Thursday, December 24, 2020

2020 Holiday Greetings- I'm still maintaining a 61 pound weight loss! 8 years, 11 months

 Howdy, y'all. 2020, what a year it's been! 

What's working for me (photos soon)

0. New scale, who dis? I gained 2-3 pounds via the new scale. LOL. Almost back to pre-new scale weights.

1. I'm still maintaining 61 pound weight loss

2. I'm still food sober, keeping food addiction in remission.

3. I'm still Covid-19 free and awaiting a vaccine (next month or so, So. Cal Healthcare worker)

4. I'm sleeping well

5. I'm still taking superfun coastal walks outside, safe from the 'Rona

6. Low Carb, fasting past 12noon-1pm, low Carb Paleo, meat off the bone, some veg continue to be a great food template.

What's not working as well

0. I'm right at the top of my scream weight. Looking for 3-5 pounds sustained loss for 2021. 

1. I'm not tracking my food hardly at all, I have better results when I do.

2. I've had some close calls (near misses) with eating in the evening- but have stopped, paused and gone to bed because the stress was caused from being too tired.

3. Covid-19 is out of control in San Diego and Orange County. ICU beds are full. The next 2-3 months are grim down here. Please, stay safe, as safe as you can for your situation. This thing is hitting folks disproportionately.

 Wear a mask, be outdoors if it is not too cold, get a vaccine, after a consult with your doctor) . I've put myself at risk this year to keep many who need health care well. Favor: Make my risk ,and the risk of my co-workers worth it!!! Thank you in advance. Just guessing most of my readers are on board. Buckets of thanks!  You are my people. Verify facts with your doctor, with trusted health professionals. 

4. I need more room darkening curtains to sleep better at my house.

5. I need to rebuild upper body strength ASAP. Yo! 

6. Eating past 1pm is just terrible for me and  = rapid weight retain. When will I ever learn?

Hope you are all well and your families are well.  Comment moderation is ON. I check once a week now. Will publish your comment ASAP. 

Weight loss photos soon. Meanwhile