Saturday, November 9, 2019

New Book recommendation- Stall Slayer- Amy Berger

Hello All,

Quick post to recommend:

The Stall Slayer- by Amy Berger

1. The book is not out yet, but soon!
2. The "book" will be in PDF format and available in Kindle
3. Keep watching Amy's blog for the release (as of 11/9/19, it's not out yet..)

There is a preview on Amy's blog, so check it out. She is often the sense of reason in the Low Carb & Keto Community. There are many stumbling blocks to work through on any diet plan. Low Carb and Keto are no different.

For me: Add in being post Hashimoto's and needing to stop 40 years of food addiction. A lot of "experts" tell you oh, 3-4 days of tough. Oh, 6-8 weeks of binge urges.

For me- TRY 2-3 years. Years. Okay, so a lot of work, but this wave of the hand and boom LCHF is the end all-be all, No, not for me, it was just not enough.

In a way that is good, though. It allowed me time to "practice" weight maintenance and food sobriety. In a way, it was tough, though. All of us were sold an "It's easy, just a few days/weeks".

Time to hone the skills and deal with the real roots. The real stumbling blocks.

 I got stressed out, and I had a few binge urges over the last week or so. Exhausted. Cutting back on my side hustle. Getting better sleep, taking care of myself- walks, time with friends.  No, I don't need food to soothe. Just to slow down a bit, take time.

Play with the furry beasts
Tortie, furry goof balls!

Anyway, I'll be obtaining the whol the Stall Slayer book when it's published ,and I will give a full review.

PS-Proof of weight maintenance. I don't use time off the blog to back off from my weight data and making small adjustments. Consistency is super key!  So is self-talk, self-sabbotage and other food addiction TRAPS. No. Nope, no thank you. The next 40 years are mine.