Sunday, July 17, 2016

4 years, 5 months in long term weight maintenance, 3rd full year of menopause- better than I thought it would be

May 2011 to July 2016 long term weight maintenance

Starting weight 187.4 lbs

Goal Range 115-125 lbs
Current Weight 123.8 lbs
Keeping off 63.6 lbs
Average weight this month 124.5 lbs

Time in maintenance 4 years, 5 months
Age 50
Menopause 3 years
Height 5'1"
BMI 23.4
BMI where my health insurance is cheaper <25

Auto-Immune Hashimotos 1997
Food Addict in Recovery: 5th year
Current food template: Paleo/LCHF, modified AIP, sometimes Ketosis
Strength training 2X per week.
Walking 14-15,000 steps per day
Rowing sprints 1X per week.
May 2011 to July 2016 long term weight maintenance

Binge urges: 0, zip, nada, 

Menopause: I started the clock ticking in 2012, right when I started weight maintenance. Then in 2013, I officially started menopause. So it's been 3 full years. 

Things are going better than I thought they would, really. After half a lifetime of overweight, binge eating, obesity, and morbid obesity, who would have thought it?  

Eating Paleo, Low Carb High Fat, and sometimes being Ketogenic has great benefits. 

So glad I hung in there. I was seriously considering Lapband. Nothing wrong with  surgical procedures, but the side effects of Low Carb (good immune health, good full/hungry signals, less acne) and the nutrient benefits are a better fit for me. It's cheaper in the long run, I have to eat nutrient dense anyway.... It's all good. I'm confident that I'll have better health outcomes with real foods, as I age.

I'm not sure I would have effectively addressed my food addiction without getting to the roots of what foods work for me. Huge step, getting to the root cause. 

Weight:  I'm holding steady, overall I was up in the 125's for a few weeks- right before vacation, and for about a week after I returned. Mild GI stuff.  I did not weigh in during vacation because I could not locate a scale. That's okay, I stayed on my food template and had zero binge urges. No problems. I'd perfer to weigh in but it's not a deal breaker. I can keep my food addict brain in check with my habits.

Menopause: I really thought weight maintenance would be not possible in menopause. I was wrong. Good thing I challenged my beliefs.

GI stuff:I know better than to drink from public drinking fountains and I got rewarded with a funny tummy for about 5 days. Sigh. I've learned not to get overly happy or sad about numbers on the scale. It is what it is. If I eat crappy or drink crappy, I get what I get. Short story. Truth. My eating has been on point.

Goals this month is to continue on my Salk Institute data collecting, try some of the recommendations I'll get this week based on food timing and sleeping, and keep my weight more into the 123's as best I can.

3 years of menopause on weight maintenance Island. Life is good!

What is working

1. Staying on my food and exercise template
What did not work in the past
1. Eating low fat, wishing, playing a victim, not changing as I aged

Life on Weight Maintenance Island 2016

Data is data- 2 weeks of weigh-ins

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Additional resources on Time-Restricted Eating in Humans & Breast Cancer Prevention Ruth Patterson, PhD and Rhonda Patrick PhD

Oh, my, this is too good to not share immediately.

I've entered into the $$ discount  window on my health insurance bio markers. Each Sept- October, I go into a Patient Service Center and get weighed, my waist measured, my glucose, HA1c, hs-CRP, blood pressure measured,and a blood nicotine test.

I get somewhere between $600-1000 a year discounts- both on my paychecks and in Amazon gift cards. It's not chump change, I'm telling you. As a single head of household I can travel on this money OR I can add to my ROTH IRA. That's huge for health and financial goals.

I still can see  higher values than I'd like glucose and HA1c (my 23nMe tells me I'm high risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes), so using the app from Dr. Panda's lab goes hand in hand with weight maintenance, and my long term biomarkers.

I like Dr. Patterson's statement-'s a basic quality of life, 360 since there's a reduce risk of cardiac disease, depression. Total benefit. 360 degrees.

I'm doing the happy dance. I can't tell you how hard it is to watch my fellow weight maintainers fall back into the weight gain mode. On weight maintenance island, we need more tools. There are too many ineffective tools promoted by large weight loss organizations- IMO.

I'll be darned if I made it to beat obesity after 40 years of binge eating and food addiction only to go back to being high risk. Nope. No freaking WAY.

Here's what's working for me now

1. Using my biomarkers for my insurance discount to make sure I stay in optimum health
2. Reducing my risk despite my genetics for obesity and type 2 diabetes.
3. Being open to track my food and to participate in health studies.

Here's what didn't work in the past

1. Ignoring my rising glucose and HA1c and weight, making excuses in my head.
2. Not accepting or taking action that weight increased my breast cancer and cardiac risks.
3. Not tracking my food or weight and continuing to eat Junk WW foods, packaged foods and only rely on counting calories or points as I aged combined with eating ALL of the time. Sneaky Snacking I used to call it.

I believe this could be an important 360 tool. Onward. I hope you'll share what works for you on weight maintenance island.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A new study with an app from the Salk Institute, My Circadian Clock ( Time Restricted Feeding Windows)

 Oh yeah!  I was listening to Rhonda Patrick (Found My Fitness) interview Satchin Panda, PhD on a podcast/youtube video about time restricted feeding windows. Eating within a restricted time window is of interest in the obesity and disease world.

Here's the Youtube video. You can also pick up the podcast from Found My Fitness (Rhonda Patrick). A great episode, so shout out to Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Women in science ROCK. Just saying...

Soooooooo, Dr. Panda's department has an app called myCircadianClock (iTunes link here)

Here's the overview, you have to answer some questions and be accepted into the study before you can use the app.

  1.  14 week formal "log everything" time frame. Each bit of food, water, medication, exercise, sleep. You photograph every bit of food, water, medication you eat!
  2. The first 2 weeks are baseline, then
  3. The next 12 weeks are the "intervention" where you are given suggestions on eating within a time window.
Here's my food collage for the last half day. 

The data graphics are sweet. I don't have enough accumulated right now to show, but it's load of fun. There's some integration with the health apps on my iPhone, too, so I don't have to enter every data point. 

I'm just reaching the end of the first week. I'm excited to get some recommendations and contribute to the study at The Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA.

I used to work for many years just a few blocks from The Salk and I have a sweet spot in my heart for researchers in the San Diego's Golden Triangle. I used to be one of them, since my lab had a strong R&D section. I was involved in bringing lots of  esoteric laboratory tests from R&D into the clinical lab. My time working with rare childhood diseases is my favorite so far in my career. 

I digress!  After Oct 2, 2016, I'll post a follow up on my experiences and learning from my tracking and recommendations. I'm also double tracking in My Fitness Pal.

Here's what's working for me now

1. Continuing to track and take data- My Fitness Pal & The My Circadian Clock app and the iPhone Health app.

2. Keeping an open mind about food timing and restricted eating windows.

3. From my past n=1 self experiments, I know that eating 3X a day rather than 2X a day just works a little better for me.  Even if it's a cup of coffee with 1TBS of coconut butter OR a half a tin of smoked oysters, so far the 3X a day produces a better outcome. 

Here's what didn't work in the past

1. No tracking anything. Trust me, binge eating due to food addiction, was never easier than when I wasn't tracking. I was the queen of my own BS. LOL. 

2. I snacked constantly "Eat frequently 6-8 mini meals". No better way to keep my hormones in obesity modes. Except when I did Medifast, the 6 meals a day were okay then due to the super calorie restrictive nature of that food template  ( I don't eat any of the Medifast food products today)

3. Eating 1X or 2X a day. Something horribly bad happens to me. My body tells me after 1-2 days, "Don't do that!!".  It feels like being kicked me in my midsection 10 times in a row. There's some icky line between the top half of my body and the lower half of my body. It's not good, so I don't do that anymore. I've tried 3+ times and my body responds poorly each time I try. 

All righty, if any of my readers try the app, let me know. Also, do any of my readers time restrict their feeding window, IF? I know some do, remind me.

Next up, part 2 of 2 eating Paleo in Hawaii. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hawaii 2016 and part of my 50 and 5 year celebrations- food addiction recovery for the WIN! (part 1 of 2)

Oahu Hawaii, Hanauma Bay Lookout, June 2016

Hawaii was on my bucket list AND I wanted to celebrate these things:  (this is part 1 of 2- the second post will be eating Paleo in Hawaii)
  • Turning 50 this year and 
  • Getting 5 solid years of food sobriety from food addiction and
  • Being a super good personal financial planner with the help from ( a man is not a financial plan, indeed!!!) I've done a lot of work to be a financially solvent head of household. 
Being financially solvent and able to travel with my teen is at the very top of my priorities and values. Travel is right behind eating, cooking, and living as disease free as I can. In fact, being financially solvent is a non scale, positive side effect of weight maintenance. I could write a whole other post about that, and I will later this year.

Anyhoo! Here's some of the best things from a weight maintenance perspective made this a great trip. What is working now:

2016 Oahu, Byodo Temple 
1. My shorts and sun dresses fit from last year. 90% of my shorts from last year fit just fine. All my sundresses fit I think I donated one pair of size 4 shorts from early weight maintenance year. I have mostly size 6 and a few size 8's shorts that I expect to be able to wear for many summers to come. I also added to my summer sundresses so I could stay cool and comfortable.

 1.5  Weight Maintainers "helpers" A couple of lower  body shaper undergarments (Target) helps me deal with my lose skin and the small amount of subcutaneous gain on my hips in sun dresses. Even though I'm still a normal weight, I'll take any extra, inexpensive low risk help I can get. I've decided not to get plastic surgery, so the undergarments are a WIN.

1.75 Swimsuits I got a couple of new swimsuits from Costco, too. Speedo, one pieces. The good material dries fast. Goodbye cold, clammy swim suits.  

Snorkeling Black Rock, Ka'anapali Beach, Maui

2. Travel planningMy meditation (Headspace app)  had me calmly planning and packing in advance. Extra time off for the dentist and errands before the trip helped me stay organized and relaxed. I used the simple Reminders app on my phone to chip away at my packing list and errands.

The meditation benefits were very noticeable on the trip, too. We had 3 travel days out of 8 trip days for flights. (Oahu, Maui, San Diego) We also had 3 partial days of planned, purchased trips (sightseeing, snorkel/ sail, and kayak/snorkel). 2+ days were just explore around town- Maui and more snorkeling, walking around some local cities.

Less stress, more calm planning and travel relaxing. Amazing. I think having an older kid (teens) had a lot to do with it, too. She can get herself and her stuff ready to go. I've been traveling solo with my daughter since she was about 3 years old.

Sailboats, Lania
3. Abstaining from 99% of sugars, all grains, and emulsifiers. Yeah! A trip where I'm not looking for excuses to get sugar high or eat all kinds of junk food- because travel. It's a whole different experience.

 I can enjoy the massive tree out front of the Lahaina Court House, the sail boats along the sea walk.

 Part 2 of the Hawaii post will be eating on my food template (and Paleo, LCHF). So stay tuned for that. The time seeking junk foods on trips and the time feeling ill because I binge ate. That's all gone now.

More time to take in the physical experience now that the food addiction is in remission.  What a gift!

4. More strenuous physical activities at a normal weight

I did lots of kayaking, hiking and swimming while morbidly obese. It was much more painful and exhausting. And I used the exercise to BS myself about massive calorie burn (NOPE!) and earning fudge, muffins, fried foods, and candy. Yikes!

Doing 2X weekly strength training really came in handy for double and single ocean kayaking, snorkeling (3X).  I walked a lot, too, along the beach, sightseeing.

I'm in much better shape physically and mentally at age 50 and food sober than at age 25 and binge eating.  Much better place.  I'd rather have this than moderating all the foods. Not worth it by a long shot. Food sobriety and abstaining from the Standard American Diet for the WIN.

It's safe to say I won't be going back to moderating junk foods. Why go back to that hellish nightmare? Life is sweeter abstaining.

Maui Kayak Adventures- photo credit, Makena Bay, Maui
5. I was in photos on this trip. No hiding behind people or objects. Were all my photos flattering, no! Who cares? Most of the photos from 2006 until 2012 were without me or hiding me. Trust me, you cannot hide food addiction by deleting photos or hiding behind objects or your kid.

What didn't work in the past

1. Buying and keeping  clothing sizes 8-20 and promising myself that THIS was the year I would lose weight.

2.  Not wearing weather appropriate clothing. I could have worn a sundress, or a swimsuit. It's no big deal, I could have picked flattering clothes as a morbidly obese person. But I didn't. And it didn't come off well.

3. Lots of stressing out about travel without a checklist or an extra day to pack.

4. I did a lot of activities- hiking, kayaking- but oh, wow, so painful on my feet, joints, and the end result of eating crap food. And the food addiction cycle began again. Not a good cycle.

5. Hiding in photos or not being in photos. Funny, but I was in photos, other peoples photos. Hiding is not an effective solution for obesity.

I fully expect to be as active in another 5 years, and I expect to be a weight maintainer, too. Onward.

Next up- the answer to the question, is it easy to eat Paleo in Hawaii. Short answer - YES! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'll be attending Low Carb USA San Diego 2016- time to tell our stories of what is working

I'll be attending the Low Carb USA San Diego 2016

I'm keeping 63 of about 70 lbs off for 4+ years using a 3 step approach. Equal parts

 Paleo/Primal + Low Carb / low level Ketogenic some days + Abstaining = my success.

Here's why I'm attending:
1. Low Carb USA is right in my back yard, one commuter train ride away. The Westin, San Diego.
2. The speakers are of high quality and from all over the world.
3. The attendees will be awesome people to meet and connect, many will have walked away from diseases like Type 2 diabetes and obesity, just like me. Or are wanting to learn.
4. Part of learning the lifestyle is to talk to folks in real life about LCHF.
5. Several talks on sugar addiction, so I'll be in good company. 
6. Discount code from the Low Carb Dietitian, use the word " FRANZISKA " to get $100 off your ticket.
6. I can sneak out and walk Sea Port Village, Shop at Horton Plaza,  the Zoo, Balboa Park  find new places to eat in San Diego. Heh, Heh, Heh

That's my yacht on the left, just kidding.....downtown San Diego

Here's What topics, foods, thoughts, behaviors  I'll need to be-careful about during the conference

1. Samples of fake, artificial foods that are often consumed in the LCHF lifestyle.
2. Bacon jokes. YO! I choose not to eat pork due to binge urges and facial swelling. Save it!
3. Virtual pot stirring:  Let's Not Bash higher carb people or lifestyles. REALLY, if you are successful AND have great long term outcomes with great biomarkers doing low fat, vegan, points counting- you do that.  Talk about what works. In other words, tell your story about LCHF.

My 2 cents: Keto/Low Carbers who bash others AND who still need to optimize their  outcomes need to work on what works for them FIRST,  and take a long, long look in the mirror. Let's think together, on parallel paths with sustainability  (The Savory Institute-must watch Youtube video) , organic produce, grass-fed beef, getting type 2 diabetes into remission or removed from your health history or off medications, or lower medications.

It's the only way we can gather momentum- IMO. Let's agree to talk about the scale and non-scale victories as a group and focus on positive take away's as a lifestyle. Let's tell our stories.
Bashing individuals  will keep us stuck, focusing on our scale and non-scale victories will keep the message flowing. We, as a group, will be dismissed as extreme or worse- IMO.

It's really tempting to bash the high carbers, I get it, but it doesn't get me disease free outcomes. It's all about me, me, me

Bashing other people individually  just doesn't benefit us as a group- IMO, so consider that, please and thank you!!  If Oprah is free from food addiction (self professed) and has great blood bio-markers (unknown)  eating all the bread, well, okay then, good for her. Is that the case for her? That's her deal, not mine. The good news, lots of money does not buy food sobriety, it's available very low cost. No chefs, trainers, high priced food plans (hint the higher priced oils will balance out your old junk food costs, just saying..)

  Eating grains and sugar doesn't work for me. Or for many, grains and sugars are well known triggers and barriers to good outcomes for long term wellness.

My own examples, 

A. I can drive my car and vacation more comfortably as a normal weight woman, without visceral fat.

B. I can spend my money on vacations and not on sick care.

C. I can practice my photography hobby to it's maximum by being able to hike long distances and stand without plantar faciitis.

C. I have not developed another auto-immune disease since my Hashimotos diagnosis in 1997. Once diagnosed, I have an increased risk of developing other auto-immune diseases. Of the 50 million people effected by auto-immune disease, 75% are women.  Far from being a chronic complainer, I needed much better tools in 1997 and suffered greatly for not being told to avoid dairy.

D. My volcano sized acne on my face is gone. I don't miss crying about the cystic acne pain. I'm saving a mint by not having to by acne products and cover up make up. Ugh!!!

E. I no longer eat cake and brownie frosting out of the top of trash cans since the LCHF helps put my food addiction into remission. 5+ years, no frosting dumpster diving. Whew!!! Disgusting, I know, but Food Addiction will fight tooth and nail to stay alive, the disease wants to come out of remission. I won't let it.

F. I'm a better, more present parent and mom to my daughter because I do not sit and binge eat Skinny Cow Ice creams while watching the Biggest Loser on TV. 

The message is more easily adapted by newbies based on what known and potential positives are in the outcome in the long run. It took about 1-2 years to unlearn the low fat message. It was hard to adopt a lifestyle that many told me would kill me. In 2012, LCHF was not as popular.

See you in San Diego?  Follow @lowcarbUSA on twitter for more information. Discount code FRANZISKA or $100 off tickets.

Low Carb, higher natural fat eggs, herbs, veggies, and coconut milk coffee for the WIN

Friday, June 17, 2016

4 years, 4 months in long term weight maintenance- holding steady, body & mind

May 2011 to June 2016
Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Goal Range 115-125 lbs
Current Weight 124.0 lbs
Keeping off 63.4 lbs
Time in maintenance 4 years, 4 months
Age 50
Menopause 2+ years
Height 5'1"
Auto-Immune Hashimotos 1997
Food Addict in Recovery: 5th year
Current food template: Paleo/LCHF, modified AIP
Walking 14-16,000 steps per day
Weight lifting 2 days per week
Sprints on the rowing machine 2 days per week

I'm holding steady.  123-124 for an average

1-2 binge urges ,with no action taken
No slippery slope thinking
Great margin between the thoughts and feelings/action

Hey! My doctor was correct in her prediction I'd level off. And I'm doing some intense work on the meditation stuff.  I am leveling out with post menopausal weight gain. I'm looking for long term stability. I've got some great weight plateaus at 119 and 123 or lower 124's. And that's okay. I've got many decades of life in front of me, so a weight maintenance strategy is required post morbid obesity.

Weight Plateau's in weight maintenance 1 year

What's working for me this month: 
Mind stuff #1 I kept my mind in line and even though a few binge urge thoughts poked up last month ( probably stress induced), I identified them quickly and let them pass right through, noting as my Mindspace app taught me to do. Ahhhh. Binge brain. I don't have to act or react. I felt my feelings and went about my day. Long term recovery from food Addiction, still work to be done. Nobody gets a free pass. And, that's okay. It's part of normal adulting.

Mind stuff #2 The scale was down a couple of times in May and up a couple of times. I don't celebrate too much over the highs and the lows. I'm looking at averages and median averages and shifts and trends. I adjust accordingly. Long term maintenance requires that steady on approach, IMO.

Food stuff #3 I am still experimenting with a few days still high fat, but higher low carb veggies, too. Not that much. I go from 24 grams of carbs up to about 42 grams of carbs TOTAL for the whole day, depending on how I feel. If I'm hungry I'll eat, if not I don't. What a gift abstaining has brought.

Think in and out of low level ketosis. I do like the energy bursts in ketosis. I do like to stack up a bunch of non-starchy carbs from veggies at night some days. 

Body stuff #4.  I get super, super dry eyes below certain fat percentages. Oh, boy. It may be normal aging but I do think keeping the higher fat diet does help my hormones in aging keep my eyes happy. Whoa!  Time will tell if there is a correlation. I'll stop in to the optometrist or opthomologist  if it continues. Could just be normal menopausal stuff. 

Work outs #5 I've added more modified push ups at home and squats. Wow! in even just a few weeks, I can see more muscle definition in my arms and my shape has changed in my lower body, too. I like it, as more muscle tone will help me with bone loss, core stability, and balance, and just day to day wellness.

Work outs #6 I've replaced running tabata style of work outs with rowing and some fast stair walking. I think that running, even 4 minute alternate- 20 seconds on , 10 seconds off is inducing my positional vertigo. There's lots of other sprint work outs- rowing, cycling, etc. 

That's it, my update. Blogging less but feeling pretty good and taking time for myself.

What didn't work in the past

Mind stuff #1- Thinking that my binge urges were intuitive eating ways that my body NEEDED my trigger foods- grains, sugars, processed junk. That by not eating it, I would binge. Well that was so messed up!!!! It only triggers more binge eating. Not my fault, but abstinance, with margin for the WIN now. 

Food addiction really does progress and get way worse. I needed a bigger and bigger dopamine hit to get food high. Terrible, really.  It's not my fault. I'm wired that way, but I do have a  personal and social responsibility to live food sober. 

Mind stuff #2 - Celebrating the scale being down by moderating skinny cow ice creams and jelly beans. Hey low points, Hey, hey, hey fat pants. This did not work.

Food stuff #3 & 4 I counted WW points instead of carbs. 200-250 grams of carbs a day, low, low fat kept me morbidly obese for many years. Sigh..... So many preventable ailments- like joint pain, migraines, acne. I had it all backwards, due to the current nutrition guidelines.

Workouts #4 and #5 I walked 4-5000 steps a day. Or I would chronic cardio it and train for half marathons. Both were not optimal and contributed to my aches and pains. 

Weight graphs. Daily weighing helps me not open the door to the binge brain. For sure!
Use it,  if it works for you Some people benefit, some people don't. Just like moderation and abstaining with food. Find what works, own it like a boss.  Be sure you are deciding for yourself ! Food addiction recovery requires a lot of critical thinking.- IMO.

Happy Summer!  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Still here, my weight update soon, until then, some current topics, snapchat, salt, and a few rants...

Hey! I'm still here, just living a normal life and getting ready to shift into summer. Once my photographer is awake ready, I'll post my 4 year, 4 month update. Teens, it's like they live on 2nd shift.  LOL.

Snapchat- I'm on Snapchat.   User code is  gardengirlkp Want to see what I'm batch cooking food wise and garden  stuff on the weekend ? Follow me there. It's a load of fun and quick. I like it. I will stay young with new technology. Yes! Yes? No! No? Maybe so.... LOL.

RANT about weight maintenance:
Weight maintenance- Sometimes  I get a little grumpy. That I'm held to BMI, Weight, Waist measurements, glucose, and HA1c for steep,steep insurance discounts.  My health insurance offers so few weight maintenance tools that are truly effective.  I need to stay financially solvent and get my health insurance discounts, too. I'm single head of household. Yo!

Just glad I took matters into my own hands and did my own self experiments. Really, if long term weight maintenance is being required of me, then I need better tools than the standard whole grain , moderate all the foods. Oh, and the wellness website wanted me to practice baking my own bread this week.  Pretty harmful advice to many seeking good glucose control and weight management, in my opinion.

I'm OVER it. First world problems for sure... Why not me. Why not bust my butt ,save money and make my health optimal. BRING it... ;)
Weight maintenance, two plateaus

RANT about the low carb vs higher carb in Paleo/Primal/LCHF/ Keto world bashing one another. This is general, not aimed at any one person. 

Look, Listen here- bashing each other. Hey, does that help our low/no grain and low/no sugar message???  NO. There will be different sides and different n=1. Chillax and take a me, then a WE approach. Take a see what works and change up when it doesn't. Easy enough, but is it?

What works for you pre-auto immune may not work post. What works for you in your 30's may not work in your late 40's, 50's or 60's.  Get ready to dial it in then change it up due to age, auto-immune status, glucose response. If you are a guy, it may be much easier to lose weight, as it should be. If you are a post menopausal woman, it may be much more difficult, as it should be. Different approaches are needed.

Hey, n=1. Low processed foods. Choose folks to follow who are oaky with n=1 and who are getting good results themselves. Really, I want to model my Paleo/Primal/LCHF/Keto after those who walk the talk. Yo!!!! Low stressor outers, good life and adult management stills.

Find what works for you, then share your story, low carb, keto, moderate carb, etc. There's no one right way, but one that will work better for many. Be prepared to change it up as you age, just saying

I'd much rather see folks doing what works then telling their story.  I know lots of people who eat some grains and feel fine. I know plenty of people who are very low carb, no grains, no sugars and great. Some that abstain, some that moderate. 

Make the talking head match the action body- show us by your own example. Change it up if it's not working, stay the course if it is working.

I'm also over it. Another first world problem. Let's align together for dietary peace across the planet. 

Less rant, more bone broth

I used these silicone molds and my instant pot to make some homemade bone broth cubes. I find that mixing chicken bones with some beef bones gives me a good GI balance AND now that I have lower blood pressure- due to weight loss and my low carb lifestyle, I need some salt. Yep, I'm in the 25% of the population where I need salt to be well.

 I will pass out cold on the 100+ temps where I work. Inland  Valley temps in So. Cal are hot. Thank goodness Roger and the Caveman doctor podcast and the Paleo Nurses taught me about salt intake (pink himalayan and sea salt work for me well) early in my low carb Paleo days.

That DASH diet is really just terrible advise for me. I eat out maybe 2% of the year, this means I can adjust my sodium levels lower in the winter and higher in the summer, as needed. I don't eat processed standard american diets so I don't need that dietary approach.

I keep a bag of broth cubes in the freezer at work and drink half a cup here and there, as needed.

That's it! Social media, ranting, and food prep all in one post. At least it's out of my brain now.... Onward. How's summer going for you all?