Saturday, March 28, 2020

Interesting Clinical Trial for Fitbit and Apple Watch users- March 2020

Hello All,

PS- if you are here for weight maintenance: Graphs at the end of the post!

Here's a great Clinical Trial via Scripps Research! I've signed up and given access to my resting heart rate. Theoretically, my resting heart rate will increase if I've been exposed, but long before I get a fever. (Covid-19)

And in the past, this has been 100% true for my cold viruses and my shingles outbreaks.

So please help the researchers gather data and predict community outbreaks before they happen.
Enroll in the study if you have a FitBit or Apple watch.
I've promised my boss I would stay home (I'm a  lab professional) and not be a risk to our team if I saw a big jump in resting heart rate.

Here's my March data from the MyDataHelps app  This is my baseline:

MyDataHelps App March 2020
Here's what my non-infected resting heart rate looked like from my Fitbit:
March 2020

2 month weight graph: PS, my resting heart rate went way down when I lost weight and kept it off. My resting heart rate went even lower when I removed grains, sugar and dairy from my food template. My heart doesn't lie. I listen to it. NSNG, LCHF, and Paleo for the WIN!

Keeping it within my current normal range:

Long term weight maintenance,March 2020

Right before they closed the beach:

Ponto Beach, Carlsbad- before beach closures March 2020
Stay safe my friends. Physical Distance > Social Distance. Zoom meetings and Calls, Skype and finding local walks that are not populated.

Are you monitoring body temp, resting heart rate, blood pressure?  I am and it's cool data. Stay safe my friends.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

If you are a food addict, please stay strong and abstain, binge eating will not fix COVID-19

Hello Friends,

Food addiction will not fix COVID-19. There, I said it. And, there are online meetings that may help.

What can I say? I'm lucky to be okay right now. I know this is a tough time for all of us for many different reasons. I remind myself this may not be the only pandemic in my lifetime.

I'm sorry. It's not great. The worst may be yet to come, yet I'm choosing to look at the plusses in life.

My positives:
1. My family is safe ,for now.
2. I have stayed on my food template and will to the last breath.
3. I'm a health care worker in real life and continue to make a difference. This is just the beginning.
4. My pets are okay, one cat sick but my vet stayed open and kitty is on the mend.
5. I have what I need today and I'm helping others where I can.
6. I'm food sober, every meal.
7. I'm cooking food sober meals at home. Foods that I need (meat, vege) and medicines are in stock.
8. I just had a regular check up and eye checkup. Everything's A-Okay. Delay in ordering glasses, yes. but I can still read.
9. I'm checking in with co-workers, friends, and family. I'm still playing Pokemon at a distance.
10. Beach and lagoon walks are LIFE. We keep a safe distance. It's good to get outside.
11. Meditation daily. I see colors and patterns when I meditate, and it's kind of fun and funky and relaxing. Like a "trip" without drugs. LOL.

Well here's to all of you staying safe and well and being smart about #flatteningthecurve.

Take care and I continue to daily weigh, eat LCHF, and walk as much as I can. Might have to get some more gardening going. Onward and here's to another food sober meal, day, week, month, year, and life.

Proof of maintenance. Super glad to be getting a buffer between my 125 scream weight and my current 123. I like that trend!! (see graphs below)

3 months, 1 year, and 8+ years!

I did have one moment of "stinking thinking" at Trader Joe's and labeled it for what it was and moved a long. My food addiction will pop in from time to time, and it's my choice to take it back outside my door, slam the door, lock it and be safe.

Onward. I'm on Instagram most often. Hit my sidebar and catch me there. Safe travels. You are not alone. I remain committed to be food sober, until my last breath.

How y'all doing (catch my reference? Dr. Now...LOL). Check in below. I'm moderating comments but will let yours through soon. Karen


Lunch walk at work, gives me peace and hope March 2020