Saturday, April 20, 2019

Food Sober Spring Holiday Weekend- 8th year in a row!!!

This is my 8th year in a row in my food sober Easter/Spring Holiday weekend.

Photos of what I'm doing. This is what works for me. Endorphins and avoiding T2D. Saying yes to meat and veg. Brings a lot better life to living.

Getting high on flowers not food!

Food sober glucose readings

Mild Keto for the WIN!!!

Pokemon > Peeps 

Me: Where are my glasses? Cat: OMG I see wrinkles!

There is life beyond the Easter Junk, I promise. If you are mid PEEP and Jelly Belly Binge, set down that crap and step outside the cycle.

What didn't work for me: Food addiction kills and causes emotional and physical pain. Sure getting food high was "fun" but nearly eating myself to death really didn't work.

Food sober living has it's good and bad. My life is a whole lot better outside the cycle. Onward and step out, when you are ready.

Please know if you are abstaining from Easter or Passover or ANY holiday foods, you are not alone.
Onward and here's to finding your endorphins outside the cycle of addiction.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Proof of Weight Maintenance April 2019


I'm still maintaining 65.6 pounds. Not 70, but heyyyyyy after 7+ years, almost 8 years of food sober living. This is great. I'm living a great life, no complaints here. I was a child with obesity in the 1970's. I'm living my dream life. Just saying!!! So happy and proud of myself.

What's working for me

1. Abstaining from my trigger foods

  • Grains, nuts, emulsifiers like guar and xanthan gum

2. Tracking my weight daily

  • stopped tracking my food but getting back to it now. Volume creep is a thing for me.
  • Not binge eating tho, 
  • but overall better results with tracking

3. Managing my stress. Holy Crap, just cycled through some usual stressors

  • Life stresses happen, no need to sooth with food 

4. Recovered from the first real cold of 2018-2019. No cold products used.

  • (first episodes were actually allergies in late 2018 due to wind/pollen/spores). 

5. Dairy free

  • should ward off any sinus infections, because dairy was associated with my sinus infections.

6. Listened to epic podcasts including Bret Scher, MD- aka the Low Carb Cardiologist on the HPO podcast.

  • EVERYBODY needs a little Low Carb Cardiologist in their life, well, okay, this is only my 2 cents, but I do love his podcasts and interviews on other podcasts.

7. Meat off the bone, since Dr. Scher gave us some good talking points and I don't have to fear cholesterol in animal products

  • I know from my small ion mobility cholesterol panel, my CAC score, and my CIMT results that my heart attack risk is low.
  • Something about meat off the bone gives me good satiety signals. I feel awesome!
  • I use the hashtag #yest2meat if eating meat has helped you stay in weight maintenance

What didn't work for me in the past:

1. Moderating all foods, foods with fake sugar that may have triggered my binge eating
2. Avoiding the the scale and pretending I wasn't gaining weight. LOL. Not effective
3. Using sweets and binge eating to sooth myself during work stress, didn't work, got fat pants. SAD.
4. My colds lasted for 3+ weeks ending in sinus infections and cold products.
5. Dairy caused a sinus infection after every cold. I do not miss antibotics & the headaches and pain
6. I used to live in a low fat, WW echo chamber. Podcasts keep me up to date and learning more
7. I used to be afraid of protein. Now I eat either lean protein and meat of the bone to meat my body comp goals. No fear, animal protein is here to stay in my life. I had no idea I had to include it to balance my hungry/full hormones.  I was too busy choosing low point WW processed soy products.

Graphs, cool photos and onward into another month. May will mark 8 years of food sober living. Yay!

Hope you are all well. Part 2 of the food addiction series- my take aways is the next topic.

Shredded beef, pumpkin seeds, avocado, carrots Paleo, Low Carb Salad

Swami's Meditation Gardens, Encinitas, CA

Cat Sphinx Calendar, with tortitutde

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Follow up on my 2 cents to Dr. Rober Cywes food addiction series PART 1

Hello All,

Here's a link to my original post about part I. Listen to this first.

I believe

1. Food addiction is real, yet different from other additions in some ways. 

Trigger warning:
Example:  I wasn't going to jail for impaired binge eating half a skinny cow ice cream studded with 1 WW point of M&M's but I was going to be stuck in emotional and fat pants hell for many years.  An emotional prison yes, lose my job and family in jail, no. Such different consequences. All bad outcomes. Unique.

Every day I thank my higher power I stopped counting WW points and started tracking my food and abstaining from trigger food.   Many of us cannot moderate junk food. It's okay. Life is still great.   I don't need food to sooth anymore.           

2. That I had to get to my own root causes of obesity, investigate, then run a good CAPA, corrective and preventive action. Plus an honest effectiveness check. Rinse and repeat for as many root causes and steps as it takes. Even 7+ years into this.

3. That food sober living tools are 100% a must for my best life.  Not everyone needs extra steps. That's cool but don't fool yourself. Be honest.

My main take aways from part I of Dr. Cywes lecture.

A. Methodology is wrong for weight loss (for some of us).
B. Obesity is (in part) a mental health problem- it probably was for me, yo!
C. Preventive includes management of endorphins and stress with the right tools.
D. Emotional management- AKA old enabling stories you tell yourself, over and over again
E. Replacement of the drug (hyper palatable foods) with something else for endorphin management.
F Abstinence is not enough (AMEN!- that's why I use 20 tools)
G. Carb addiction model for recovery.
F. Yes, Apple vs Ice Cream can still give you a crystal meth high- Dr. Cywes is in recovery himself.

Just as an aside, I have such a high risk for Type 2 diabetes, my blood glucose spikes and stays high if I eat a whole apple. Small slices of apple don't trigger my binge eating, so if I feel like an apple, I'll have one slice at a farmers market, in season.

Yes, sweet fruit was a root cause for disease, so I manage it for my biomarkers and weight maintenance, more so than binge eating. For example, pineapple is a 100% binge food. Always was always will be. So I abstain even when vacationing in Hawaii. No big deal, but fighting binge urges is a big deal.

Big question that Dr. Cywes asks: Are you willing to give up your "best friend". 

Watch the video. Feel free to disagree, in a respectful way. Until I started using absaining tools, I could not earn my weight maintenance brain and pants. :)

Here's what brings me good, helpful endorphins. 

Long walks, and photography, beach combing, time with family

Lunch time walks key for maintenance

So relaxing

Coffee with my college kid!

Choose your "best friends" wisely. Onward.

These two torties are a hoot!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Proof of Weight Maintenance and active movement March 2019

I'm busy living life. Head over to my two Instagram accounts for daily videos, and more frequent photos!!! Links on right side bar of this blog.

Soap BOX: Hobbies are a huge part of my weight maintenance 20 tools. Hobbies and activities that keep my butt off a chair, my body in motion, and my brain engaged in something other than sedentary TV, butt parked crafting , with exception rule Survivor and photo editing. LOL. I work in the gray zone.

Movement, as I age, huge part of weight maintenance. Hiking, Photography, Gardening, Walking, Beach combing, Sea glass collecting, Pokemon (don't make fun, I walk and hatch those poke eggs, YO!), limited kayaking (dang that positional vertigo!!). All interests that keep me on the move.

Photo editing, not so much, but a great night time activity to keep my brain engaged and listen to music or podcasts.

Here are the deets. Not losing, very much maintaining and chill-axing quite a bit. Vacation, visits with family, good coffee. Proof of weight maintenance and all around hobby awesomeness.

Oh, ooooooh!  And a super fun phone call with Dr. Barbara Berkeley, MD- buy her book, apply those Weight Maintenance rules to your own n=1. Do it, only if you like your revenge clothes and lower inflammatory foods. Listen, you may have to change your weight maintenance food plan compared to your loss plan. So hold some space for weight maintenance ideas, then keep finding your own root causes.  Link to her website here

weight, 3 months and one year

Weight Maintenance , 7+ years

Tide pools, Carlsbad, CA

Home garden is popping, Freesias

Keeping low carb simple: Ground beef, Italian spices, salt, onion, and Brussels sprouts

Wild flowers on my walk. Great bloom in So. Cal due to the rains.

Back to the tide pools. Yes!

Mor walking around the swamp. Weight maintenance means daily activity. 

Listen Nosepass, get your nose out of my Pokemon double raid. LOL

Kate, the cats are well and catching all the sun cat naps as possible. 

I'll get updated photos soon. Photographer is coming home from college spring break soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Food Addiction and Dr. Robert Cywes- Must Watch You Tube Series

If you or friends and family members struggle with weight maintenance and/or weight loss Dr Cywes' video series is available for free on youtube.

The whole series is posted here  LINK

A huge shout out to Doug and Pam from Low Carb USA for hosting and posting this very important video series. 

After 7+ years of blogging about weight maintenance, I wish I could have had these videos way back in 2012 when I started maintaining my 65-70 pound weight loss. 

I'll be  rewatch the entire series and post about how I've implemented key take aways and of course what works for me in 7+ years of recovery. Oh, and free, the materials are available at no cost. 

Here's the first video as an introductory

And then Chapter 1

Kudos to Dr. Cwyes for discussing a tough, yet very sensible topic that many of us have struggled with in the past. 

I can't tell you how much a Paleo, Low Carb, Keto because I fast, and meat off the bone has helped me get far into food addiction recovery. Saved my life. Really. I have enormous gratitude for those who have spoken about this and given freely of their time and resources.

Onward and here's to doing the hard work that recovery from food addition requires. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Low Carb San Diego 2019 Save the Date!!!! July 25-28, 2019

Low Carb USA is expanding all over the US.

My favorite event is, of course, San Diego!!!

Here's my list of top 10 reasons why I like to attend Low Carb USA San Diego

1. Lots of people, just like me, sharing our stories, resources and favorite foods. I learn so much and there is growing group of long term weight maintainers who will gladly answer any question attendees  might have. Is low carb sustainable? Of course it is.

Awesome volunteers Low Carb USA 2018

2. The speakers and famous podcasters hang out in the hallways and answer questions. For hours after their lectures. The speakers also pose for photos, sign books and are generally awesome. Last year, 3 documentaries were filming at Low Carb San Diego!!!!
Fat: The Documentary first day of filming!! Jill, Vinnie, and me

The awesome Georgia Ede, MD

Well hey, look how tall Shawn Baker, MD is!!! Awesome!

3. Location: Right in my back yard- downtown San Diego is about 3-40- minutes travel from my house by car or train. If you bring your family and they aren't as interested, send them to the zoo, on a harbor tour or to Coronado for the day. Or the museums in Balboa Park.
Scooter around downtown San Diego with the fam or your new Low Carb Friends

4. Ground Breaking standard of care protocols are being developed at the meetings and will offer people like me a choice between low fat WW points counting and Low Carb, higher fat. Had I been offered that as a child, I might not have tried to eat myself to death as an adult. Word!!!
Adele Hite MPH, RD and Gary Taubes kicking off the Standard of Care meeting

5. Many of the vendors are pretty great. SWAG!!! You can walk through the vendor show all 4 days for free and get swag and samples. Just saying...

6. There are continuing education units for many medical professionals. Not all, so check with your licensing body before you count your CEUS' before they hatch. :)

7. Connect with local Low Carb groups in cities near you. There are sign up sheets at the back of the room for OC, LA, and other cities where you can attend meat-ups near your home.
In LA, you can hang out with Ben Saur, in San Diego, meet him in the hallway

Create funny polls, follow new friends on social media..

Met podcaster and dentist Matthew Standish, DDS! 

8. Walk to great low carb restaurants in the area. Check with the volunteers at the front of the lecture hall and we will get you to your grub within your budget and food likings.

9. Take a break on the waterfront, play Pokemon, bring your camera and enjoy San Diego.

10.  Learn, keep up with the latest in low carb health benefits. Consider changing something up if its' not working. Share with your friends and family and coworkers.
Epic sights right across from the Low Carb Conference

See you there!! Volunteering 3 years, attending 4th year in a row. :) So happy.


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Local NSNG meet up and please follow Jill on a Journey, another great weight maintainer!

Hello blog readers!

There is a NSNG San Diego Meet Up soon. So if you want to watch the fun, be sure to follow Jill on a Journey.



Of course also follow my account on Instagram for more NSNG meet up fun

YO!!!!   Some peeps and hashtags to follow and use

For those of us who do well on low, yet some carbs

And for those of us who were sick not eating meat and need meat (for me meat off the bone for stopping binge urges and morbid obesity)

Vinnie Tortorich- NSNG  #NSNG  Fat Documentary

Anna Vocino- Cookbook author- EAT HAPPY #eathappy

Here's to new friends, NSNG and more weight maintainer awesomeness.

Blog post on the NSNG meet up soon.

PS- if anyone is blowing sustainability of low carb, NSNG, Paleo, Keto, Primal up your WAZOO, then please share my blog, my twitter, and my blog post with them.

I'm about 10 days or so from 7 years of sustainable living in mild keto. YO! #yes2meat #NSNG

My graph does not lie. Normal BMI's for almost 7 years. Previously morbidly obese or yo-yo dieting 40 years

For some of us, it's the answer to our best lives. Not all. Make it an option for exploring. If it doesn't work, move along. If it does work, welcome!