Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 check in - 11 months of maintenance

I've got my eye on 11 months of maintenance and a fresh approach to 2013.  Here's the scoop
Highest Weight: 187.5
Current weight: 116.2
Goal Weight 115.4
Height 5'1" ( have I mentioned I'm short?)
Age: mid-40's
11 months in weight maintenance

Goals for 2013:

1. Complete a Whole30 ( Super squeaky clean Paleo eating)
2. Grow Herbs in the garden for cooking.
3. Lift a 5 gallon water bottle into place from the floor to water cooler, without struggling.
4. Complete a professional goal at work.
5. Sign up for the National Weight Loss registry in Feb 2013.
6. Maintain my weight in 2013.

That's it for now.  If I had picked a word last year it would be : Structure.

If I pick a word this year, it will be Consistent.

Happy New Year 2013. I started 2013 out by sleeping soundly and starting a Whole30 on Jan 1. I'm learning a lot already.  More on the Whole30 soon.



  1. Wonderful goals Karen. 11 months is fantastic and the longer you are in control like this, the more permanent it becomes. Well done to you :)

  2. A Whole 30 will absolutely reinforce your good eating habits and everything you've learned so far, as well as making some physical changes to your body, for sure. Looking forward to hearing about what you're eating/thinking.

  3. Your blog and maintenance routines continue to be a source of encouragement for me. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience with the Whole30. Thanks!!

  4. Thank you Lynda, Norma , and Sharon. It's like my final exam before I can graduate to seasoned maintainer. I'll post more about the Whole30 soon.

  5. I went over to the Whole 30 site and read about all the things to expect and I'll tell you that it kind of scared me. I think/hope that you won't have those drastic reactions since you are already eating better than most people. I am going to read your entries on this with great interest.

    I'm short too at 5'3" and my oldest daughter is about your height. I've often wished I could be 5'6" and could eat a lot more. :)

  6. These status posts are really good for you, I think you are smart to do them.

  7. Just went over and looked at Whole 30 shopping list:

    I would have to drop my salsa and yellow mustard and peanuts (with the fat squeezed out, PB2) and my egg beaters to comply. There might be more, but that is all I can think of at the moment.

    Was a little shocked to see that they promoted cooking oil (spray pan and add water as needed) as oil should never be cooked.

    I know that you eat very clean, so am curious what you will be dropping for your 30 days - ?

    1. My oatmeal and soy milk too.

    2. Cooking items: RE: Mustard and oil: I found Trader Joes's spicy mustard (without weird stuff) As far as the cooking oil- its usually done on smoke point. I use only coconut oil or occasionally Avocado oil with lime (for seafood) for sauteing . Avocado oil is darn expensive- $12-15 bucks a bottle. I use it sparingly.

      For olive oil, I only use it after cooking or at super low temps. I made some kale chips a few nights ago with an oven temp of 300.

      Here's what I'm giving up for the Whole30. It's not much!!!

      !. Bacon. I do not buy pastured bacon, no nitrites or sugar added. Expensive! I don't do much bacon anyway. It's more of a vacation only item.

      2. Think Thin Bars - these were one of my only off Paleo items. They do not trigger, high protein. But they have soy and whey. I think that the whey may be setting off sinus problems and possibly acne. Usually, I can have whey isolate, but I'm starting to wonder.

      3. Medifast products- once in a blue moon, I would have one- like a pancake or brownie. Didn't trigger, but soy based.

      4. 85% or darker Chocolate- I had two very small squares a night. Did not trigger and I loved it. But, I can also live without it. Very much a habit.

      5. Rotisserie Chickens from Costco or any grocery. This was my "I'm too tired to cook" fall back item.

      6. Restaurant foods- except for Fish, seafood, steaks, and/or Chipolte's carnitas or Elevation Burger ( 100% grass fed burgers cooked without cannola or corn oil) . It's almost impossible to escape vegetable oils when dining out at lower cost restaurants. I bring my own sometimes. It's not fun to have an accidental gluten exposure. Occasional exposure to canola or corn oil, I can live with.

      7. Sea Snacks - Seaweed from Trader Joes. I smuggle these into the movie theater and have a package once a week. They are off limits because they contain a smidge of canola oil.

      8. Alaskan Salmon Burgers - frozen from Trader Joes. They also have a small amount of canola oil.

      9. Almond milk beverage in the box- sugarless. There's all kinds of ingredients that are not Whole30 compliant. I was pretty much off of this in the last month or so.

      Vickie- side note. One of your followers sent me blog invite today and I deleted it by mistake. I cant remember who (from IN). Ugh!!! She's also in her 40's and has an invite only blog. Tell her to re-send if you can figure out who it was. I'm so sorry!!!

    3. I devoted a whole blog post to the foods I gave up for the Whole30. Check back tomorrow.

    4. That is Brenda and I will send her a note. I now send people two invites (at the same time, as people contact me for access) when adding to my own blog for that very reason, easy to do.

  8. Consistent is a great word for 2013!

  9. Since I am reading in reverse, I smile with pleasure, knowing that you have more than met your goals to the present day. 5 gallon just lift! I AM impressed.
    Caron, I have to admit to the relief of being able to eat a lot of calories. I often wonder what I would have done, had I been much shorter. I have been 5"71/2 for most of my adult life but compression has shaved off about .5 in. On occasion I actually struggle to keep my calories under 2300 (maintenance for me, currently) and I panic a bit when I think of what is to come, as I may shrink some more in the future. I am so accustomed to the higher number of calories that I just know I will have a difficult time lowering that level.