Saturday, September 16, 2017

Long Term Weight Maintenance 5 years, 7 months check-in, finally trending lower

May 2011 to Sept 2017

May 2011 to Sept 2017

Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116
Current Weight  113.6 lbs
Keeping off    73.8  lbs

Time in maintenance 5 years, 7 months

Age 51
Menopause 4+years
Height 5'1"
BMI 21.5
BMI ave this month 21.5
BMI ave last month 21.9
Glucose (fasting & 2hr post this month range 80-99 mg/dL)
Ketone blood= 1.1 mmol/L

Food Template:  Paleo, LCHF,  Keto-( due to fasting ), 
Total Carb ave =41 grams per day
Net Carb ave = 26 grams per day
Abstain from all grains, most sugars*, dairy. Nut free, artificial sweetener free **
* 85% chocolate 1X per day, weekends 1-2 squares of 70% chocolate instead
** Tiny bit of stevia in my Natural Calm, magnesium supplement

Food Timing or Time Restricted Eating Window or Intermittent Fasting 17:7 or 18:6
OR  12:12.  I'm alternating short TRE with the 12:12

17: 7 example:
17 hours fasting (water only)
7 hours eating, 3 meals
Eat 6am Stop eating at 1 pm

Or 18:6, I change it up a bit

12:12 Example
12 hrs fasting (water only)
12 hours eating, 3 meals, one small meal (no protein)
Eat 6am, Stop eating at 6pm

Auto-Immune Hashimoto's Disease 1997, 100 ug Synthroid daily
Food Addict in Recovery: 6+ years
High Risk, but never diagnosed Type 2 diabetes

Walking 13,219 ave steps per day,  August

Weight lifting : 1-2X per week, 

Sprints  4 days per week stair sprints 

Stair Ave/day for the month 15 stairs (Apple Health Kit)

Flexibility and stretching: 2-3X per week at home or gym- sit to stand to sit. 
August and early Sept 2017 key take aways, What's working for me

1. Incorporating 12:12 fasting in with 17:7 fasting. Time will tell on this. Not sure if my lowest adult weight is a fluke or a usable tool. I had a flu vaccine and that may have impacted my weight to be lower than usual. Time will tell.

2. Having higher calorie intake days interspersed with lower calorie intake days. Higher on the 12:12 days. Lower intake on the 17:7 days. Not by much, I'm telling you 100-150 of variation can make or break weight maintenance. Again, time will tell on this tool. 

3. Daily weighing, stopping the upward trend lead to a downward trend. Data is king. I recorded, I moved on to my goals and not away 

4. Fat grams closer to protein grams when I need to reverse a trend. Fat grams a little higher during long stretches of maintenance. Too much protein makes me bloated and my joints hurt. Too much fat (more than adequate) will give me a muffin top.  My body speaks, I've learned to listen. Because I like my skinny jeans, YO! 

Because Aug 2017 was so hot in So.Cal
5. Drank more water
6. Consumed more salt. I have to maintain my blood pressure, too low otherwise. (no it does not impact my positional vertigo- that's positional, not salt related. )


What didn't work for me in the past

1. Eating 2-3 hours (excluding my packaged very low calorie weight loss plan). Really, my body was telling me STOP this, too much, too often. Goodness, I wish I had listened. My body had no choice but to protect itself my eyes, my kidneys, my liver- so lay down visceral fat it did. No other choice. I gave my body no options. 

2. Eating high calorie, low fat all the time. I never gave my body the chance to run on ketones and it's own fat stores. I had lots of energy in stored fat, I just never set up the biochemistry to access it. I was too busy eating those points friendly chicken enchiladas and low fat ice creams.

3. Low fat, no fat, by GOD fat was going to make me fat, Doesn't everyone have bloat, joint pain, obesity as they age?  I thought that common was normal. I didn't give myself a chance to do low carb because I was afraid fat would give me a heart attack. I wanted to follow the guidelines so bad, I couldn't see that I was closer to a heart attack eating low fat (hs-CRP =6.8) than higher fat hs-CRP <2.0 most of the blood draws.

Here's to giving ourselves the chance to see what works and the wisdom to get support from those who can help y fine tune your food template when your body sends the message, loud and clear.

4. I did not look at macros at all. So total calorie intake matters for me, but so does eating lower carb (not too low) and then messing with my protein and fat grams. The body builders knew all along. LOL.  I do need to mind the types of foods I eat for stable weight management. 

5. I drank water, too much and felt horrible. Water logged for sure. 

6. I ate salt, but with fast food and poor oil sources and super high carb. It was a problem weight and blood pressure wise. I felt terrible and binge urges. Not good.

Onward.  More Low Carb USA stories, got my Keto Mojo meter, but wisely, I'm not chasing ketones. Just taking data and moving on with my day. 

Graphs, I have them, no apologies. My best tool is hopping on that scale everyday.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Telling my story via Carole Freeman, Keto Carole at Low Carb USA 2017, Part 2- youtube inteview

Telling my story

A huge thank you to Carole Freeman of Keto Carole for the interview at Low Carb USA 2017. Carol interviewed me and Jaydeep Bhuta ( a 100+ pound vegan keto weight maintainer).

Keto Chat, Episode 59 Low Carb USA San Diego 2017

Be sure to connect with Carole Freeman, who also holds masters in Phycology AND Nutrition at her site

Follow her on Instagram

Kudos to Carole and good luck speaking at KetoCon this weekend in Austin, Texaas. Carol is eating some Austin BBQ in my honor

Kudos to Low Carb USA San Diego 2017 for hosting us in the best view conference room that I've ever seen!!! Being able to look out onto the Broadway Pier and the harbor life kept me calm, cool and collected. :)

I was looking at an iPad screen and the flashing lights on the MeVo during the interview so my looking down was my curiosity getting to me. LOL.

Have a listen and thank you for allowing me to tell my story Carole!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer Weight Maintenance resource applied- Amy Berger, Tuit Nutrition Lowering Fat on LCHF

Oceanside, CA August 2017 #walkingforweightmaintenance

Update : I'm off playing in the So. Cal Summer Sun  working on the final stage of summer travel and not Intermittent fasting (which lead to the weight gain, likely) weight gain reversal.  Well, truth be told, I'm doing both.  Walking is a tool. So is reducing dietary fat- while remaining low carb higher fat. 

More reading from an expert: Amy Berger, Tuit Nutrition, has great blog and podcast content. I haven't read her book yet, but it's on my to read list. Here's her blog for more awesome LCHF reading   


What's working
My Applied Weight Maintenance tool:  I'm not WW low fat, just LCHF Lower fat. Oh, and I'm still Keto because I fast 17:7 daily AND eat LCHF. I find both helpful tools for weight loss near goal weight tool.  

Most of my blog readers know how hard it is to lose weight close to goal. 

1. Why: When I go much over my best weight maintenance goal weight, my body wants to go higher, and higher and higher in weight. My fat wants to come back after I lost 72 pounds lost in 2011 to 2012. 

40 years of morbid obesity, overweight and yo-yo dieting is no joke.  My weight regain is rapid and very unforgiving after a certain body weight. 

2. Why Health Insurance Discount is in 1-2 months. Weighed, measured, and biomarkers. This will be my 7th year of having to have my body measured for my discount. It is what it is. Keeps me on the straight and narrow, for sure. 

June-Aug 2017, weight gain trend reversal

Knowing what to adjust in my food template is gold!

2011 to 2017 #weightmaintenance

What didn't work for me in the past

1. Eating too much dietary fat, while even low carb. See that bump on the second graph, right hand side? Yeah. IF helped, so did matching my protein grams closer to my fat grams. NOT Low fat. Lower fat.

2.  I would have been diagnosed as a pre Type 2 Diabetic (which is T2D) in 2011 had I not been looking. Covering up my metrics was a way to sit on the couch with a skinny cow ice-cream studded with M&M's and watch The Biggest Loser. Points on Point, morbid obesity and T2D, not so much!

I could run, but I could not hide. 
Hope your summer is ending well and my heart goes out to my Texas readers.  Work like a super Ninja if you need to reverse a trend. At any re-gain stage. I hope you'll give Amy's blog a regular read.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Low Carb USA 2017, San Diego - Part 1, Favorite things

Where to start? So many good things from Low Carb USA 2017. Part 1 is a general overview.
Part 2 will be key take aways for myself and info I'd love for others to take away into the future.

Karen Parrott,-that's me at Low Carb USA 2017

Wyndham Bayside, San Diego, CA Low Carb USA- awesome location

Dr. Georgia Eade and Keto application potentials in Alzheimers, treats college students

Me getting Robb Wolf to sign his books! Fan Girl! Accessibility of luminaries
Star of India was just across the street from Low Carb USA- break time fun

Carnitas Snack Shack with Friends- eat low carb and chat with your buddies 

For new readers to my blog, I'm a weight maintenance blogger who was overweight and obese ages 6-46. I yo-yo dieted for 40 years. I'm currently age 51 and in menopause. I'm currently normal weight.

Weight Maintenance is my focus. Because my fat would like to come back! I won't let it.

 I'm normal weight for the last 5.5 years.  I stopped just shy of a pre-diabetes diagnosis in 2011. I'm post Auto-Immune Thyroid Hashimoto's since 1997.  I'm a Medical Technologist, MT (ASCP), CLS in real life. I heart lab data and the applied science of weight maintenance. There's a long way to go in the actual art and science of weight maintenance. I'm happy to be part of it.

Low Carb and Keto living are my TOP food template tools, along with Intermittent Fasting in weight maintenance. I've gone 20 years without a new auto-immune diagnosis. I have a bunch of FTO/Obesity/Type 2 genes that I consider to have  put into remission via Low Carb and sometimes Keto. WINNING.

Anyhoo- back to my Low Carb USA 2017 favorites

Some of my favorite speakers:  AKA- Karen's Circle of Trust
Link to the 2017 topic line up:
Robb Wolf,
Dr. Sarah Hallberg,
Dr. Stephen Phinney, Dr. Jeff Volek, 
Dr. Eric Westman 
Garry Taubes
Franzika Spritzler
Dr. Jeffery Gerber
Ivor Cummings
Peter Ballersteadt

Dr. Georgia Eade,
Dave Feldman,

Didn't speak but maybe next year!
Nicole Racine, RN

Other attendees: Type 2 diabetes folks in remission or newly diagnosed were the most common, therapeutic Keto for certain cancers and cancer survivors who are doing well- Like Allison Gannet. There was an APOE4 group meeting there, so  cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease were huge topic. I ate lunch with two zero carb carnivores- (One of them was Amber O'Hearn) and learned a lot about zero carb. I was struck by how happy and healthy they both were.

I secretly channel my inner Amber O'Hearn  and Peter Ballerstedt (Grass Based Health- Ruminati when I buy lots of red meat on sale. I feel so much better when I eat red meat over other protein. I still rotate, but I make sure to eat red meat frequently. My body rewards me. It has to be a nutrient thing.

Great old friends from last year, new friends from this year. People watching... The Keto Geeks were there, the Keto Gains group was there, side conversations in the lobbies and hallways.  A meat up person, also named Karen, from the 2 Keto Dudes forum. Awesome people. Really.

Several people that I recognized from last year and one said "Oh, I read your blog...."  OMG. How awesome is that!? People read my blog.... cool and WOW. Sometimes I feel Almost Paleo Famous" Just kidding.....

Almost Paleo Famous!

Vendors: My favorite

  • Keto Mojo (relatively inexpensive glucose, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and ketones) blood meter
  • Heads Up Health (Health Data collection - I was in the beta group!

Interviews: Whoa!!! I started the conference out with Carole Freeman from Keto Carole  1.5 hours - it was me, another nice guy who had lost 120+ pounds and uses a Keto Vegan from India and Carol's  MeVo's video cam and iPad.  Oooh, Great interview, I learned how a MeVo camera works, and I got to gaze for a long time at the bay scene outside the conference room.

A small group of folks joined us and we had a nice interview then Q&A from the audience. I'll update with a link if the video is posted publicly. Sharing our stories are key for others to customize their own weight maintenance approach.

Next up- Part 2, key take aways from the conference.  San Deigo sure is a great place to have a conference. Kudos to Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine for another great year. 2018 Low Carb USA is at the same hotel, July 26-29, 2018  Click on the link to see the speaker schedule.

What other conferences have you attended and taken away a lot? Talking to other  successful folks really is powerful.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Five and a half years Long Term Weight Maintenance!!

May 2011 and Aug 2017 long term weight maintenance

May 2011 to Aug 2017 long term weight maintenance

Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116
Current Weight  115.4 lbs
Keeping off    72.0  lbs

Time in maintenance 5 years, 6 months

Age 51
Menopause 4+years
Height 5'1"
BMI 21.8
BMI ave this month 21.9
BMI ave last month 21.8
Glucose (fasting & 2hr post this month range 65-97 mg/dL)

Food Template:  Paleo, LCHF,  Keto (some days because I fast ), 
Total Carb ave = 38 grams per day
Net Carb ave = 25 grams per day
Abstain from all grains, most sugars*, dairy. Nut free, artificial sweetener free **
* 85% chocolate 1X per day
** Tiny bit of stevia in my Natural Calm, magnesium supplement

Food Timing or Time Restricted Eating Window or Intermittent Fasting 17:7 or 18:6
Last month and early August had travel days/weeks so I fasted less often

17 hours fasting (water only)
7 hours eating, 3 meals
Eat 6am Stop eating at 1 pm

Or 18:6, I change it up a bit

Auto-Immune Hashimoto's Disease 1997, 100 ug Synthroid daily
Food Addict in Recovery: 6+ years
High Risk, but never diagnosed Type 2 diabetes

Walking 13,497 ave steps per day, June

Weight lifting : 1-2X per week, improved getting the gym in June

Sprints  4 days per week stair sprints 

Stair Ave/day for the month 12,654 stairs (Apple Health Kit)

So many good things to say about this last month. Yes, higher on the scale a bit. I came in at 116 to 116.4 lbs several days. Not exactly what I want, but it's what I get. For  not sticking to my 17:7 intermittent fasting due to travel. IF is probably the root cause. No big deal.  In 1-2 weeks, I predict the scale will be back down again and trending lower. 

I do believe that there is a hormonal, bacterial, other woo components to staying in my best maintenance range. My health insurance provider and medical team certainly provide advice that would make and keep me obese and binge eating mightily. Glad I can think for myself.

Critical thinking. It's part of being an adult, IMO. 

If I show up to do the work and make adjustments from vacation to my regularly scheduled eating window.  It's great to test the window out a bit. I don't have much wiggle room for IF or for total intake in calories. My truth and I own it like a boss. 

Next up, Low Carb USA 2017 items. Lots of great people, learning, and hope that others will adopt a lower carb food plan to keep from getting sick from type 2 diabetes and reversible diseases of obesity. 

Because I would have been an in-mobile, in pain, diabetic, morbidly obese if I did not make the changes that I did back in 2011. Time's going to pass anyway. Daily action for the win!!!

 Weight GRAPHS and trending averages. These help guide me in my next month. IF 17:7 or 18:6 for the WIN!!! 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

ADAPT Study- (Tuft's) for Adhering to Dietary Approaches for Personal Taste- July 2017 enrollment link

**Enrollment link is here:

** Edited to add Study PI invited all to participate*

I participated in the Tuft's ADAPT feasibility study (had 14,000 participants) in 2015 via Tufts. The current 12 week questionnaire study (Summer 2017)  could use more variety in participants.

I hope that you'll click through and sign up for the 12 week study, one 24 hr period of dietary recall six weeks into the study.

I hope you'll head over and participate. It doesn't matter what dietary food template you use, so chime in.

Customizing my food template Paleo, then Low Carb Paleo combined with abstaining and 17:7 Intermittent Fasting have combined to bet the most delicious, nutritious, and best weight mainatenenace with the leanest, most muscular body of my life.

Amazing after 40 years of overweight, binge eating and morbid obesity. I wasn't "doomed" after all. I did have to adapt. I've got to say my current food template tastes great and my health has not really been better.

There's a lot of dietary approaches out there. Your body will let you know which ones work better for you. Critical thinking and action IS required for order vs chaos.

Refuse to Regain Barbara Berkeley is right, I deserve the body I've earned my post morbid obesity body and her 12 rules helped me think critically AND create order out of past weight maintenance attempts that were chaos and didn't work.

Too much dietary advice without critical thinking be like- Y THO?

 What works now

1. Paleo, Low Carb, Intermittent fasting 17:7.
I adapted to low carb and my body rewards me for listening! May '11 to July '17

What didn't work in the past

1. Not employing critical thinking and eating Low Fat, High Carb, WW frozen meals, moderating sugar and grains, not fasting and eating 18, hours all day long

Y' THO? Indeed!

Who else has enrolled in studies like these, National Weight Loss Registry?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

My best post vacation tools for Weight Maintenance 2017- slight adjustments, immediate action

Long term weight maintenance 2017, BMI Ave 21.7

Long Term Weight Maintenance, with loss, 2016, BMI Ave = 23.1

So, I went above my most desired weight maintenance range of 113 to 116 lbs. (at 5'1" desired puts me at BMI of 21.4 to 21.9 ). Once I go >22, I find it easier to gain weight. I like my best range, so I'm going to work to stay in it during my early 50's as much as possible.

I didn't go above 117, but I'm not starting to trend back below 116 either. So....

I'm taking immediate action Going outside my range will happen. Swift action is needed. A plan is needed. My effective tools are needed.

What I don't need: I don't need to panic, lie to myself about "just a pound" "maybe it's muscle weight"" the weather is sooo hot" " the scale is a lying liar that lies" Baloney.  All BS, in my opinion. Although I was in range on my first day back from vacation, I didn't stay there. No sense in lying to myself about it.

Reality: I can see the trend. I can reverse the trend if I do the work. Critical thinking and the right tools with day-in-day-out work are required. 90-95% of my success will be due to the foods I put into my body. My habits and thought processes are built.

For me, it's a biochemistry deal. 90-95%. My body will reward me well for putting the right food in my pie hole, in the right amounts, during the right time of day. LET'S GO!

Project Summer 2017 level out, tend down is in effect. If you are just starting weight maintenance- take note, if you were at weight maintenance and fell off take note, if you are losing back to weight maintenance, take note.

I don't have to weigh in for my health insurance discount until October, but if I don't take action now, I could easily be into paying $40 more a month for insurance in 2018. Insurance company doesn't give a rat's patootie that I was overweight and obese for 40 years. They just want to up their premiums. As a single head of household, it's ON for getting that discount. Plus, I can save by not developing type 2 diabetes,

My best tools in order of effectiveness for leveling off and losing a pound or two near goal maintenance weight :

0. Stay on my abstaining food template.
1. Intermittent Fasting, daily 17:7 or 18:6
2. Tracking food in My Fitness Pal.
3. Bringing my total calories down 100-200 calories daily or so.
4. Monitoring my exercise WITH my calories
5. Bring my total fat grams down closer to my total protein grams
6. Bring protein grams up slightly, closer to my fat grams (fat grams are higher for me LCHF, even with weight loss)
7. Abstaining from fruit, because I cannot lose weight while eating fruit.
8. Sleep adequate
9. Walking adequate
10. Gym adequate
11. Flexibility and Stair Sprints and Meditation goals

I'm not adding new skills or habits. I am making slight adjustments -

For example:  say total fat for the day going from weight maintenance of 90-115 grams more to 80-90's grams

For example: say total protein for the day going from 60-70 to 70-80 grams

For example: extra beef or chicken or seafood, keeping protein slightly leaner

I'll remove calories via mostly by lowering fat closer to protein:

For example: Olive Oil in breakfast and lunch lowered by half
For example: abstaining from pumpkin seeds
For example: lowering my avocado intake slightly

I can make it all do able and in the next month or so, demonstrate that I can get back to desired range and maintain it. Because I have all year.

What didn't work in the past-

0. Eating all things in moderation
1. Eating from 6am to 10 pm
2. Tracking WW points based on low fat, set me up for a binge 100% Ugh!
3. Thinking I was "winning" by eating zero point or low point carby foods. Oh WW - double ugh!
4. Not adjusting or tracking movement with food in.
5. Trying to eat more grain carbs
6. Trying to cut protein to save WW points for Skinny Cow Ice Cream
7. Fruit was free, free y'all. Not once did I connect my near pre-diabetes diagnosis and lack of weight loss from my middle to fruit. What was I thinking???  OH, I wasn't thinking critically, that's right...
8. 5-6 hours of sleep seemed to be enough
9. Four thousand steps- wasn't going to help me
10.  I went to the gym so I could justify buying those protein bars and cookies that are really candy.  It didn't end well.
11. I was starting not to fit well in airplane seats, car seats, and at

It pays to know your best tools and use your best tools.  Once good habits are set, then slight adjustments don't take much time or plans or brain space. It's automated, routine, filling, and high in nutrients. EZ, relatively.

Safe travels and effective tracking. Always.