Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weight maintenance podcast recommendation: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

You don't have to be a MD to get a lot out of Dr. Ubell's podcasts. She gets right to the nitty gritty on

1. Thought processes
2. Practical ways to think about permanent weight loss
3. Address common pitfalls
4. Answers questions
5. Is a Mom and practicing MD

You don't have to be an MD to get a lot of take away information.  Do it, take a listen.

I have episode #66- Getting Up Close and Personal with Hunger as a favorite in my podcast player.

iTunes link

My April and early May update soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

6 years, 2 months long term weight maintenance 2018- Solid State!!!

Photos or it didn't happen.. LOL. 

I'm proud of myself for the month of March and for early April 2018. Solid state weight maintenance. Slightly higher plateau than my "best" weight maintenance range. I'll take a steady weight maintenance over a pivot, trend, or just out of control weight gain any day. Because my obesity really, really wants to come back. 

March and early April 2018 brought a mild cold and some big stresses. Nothing that couldn't be managed, though. Without over eating due to stress. With food choices that work. With 18:6 fasting. With a lot of walks at the beach. 

April 2018: I've connected with a new Low Carb San Diego group. Once I vet them out for not being a sales funnel or anything too funky, I'll blog about it. On the light side so many great groups and on the dark side so many folks selling books, products, and stuff without solid claims. 

Keep with the peeps getting results. That promote sane solutions. Start by not chasing ketones. Start by chasing results. Truth!

Oh, and my first DEXA scan soon. Hmmm. I'm a data geek so facing bone loss or needing to decrease my body fat % is nothing to hide. I may not blog about my results right away... 

Cat photo: Double Tortititude

What's working now
1. Daily weighing
2. Recording food intake on My Fitness Pal
3. Monitoring my activity on Fitbit
4. Meditation 4-5 days per week
5. LCHF, Keto, 18:6 fasting most days

What didn't work in the past
1. Not weighing in often
2. Not recording my food intake
3. Not monitoring my activity
4. Using food to soothe feelings
5. Eating low fat, high carb, low points snacks that were candy bars in reality!

DATA is KING, Queen and the court. 

Time in weight maintenance 6 years, 2 months

Starting weight 187.4 lbs

Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116
2018 accepted goal weight ranges 113 to 119

Current Weight  117.4  lbs
Keeping off    70  lbs

Age 51
Menopause 4+years
Hashimotos 20+ years
Height 5'1"

2018 Stats
BMI  today (mid April)   22.3
BMI  ave  March             22.4   
BMI ave Feb                    22.2
BMI ave January             22,2

2017 Stats    
BMI ave December 22.0
BMI ave November 21.9

Graphs, there will be graphs.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Karen's Top 20 Tips for Weight Maintenance

Upon Request:

Karen Parrott’s 20 Weight Maintenance Tips-
Keeping 70 pounds off 6 years. Previously obese or yo-yoing for 40 years. I’m almost 52 years old.
I’ve been in menopause 4 years.
Hashimoto’s controlled with synthroid 20 years.
  1. Weigh daily, record data
  2. I address shifts and trends in my weight every 4–5 days
  3. I Abstain from my trigger foods ( all grains, nuts, most emulsifiers like guar gum & xanthan gum) I’m also dairy free
  4. I fast most days 18 hrs. Eating window is 6 hrs, early in the day
  5. I track all foods on My fitness pal
  6. I wear a Fitbit and walk 60 mins min per day
  7. I eat low carb, higher natural fat, LCHF, I am in a low level of Keto because I intermittent fast
  8. I don’t use satiety as a stop signal since I know that I don’t get normal stop or satiety signals all the time.
  9. I get support from other low carb & Keto groups including online, conferences in real life
  10. I get as good of sleep as I can
  11. I meditate often
  12. I strength train 2x per week
  13. I measure my glucose occasionally to keep my risk of type 2 diabetes low. Berries I can eat, bananas no
  14. I monitor HS-CRP, triglycerides, glucose, HA1c and joint pain to keep inflammation low.
  15. I mange my thyroid meds I had auto-immune disease in 1997 and do not want to increase cardiac risk. Nor have more auto immune diseases
  16. I weigh and measure my food
  17. I batch cook and bring my own food to work. I will not eat anything that I didn’t bring myself. Except when coworkers bring in herbs, lemons, avocados seasonaly.
  18. I am selective when eating out.
  19. I don’t buy or keep junk food in my house. Any junky food is kept on a pantry shelf for others. I won’t eat from that shelf
  20. I don’t kid myself or make excuses. I don’t play a victim. I take full responsibility for what I do and don’t need to do. I won’t engage food pushers or others sabbatoge.
My obesity wants to come back. I won’t let it.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Food Trigger video discussion with Jessica Dudley at Everyday Success- March 2018, behind the scenes

LINK to the video is here: Facebook, publish date was 3/23/2018

Video interview via Facebook Binge Triggers- Jessica Dudley

BONUS: behind the scenes of the video interview.

-1 minute : Recording in my car (as to not awake sleeping teen) does not work, head to desk

20 seconds in, cat approaches

1:22, cat tries to eat the side of the iPad

1:47, trying not to bust out laughing because that cat is still trying to knock the whole iPad off the desk.

2:52, Wondering if I can reposition iPad while describing Instagram accounts and why I'm a food addict in recovery and still take photos of my food ( I still have to eat, YO!, just not my trigger foods) What people think I eat is often wildly off the mark.

13:45  FROZEN. LOL.

14:00 "Legal" Paleo, LCHF, Keto foods- YEAH!!! Just because it's labeled that way doesn't mean it's going to be good for weight maintenance. I keep getting told about the baloney products out there... all the nopes for me.

15:00 That drive from Monterrey to Morro Bay in California is a long, long drive. I recommend 2 drivers on that one. No dried fruit.

16:30 Talking about different ways to "get high" after resolving food highs. Transfer addiction is totally real.

23:30 I could stand up but I'm going to dump my coffee and my iPad. LOL. That will wake up the cat who will want to destroy the iPad.

33:00 My new car has an accurate gas gauge.

All right. That's it for today. Cat is still trying to take out the iPad....
Teen slept through the interview and has not run out of gas.
Pray my old car makes it until the fall of 2018.

iPad destruction is imminent 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

6 years, 1 month update March 2018 Weight Maintenance

May 2011 to March 2018 Long Term Weight Maintenance

May 2011 to March 2018 Long Term Weight Maintenan

I'm still about 2-3 pounds over my best weight, but that's the way the LCHF avocado slices.  LOL.

Really, finally feeling better from a super, super mild cold. I'm always a few pounds heavier. Nothing that more consecutive fasting days, monitoring my total intake, and keeping good stress relief going.

Few binge urges this month. It happens. It's going to happen. Maybe one lapse on... pork rinds. Whatever. Food addiction is a disease of liars. So yeah, I had 2 servings of pork rinds. Not doing that again for a long time. For reals. Pork is no, 2 servings of pork. Yeah, that's a lapse in the house of Karen.

Facing it head on and using my tools. Got right back on track.

No off switch. Using My Fitness Pal and Fitbit for the win!

What's working now
1. Daily weighing
2. Recording on My Fitness Pal
3. Monitoring my activity on Fitbit
4. Recovering in 1 meal from a lapse
5. LCHF, Keto, 18:6 fasting most days

What didn't work in the past
1. Not weighing in often
2. Not recording my food
3. Not monitoring my activity
4. Attempting to recover after 2-3 months from my primary binge
5. Using even a mild cold to binge eat comfort foods.

Started May 2011
Time in weight maintenance 6 years, 1 month

Starting weight 187.4 lbs

Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116

Current Weight  118.6  lbs
Keeping off    68.8  lbs

Age 51
Menopause 4+years
Hashimotos 20+ years
Height 5'1"

2018 Stats
BMI  today mid-march    22.4
BMI  ave  half of march  22.4   
BMI ave Feb           22.2
BMI ave January     22,2

2017 Stats    
BMI ave December 22.0
BMI ave November 21.9

Graphs, there will be graphs.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

I'm at one of my higher maintenance weights and okay with it! March 2018- short check in

Super short check-in post. I'll be back with my monthly full length  photos and a full set of graphs as soon as I can get my photographer to drive over and the rain stops.LOL Because half of what you see on IG  from dishonest bloggers is photoshopped. I like monthly photos to show my progress.

I weighed in at 118.2, best range is 113-116.

What's working:
1.Daily weighing, no matter what, keeping my weight in okay weight maintenance. I'm 2.2 + pounds away from my BEST range. I'll take it, really. I feel pretty good.

The upside of daily scale weighing is that I don't BS myself and regain huge amounts of weight in weight maintenance, relapse with food sobriety.

The down side of daily weighing is seeing the scale go up.
I'm food sober, but totally okay with the higher weights. Just coming off a second, very mild cold.

I'm always 1-2 pounds higher during cold virus'. Aint' no big deal. I record my weight and go about my day, week, half month. I'll go back to my cruising weight in a week or two.

I'll always accept good enough weight maintenance over Best weight maintenance any day. I get what I get, I do not throw a fit.

2. Keeping steady with glucose, ketones, and hemoglobin and hematocrit (H&H) in my best ranges. 

My glucose goes this low some days when I fast. I think I'm at a 19+ hour fast for these values.

I've been donating a lot as a paid donor so I'm happy to see normal for me H&H.  I'll get deferred as a donor for 6-8 weeks soon. It's nice to get paid, and yes, I pay taxes right out of my pay check. Ugh, whatever.....

Ketones mine run 0.5 to 1.5 typically.

3. Added blueberries and more protein back into my rotation, with great results. I'm still Keto because I fast, but LCHF for weight maintenance. Best of both worlds, if you ask me. 

I measure out 0.5 to 1.0 ounces of blueberries

Nom-Nom Paleo's -'Ollie's Crackling Chicken', oh so goooooood!!!

Beef brisket, salad bar, coffee at Lazy Acres in Encintias, CA (like Whole Foods)

4. Managing stress

My stress levels going to get worse, not better, this year. Sigh....

I was driving around thinking about the following: 

I read about somebody "listening to their body and feeding it what it wanted" and I laughed. Ooooooh this is so not right for me. Neither is "Having a relationship with food" BS 100% for me. 

Robb Wolf is right, there is something way deeper going on when talking about a "relationship" with an object- in this case food. Some past issue.  Although my coffee might push me over into relationship status  I can see changing your food template, changing your boundaries around food, switching from points counting to Paleo to LCHF, to Keto, and back again,  but food was not and is not something for me to "have a relationship with". 

Food to me is just to optimize energy and my own genetics and environment. I don't get to choose, my body will give me feedback, then I optimize with the food template of the 6 months to 1 year. I must use my body weight, biomarkers, sleep length, pain levels, mood to plan and choose. 

 6 years food sober and during high stress, I want to sit down with a bag of jelly beans, progress to skinny cow ice cream, then get out the points counter for exactly 1 point of M&M's embedded in the side of the icecream. Repeat. 

Sigh... good thing I have a set food template. Fasting 18:6 these days, from 6am to 12 noon-ish. Not eating at night is a win-win for me.

Fizzy water at night, with Natural Calm powder, for stress relief. Fits into my 18:6 fasts just fine

What didn't work in the past

1. Not weighing in frequently enough. Not plotting my weight on a graph
2. Not measuring my glucose to notice that I was pre-diabetic right before I lost weight
3. Not customizing my food template for my okay and best weights
4. Eating tons of sugar, grains, and other foods, trying to get food high to deal with stress.

Off to walk before it rains. Safe travels my So. Cal Friends. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Amy Berger, I'm Low Carb and proud of it! Video for thought

Hello All!

I'm busy

1. Correlating my weight data using Heads Up Health, and investigating my current weight loss close to goal

2. Cat hearding so that I can get one kitty to vet dental surgery.

3. Listening to 80's music

4. Enjoying my staycation

5. All of the above

Here's some homework.

Heres a hashtag #imlowcarbandproudofit

Yep! If I eat too much fat, I get... ugh, fat again. Sigh. Thanks Amy. I'll be adding some graphs and my 2cents and own life experience on my thoughts on Amy' video

Cat photo for my cat fans,
We're going WHERE?

While You See a Chance, Stevie Windwood

Music for cat hearding!

Back soon with some graphs...