Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pushing past night time eating,- HINT 18:6 fasting (early in the day) for the win!

March-May 2018 Weight Maintenance

I didn't do my weight update for May 2018 yet.

Here's the latest- place holder for the data update

Solid state #weightmaintenance

Here's what's up in May 2018

1. Normal stress when kid is graduating high school, picking college and transistioning
2. Normal stress when work changes happen. These have been pretty mild, for sure.
3. Common but not normal (for me because I'm in remission from food addiction) wanting to eat to soothe my nerves at night.

Here's what is working

1. Dropping all optional activities except essential activities. Blogging, IG, TV watching take a back seat. Gym, support groups, food prep, tracking all stay

2. Catching a couple of days of over eating (lapse) quickly and forgiving myself and moving on to life.

3. Putting 18:6 fasting into place for as many days as possible. Early in the day eating window (6) fasting 18 hrs.

Not eating at night means

1. Not overeating on even Paleo/LCHF/Keto foods
2. Not going back to old habits
3. Getting better sleep

That's it for now. In a few months, I should have more time to blog. Or not! Time will tell. I'm much more active on my IG and Facebook Pages and of course Twitter (check the side bar on the right for links)

Here's what didn't work in the past  (binge trigger alert)

1. Grab a Skinny Cow Ice cream, count out 1 point of M&M's. Embed into side of sandwich.
2. Grab more M&M's, then eat whole package. Count points like a boss, decide to cut out protein the next day to keep inside my points allowance for the week. Plop on couch. Watch the Biggest Loser while eating the food.
3. Watch TV late into the night. Repeat the next day.

Hope you are all well. Just know that if you are in Food Addiction Recovery, these things happen. Eliminate non-essentials and keep only what you need to stay food sober. Onward.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weight maintenance podcast recommendation: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

You don't have to be a MD to get a lot out of Dr. Ubell's podcasts. She gets right to the nitty gritty on

1. Thought processes
2. Practical ways to think about permanent weight loss
3. Address common pitfalls
4. Answers questions
5. Is a Mom and practicing MD

You don't have to be an MD to get a lot of take away information.  Do it, take a listen.

I have episode #66- Getting Up Close and Personal with Hunger as a favorite in my podcast player.

iTunes link

My April and early May update soon!