Sunday, February 17, 2019

Food Addiction and Dr. Robert Cywes- Must Watch You Tube Series

If you or friends and family members struggle with weight maintenance and/or weight loss Dr Cywes' video series is available for free on youtube.

The whole series is posted here  LINK

A huge shout out to Doug and Pam from Low Carb USA for hosting and posting this very important video series. 

After 7+ years of blogging about weight maintenance, I wish I could have had these videos way back in 2012 when I started maintaining my 65-70 pound weight loss. 

I'll be  rewatch the entire series and post about how I've implemented key take aways and of course what works for me in 7+ years of recovery. Oh, and free, the materials are available at no cost. 

Here's the first video as an introductory

And then Chapter 1

Kudos to Dr. Cwyes for discussing a tough, yet very sensible topic that many of us have struggled with in the past. 

I can't tell you how much a Paleo, Low Carb, Keto because I fast, and meat off the bone has helped me get far into food addiction recovery. Saved my life. Really. I have enormous gratitude for those who have spoken about this and given freely of their time and resources.

Onward and here's to doing the hard work that recovery from food addition requires. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Low Carb San Diego 2019 Save the Date!!!! July 25-28, 2019

Low Carb USA is expanding all over the US.

My favorite event is, of course, San Diego!!!

Here's my list of top 10 reasons why I like to attend Low Carb USA San Diego

1. Lots of people, just like me, sharing our stories, resources and favorite foods. I learn so much and there is growing group of long term weight maintainers who will gladly answer any question attendees  might have. Is low carb sustainable? Of course it is.

Awesome volunteers Low Carb USA 2018

2. The speakers and famous podcasters hang out in the hallways and answer questions. For hours after their lectures. The speakers also pose for photos, sign books and are generally awesome. Last year, 3 documentaries were filming at Low Carb San Diego!!!!
Fat: The Documentary first day of filming!! Jill, Vinnie, and me

The awesome Georgia Ede, MD

Well hey, look how tall Shawn Baker, MD is!!! Awesome!

3. Location: Right in my back yard- downtown San Diego is about 3-40- minutes travel from my house by car or train. If you bring your family and they aren't as interested, send them to the zoo, on a harbor tour or to Coronado for the day. Or the museums in Balboa Park.
Scooter around downtown San Diego with the fam or your new Low Carb Friends

4. Ground Breaking standard of care protocols are being developed at the meetings and will offer people like me a choice between low fat WW points counting and Low Carb, higher fat. Had I been offered that as a child, I might not have tried to eat myself to death as an adult. Word!!!
Adele Hite MPH, RD and Gary Taubes kicking off the Standard of Care meeting

5. Many of the vendors are pretty great. SWAG!!! You can walk through the vendor show all 4 days for free and get swag and samples. Just saying...

6. There are continuing education units for many medical professionals. Not all, so check with your licensing body before you count your CEUS' before they hatch. :)

7. Connect with local Low Carb groups in cities near you. There are sign up sheets at the back of the room for OC, LA, and other cities where you can attend meat-ups near your home.
In LA, you can hang out with Ben Saur, in San Diego, meet him in the hallway

Create funny polls, follow new friends on social media..

Met podcaster and dentist Matthew Standish, DDS! 

8. Walk to great low carb restaurants in the area. Check with the volunteers at the front of the lecture hall and we will get you to your grub within your budget and food likings.

9. Take a break on the waterfront, play Pokemon, bring your camera and enjoy San Diego.

10.  Learn, keep up with the latest in low carb health benefits. Consider changing something up if its' not working. Share with your friends and family and coworkers.
Epic sights right across from the Low Carb Conference

See you there!! Volunteering 3 years, attending 4th year in a row. :) So happy.