another time.

Even though work, home life, and other things have me very busy and a little stressed, I can't celebrate my healthy habits I've learned enough. I'm so thankful. Take Shape for Life has been the best gift ever.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 31- off the plateau and jogging?!

Week 31- Finally off the plateau

Lost this week 1.6

Total lost 58.8

Ave lost per week 1.9

A Jr. family member asked me "Can you run a mile in 12 minutes or under?" My answer was yes. But I put my jogging shoes where my mouth was and the real answer is "No".  My time was 12:36. Not too bad, but not within 12 minutes either.

I'm making 2 days of strength training (light) a goal for Dec each week. I might add making a 12 minute jogging mile a goal, if my body is willing.

I'm so glad that my Health Coach at Take Shape for Life suggested the middle of the range BMI for me. It will feel good to be in the middle and at the next plateau that I have. I really would like to find that plateau and maintain there for a long time. Body and Mind willing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 30 weigh in. Post Thanksgiving update

Okay, Week 30 weigh in was okay. I only lost 0.6 this week. That makes a total of 57.2 pounds lost. Not bad considering I ate out 3 of the last 4 days while on Thanksgiving break. I did stay completely on plan. It wasn't too hard to do. Having a microwave at the hotel and using my parent's stove to make my Medifast Pancake was great.

I read Robb Wolf's book- the Paleo Solution. Very interesting as I'm exploring a modified Plaeo diet after transition from Medifast. The recipes look great. Looking forward to the variety that transition and maintenance will bring.

I was more active this week- mainly with walking and I added in 10 extra almonds as an optional snack. Looking forward to getting back to my regular routine. Probably about 9 pounds left until transition. I'll. need to make sure I'm past the plateau that I just powered past. 

Low tides again today! If you're reading this and in Southern California, take advantage of the low tides this afternoon. Fantastic and a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Guide by Beck Diet Solution 2011

I really, really liked this article about holiday eating, so I wanted to make sure I blogged about it.

Great tips for the "slippery slope" things we may tell ourselves during the holidays.

Read the guide  by clicking here.

It's so much better to not be eating sugary stuff or high carbs over the holidays. Two thumbs up for holiday "food sobriety".

Week 29 check in and normal BMI- I am Thankful!

Week 29, only down 1.2 pounds, but my BMI is finally in the normal range.  Whoot!

10 more pounds to go. The weight is coming off a little more slowly, but I can't complain too much.

Thankful for my job, my health, my family, and my friends. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 28, so close to a healthy BMI 25.05

Ahhhhh! Week 28. This is my last week in the overweight BMI range. My BMI is 25.05.

Lost this week 1.4 pounds

Total lost is 54.8 pounds

Ave loss per week is 1.96 pounds

So, even though my weight loss for this week is not very high, I've lost inches and was able to buy size 8 pants. All I can  say is that give an A+ to the Lee slimming pants and jeans. Very helpful after a large weight loss.  What isn't gone is nicely smoothed out and concealed. As one of my former bosses used to say, "My beauty days are over, now it's all about functionality! "  Oh, so true, Linda. :)

My Medifast order is going to miss the new cookies, but I've given away bars for friends to try, so I really need that shipment before the holiday week. The Medifast cupboard is starting to look bare. Oh well, the Medifast Chocolate Chip cookies will be a nice Christmas treat.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 27 weigh in

Okay, week 27 weigh in and I was down 2 more pounds.  Total of 53.4 pounds lost. Awesome!  I'm finding I'm a lot more active on the weekends now that I've lost weight.

I was able to spend some time walking in Coastal Orange County last week. Nice time of year to walk, cooler and awesome sunsets.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 26 weigh in one day early

Weigh in was one day early. I lost 1.8 for a grand total of 51.4.   Very good.  

  • I don't do it often, but I had some yummy tiger prawns from Costco last night for my Lean and Green. 
  • About 10 tiger prawns made 7 oz pan grilled, in 1 tsp sesame oil . I added Mrs. Dash- fiesta lime and a little bit of lime juice. 
  • Half cup of sauteed mushrooms with a clove of garlic and half a cup of red bell pepper
  • One cup romaine with one TBS of Girard's Light Champagne dressing

I'll be trying a clothing trade with a local shop today. Hopefully, they will take some of my nicer clothes in place of my bigger work tops. I will be able to pick from some nice small sized tops for work and I'll swap some clothing without having to spend a lot of $$.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I hit the 50 pound mark this week- Whoot!

Well, I did it. I reached the 50 pound weight loss mark on Tuesday, October 24, 2011.

I feel fabulous. I'm also weighing in every day and tracking my food every day since transition and maintenance on Medifast will be in about 15 pounds or so.

I have a friend who will take some photos of me soon at my new lower weight.  I must say, that putting myself first- by taking the Take Shape for Life Journey or taking time on the weekends to de-stress and going to the beach, or just getting enough sleep has made all the difference. 

Loving my new slimmer identity. About 6 more pounds to my next mini goal of a healthy BMI.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Holiday Eating (lack of ) article

I really like this blog and book by Barbara Berkeley, MD.  Here's an article about doing other things that baking during the holiday season(s)
click here for the article

My favorite thing to do during the holidays-
  • Hike
  • Visit with friends
  • Travel & photography
  • Drink lots of good coffee
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Decorate the tree with my Jr. family member
I got some Peppermint extract to spike my coffee with this year.  And cinnamon in Medifast Hot Chocolate is fab. Who needs a high calorie coffee drink and lots of cookies. Pass on that. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weigh-In & starting to weigh more often-Manitoba!

Okay. Week 25 weigh in  was okay.  1.6 pounds lost , 49.6 pounds lost total
Ave weight lost per week is 1.984 pounds.

Not bad! I'm so close to 50 pounds I can taste it almost not wait to weigh-in, so I'm going to mid-week.

Each week when I weigh in, there is a state map on the wall. I look squarely at the part of Canada, Manitoba, and Lake Winnepeg. So I say to myself- MANITOBA, and look down at the scale.

Now that I'm getting closer to transition and maintenance, I'll be weighing in more often.  At least it's recommended by the book Refuse to Regain, by Barbara Berkeley, MD. And using to track my weight and food, it will be easy to do.

So, I'll be moving my scale upstairs tonight. I'll have to find some fun travel pictures of places I want to go to put up on the wall where I'll be weighing.  So long , Manitoba, Lake Winnepeg, and  Canada. Those 25 weeks and almost 50 pounds have been a great journey.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Favorite Medifast (Take Shape for Life) Recipe sites

  • Sandy's Kitchen is one of my favorite recipe sites for Lean and Green. Many of her recipes also appeal to the junior members that try them and many are great to freeze ahead