Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goal 40 weeks and the first 3 weeks of transition

I reached my goal on February3, 2012. That's 40 weeks from my May 3, 2011 start date.

Total loss was 72 pounds. Ave weekly loss was around 1.79 pounds per week. I was sooooo happy to have lost to the middle of my healthy BMI range. And I feel fabulous.

I've kept on track and gotten through the first 3 weeks of maintenance just fine, with about 2 pounds lost or so.

Here's what's next

1. Change it up a bit and week 4 will be the additional 4oz-6 oz protein
2. Move more, already starting to walk more. Add light strength training in next week.
3. Hold off on adding dairy for now
4. Never add back in wheat/gluten. Staying grain free.
5. Practice the 12 Rules in Refuse to Regain book (Barbara Berkely, MD)
6. Make & pin more recipes from Everyday Paleo cookbook (by Sarah Fragoso)
7. Plan my spring & summer garden.

Plan right now is to move into a Paleo/modified Paleo or Primarian diet- blending the two books listed above in steps 5 & 6 and finding the right balance. Probably going to always have some Medifast bars around for the times where I want a bit of chocolate or am on the go and need something for a quick hunger fix.

Life is good.