Sunday, January 5, 2020

Tweets that made me think- Keto Book Donation, WW vs Keto RCT, Sketchy Food Grading?


Here's a few tweets that made me think, and a few other things:

(Karen's notes: I've been under the weather a bit, seasonal cold and one massive migraine due to dehydration- on the mend, but taking it easy, reading lots of twitter, IG, and Reddit.)

Keto Book Donation Challenge:

Randomized Controlled Trial that compares WW vs Keto
Is Weight loss and Weight Maintenance easy, hard, moderate? Grabbing my 20 tools of weight maintenance was not always easy, but abstaining from my binge triggers makes it easier. My weight wants to come back though, so that part is hard. Own your own plan, it's what you make it.
Be careful of the food grades, recipes and recommendations on your apps and in your email box- My Fitness Pal is a common offender. Most of their recommendations made me fat and drove me to Type 2 Diabetes. Most employers will shove healthy whole grain recommendations right down your email pie hole. Hey, laughing salad, with no meat, whole grain avocado toast lady, F-off!!!  Even the ADA now offers low carb as a choice. OMG-  I was so fat when I ate whole grains. I had food addiction when I ate whole grains!

Karen's rant continued...
Even many popular Food Addiction menu plans want me still binge eating AND diabetic. WHUT the WHAT?!  Many of us find recovery without whole grains, diabetes, and high inflammation,  Bring your own recovery food plan with you, especially if you are like me and need to be grain free. If you can eat grains and not get diabetes, kudos to you. I cannot. Set good boundaries with your recovery team on grains. Speak up!

Here's a great example of food industry foolery. Think that food marketing was involved??Think For something more effective: Unprocessed food and think #NSNG for starts.

Sanity around Low Carb and Keto being sustainable. Almost 8 years for me.

Measuring ketones? Many of my friends depend on a higher ketone level for good mental health, depression in remission, and overall wellness. For me, I can me mild to moderate levels of ketones. I fast 18:6 and since I don't eat in the evening, that means my ketones are almost always low moderate. My carbs are anywhere from 20-50 grams daily.

I had a great exchange with a fellow weight maintainer. I had forgotten about this resource. I use Keto Mojo for my ketone meter and only test ketones once every month or twice a month. Glucose 3-4X per month. Important note: my urine ketones went away after 6-9 months but I'm very much in nutritional ketosis and keto from fasting, most days.

Proof of weight maintenance:

Keeping the Coaster Train on the Tracks, S.Del Mar, CA, low tide

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Starting the new Decade - Weight Maintenance- Send Your Friends- Jan 2020

Bye 2019, hello new decade

Okay, Okay. Here's my first blog post of 2020.

I've decided to be more active on IG, FB, Twitters (if you aren't mean, I won't block you-LOL)

I will post 1-2 month blog updates in 2020. Certainly I can manage this. It's important to keep updating in Weight Maintenance.

Why? Most maintainers, but not all ,will go back to obesity pretty quick. It's important to associate with active , long term weight maintainers so you can get some mentoring, paid or otherwise. Just my 2 cents. But, I'm pretty sure I'm 100% right.

And guess what, you can maintain at WW, low fat or whatever. I could not, but that does not mean there are many who can. Knock yourself out and please send over (Red Rover) your friends to LCHF and Keto, if they struggle with maintenance in other plans that aren't working.

 Because having a choice is what made me successful. Thanks!

Send your friends. Swoop in and steal ideas from old posts. Follow my IG stories to see how to cook meat, vege, and render fat. Follow Facebook too see

BE ONE WITH WEIGHT MAINTENANCE. And tell yourself you are a weight maintainer. I'm the budget weight maintainer. My interactions are free, yo! This also keeps me accountable to myself as an "upholder" so it helps me just as much.

OMG- That just rolled right out of my head. My only 2 hard in cement goals for 2020 are

1. Keep dishes clean (place in dishwasher, hand wash, put away) daily
2. Track all food 24/7/365 on My Fitness Pal

I'm still working on my 20 for 2020 list. 

Everything else is frosting on the cupcake I stopped eating in April 2011 because I'm a food addict in recovery. Onward. I pray for safe travels and navigating the ups and downs in 2020 for you. Post in comments if you feel like doing so, otherwise catch you over on the GRAM.

Photos tell all:

8.5 years of long term weight maintenance

Test, Do not Guess your blood glucose

These two cats!!! LOL

Saturday, November 9, 2019

New Book recommendation- Stall Slayer- Amy Berger

Hello All,

Quick post to recommend:

The Stall Slayer- by Amy Berger

1. The book is not out yet, but soon!
2. The "book" will be in PDF format and available in Kindle
3. Keep watching Amy's blog for the release (as of 11/9/19, it's not out yet..)

There is a preview on Amy's blog, so check it out. She is often the sense of reason in the Low Carb & Keto Community. There are many stumbling blocks to work through on any diet plan. Low Carb and Keto are no different.

For me: Add in being post Hashimoto's and needing to stop 40 years of food addiction. A lot of "experts" tell you oh, 3-4 days of tough. Oh, 6-8 weeks of binge urges.

For me- TRY 2-3 years. Years. Okay, so a lot of work, but this wave of the hand and boom LCHF is the end all-be all, No, not for me, it was just not enough.

In a way that is good, though. It allowed me time to "practice" weight maintenance and food sobriety. In a way, it was tough, though. All of us were sold an "It's easy, just a few days/weeks".

Time to hone the skills and deal with the real roots. The real stumbling blocks.

 I got stressed out, and I had a few binge urges over the last week or so. Exhausted. Cutting back on my side hustle. Getting better sleep, taking care of myself- walks, time with friends.  No, I don't need food to soothe. Just to slow down a bit, take time.

Play with the furry beasts
Tortie, furry goof balls!

Anyway, I'll be obtaining the whol the Stall Slayer book when it's published ,and I will give a full review.

PS-Proof of weight maintenance. I don't use time off the blog to back off from my weight data and making small adjustments. Consistency is super key!  So is self-talk, self-sabbotage and other food addiction TRAPS. No. Nope, no thank you. The next 40 years are mine.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Food Sober Halloween 2019- Nine years into remission, my best tools

Food Sober Halloween. It really started here for me. Bite size.... Bite me... The disease was full swing with those little bars. Sad. If you can moderate those, please have empathy for those of us who dive deep into disease. It's a disease, not a lack of willpower.

My best tools

1. I don't keep or give candy out at Halloween. I go dark. I love the kids all dressed up. I refuse to enable childhood obesity, diabetes and fatty liver. Personal choice. Move along to the next house, the munchkins are not sugar deficient. I promise. LOL. It's not funny though. It's so heartbreaking.

Seriously, we have a global pandemic for adults and kids. NO WAY will I fuel this monster. PS- I'm getting a roll of quarters today for my besties. I'm not the Halloween grinch, but I do care that kids are getting liver transplants and teens are getting gastric bypass. It doesn't have to be this way. Preventable. I know, I was an obese kid. I stopped myself from getting sick. I want others to stop easier than the way I did it.

Oh and no, I'm not into giving out plastic crap trinkets. They wind up junking up the yard and going down the drain to the beach where I pick them up again and again. So no.

Lots of non-food ways to celebrate the season.

2. Manage stress: OMG this week will be off the stress chain. Planning by batch cooking my food, sleeping as well as I can, and meditation.

Low tide just north of Swami's Beach, Encinita

3. Abstaining from all binge trigger food. No grains, no sugar, no guar or xantham gum, no nuts. I predict no binge urges. So much easier to manage if I don't open my brain up to stinking thinking.

4. Hopping on the scale, daily. It doesn't lie. It's data. Hop on, record the number, move along. Make choices that will change the number if you decide you need to do that. No shame, no blame. Just data management. Be scientific. Be Processed based. Be hopping into food sober living because it is a choice made with a clear mind.

2 months of daily weight data

I'm abstaining this week. I'm doing my part to end childhood disease. If you are local, stop by for a quarter and tell me that you are, too. If you are far away. Virtual 25 cents in your box. :)

Onward and use the power of the tool abstinence is, as needed.

Kind of glad the doorbell is broken!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Proof of Weight Maintenance October 2019

October 2019

PROOF of weight maintenance: (DUDE's notice somewhat flat line!!!)

What's working

1. Meat off the bone- really gets me awesome  food full signals
2. Abstaining from binge foods: sugar, grains, nuts, emulsifiers- guar and xanthan gum
3. Better sleep
4. Meditation
5. Taking time for me
6. Doing things I love

What didn't work in the past

1. Eating meat substitutes. Caused Auto Immune flares, never full. EVER.
2. Moderating my binge food. My WW leader was 100% WRONG. Yo!
3. Sleeping very little, thinking it wouldn't matter
4. Using food to get food high, all I got were fat pants. Sad and painful.
5. It's easier having a functional, awesome daughter who is an adult. Single/Co-parenting is hard.
6. I used to to things to please other people. I uncovered my inner Upholder and have never been better. Still some obliger tendencies

That's it. * COI statement: I'm employed (side hustle) with Joan Ifland, PhD, Food Addiction Reset, LLC

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Voice of My Readers- Food Addiction Vs Weight Maintenance Sept 2019

Hello All,

Quick check in with my readers.

Background Info: 
1. I'm about to dive in super deep on studying food addiction.
2. There is a lot of overlap between food addiction and weight maintenance

Question for my readers:

A. Would it benefit THIS blog- to keep it focused on weight maintenance with links to food addiction?

My Why's:  Insurance Discount for Weight Maintenance and Health Risk Reduction = My Best Life

Girl's gotta get her insurance discount and keep her risks low for future avoidable illness.  Plus, I like the mental clarity of Food Addiction Remission. Just to live my best life.

Another Why: Potential Side Hustle:

As of early September 2019: I still remain non-commercial, although I may, very soon get a very small payment for some food addiction work. It hasn't happened yet, although I'd love to keep my weight maintenance resources with links to a new Karen Parrott's Food Addiction page.

My Plan is to link over to a page about Food Addiction with full disclosure on Conflict of Interest (COI).

Comment in the links below. Moderation is on, so if you leave a comment that is constructive, I will post it. :)

Next Steps:

I'll be reading this text book, and taking notes. :) Continued Education is key for wellness- IMO.

Process Food Addiction Text Book, Dr Joan Ifland

Proof of Weight maintenance
Long Term Weight Maintenance graph

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Food Addiction Resources from Dr. Ifland- Part 2 from Low Carb USA 2019 San Diego

Food Addiction Resources

Dr. Ifland spoke at Low Carb USA 2019 San Diego. Brillant!

I have so much more to say about 

Loved meeting her, having lunch with her .

Okay, Surf over to all the links provided above. Much more to come. MUCH MORE. So much. Can't wait. So rich. Foreshadowing here.... can't wait.  Happy Dancing. 

Dr. Ifland taking a break from talking to Low Carb USA 2019 Attendees

Dr. Ifland and Karen Parrott (me) Low Carb USA 2019 San Diego

Dr. Ifland's Text Book for Food Addiction and recovery- lots of reading in my future