Thursday, January 24, 2013

Podcast Favorites- Dean Dwyer- MSH show- tools for weight maintenance

I use podcasts to motivate myself as I was the huge stacks of dishes that come with home cooking or preparing about 95% of all the food that I eat. Keeping motivated to keep cooking is key. I've accepted the time commitment as part of weight maintenance. 

On my "must listen" on my podcast lists  are from Dean Dwyer ( blog is here)

The two podcasts are (as of this writing)- Make Shift Happen and The Life Style Hacking Show

I  liked the Crushing 2013 podcasts ( personal growth vs goals) and the MSH show #21 ( becoming an expert on yourself).

I know I'm learning a lot and getting great ideas when I stop, dry my hands, and jot down notes on an index file that I keep at my desk. 

 The topics that Dean talks about -  "Become an expert on yourself....  Audit the brutally honest" are all topics I have to face to make the first year of weight maintenance work for me. After 40 years of yo-yo dieting, I was ready to hop off the regain train for good.

Here's an example

What worked for me

  • Figuring out what worked for me the first year ( The expert on yourself part)
  • Looking back (Auditing the results) at my weight charts on the 1, 2, 3 month views
  • Being very, very honest with myself  (honesty- giving in and recognizing the slippery slope voice)
What did not work in my past attempts at weight maintenance

  • Not customizing another food plan to my own plan for weight maintenance
  • Not keeping careful data on my weight and looking at the trending over time
  • Listening to the slippery slope voice ( you've earned this Skinny cow ice cream)
So- I you are looking for some new podcast, try out Dean's episodes.
Hey! The dishes are clean and I've refreshed my learning, mindset and motivation.   :)

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  1. very good maintenance points.

    What am I doing?,
    what do I mean to be doing?,
    is it actually working?

    is how I have thought about it all.