Sunday, January 5, 2020

Tweets that made me think- Keto Book Donation, WW vs Keto RCT, Sketchy Food Grading?


Here's a few tweets that made me think, and a few other things:

(Karen's notes: I've been under the weather a bit, seasonal cold and one massive migraine due to dehydration- on the mend, but taking it easy, reading lots of twitter, IG, and Reddit.)

Keto Book Donation Challenge:

Randomized Controlled Trial that compares WW vs Keto
Is Weight loss and Weight Maintenance easy, hard, moderate? Grabbing my 20 tools of weight maintenance was not always easy, but abstaining from my binge triggers makes it easier. My weight wants to come back though, so that part is hard. Own your own plan, it's what you make it.
Be careful of the food grades, recipes and recommendations on your apps and in your email box- My Fitness Pal is a common offender. Most of their recommendations made me fat and drove me to Type 2 Diabetes. Most employers will shove healthy whole grain recommendations right down your email pie hole. Hey, laughing salad, with no meat, whole grain avocado toast lady, F-off!!!  Even the ADA now offers low carb as a choice. OMG-  I was so fat when I ate whole grains. I had food addiction when I ate whole grains!

Karen's rant continued...
Even many popular Food Addiction menu plans want me still binge eating AND diabetic. WHUT the WHAT?!  Many of us find recovery without whole grains, diabetes, and high inflammation,  Bring your own recovery food plan with you, especially if you are like me and need to be grain free. If you can eat grains and not get diabetes, kudos to you. I cannot. Set good boundaries with your recovery team on grains. Speak up!

Here's a great example of food industry foolery. Think that food marketing was involved??Think For something more effective: Unprocessed food and think #NSNG for starts.

Sanity around Low Carb and Keto being sustainable. Almost 8 years for me.

Measuring ketones? Many of my friends depend on a higher ketone level for good mental health, depression in remission, and overall wellness. For me, I can me mild to moderate levels of ketones. I fast 18:6 and since I don't eat in the evening, that means my ketones are almost always low moderate. My carbs are anywhere from 20-50 grams daily.

I had a great exchange with a fellow weight maintainer. I had forgotten about this resource. I use Keto Mojo for my ketone meter and only test ketones once every month or twice a month. Glucose 3-4X per month. Important note: my urine ketones went away after 6-9 months but I'm very much in nutritional ketosis and keto from fasting, most days.

Proof of weight maintenance:

Keeping the Coaster Train on the Tracks, S.Del Mar, CA, low tide

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