Sunday, January 13, 2013

More tide pools and why photography is part of weight maintnence

Baby Octopus
 I use my photo hobby as motivation to get outside and exercise every day. I don't take photos every day, but I take my camera.

I discovered Project Noah and I post some of my animal and plant spottings at that site. Great data base and tool to use to see what is around you at home and at travel.

I'm glad to see scientists and schools using the site as a research and learning tool.

I promised myself I would keep the weight off.  So, Project Noah combines my hobby and connects me with the rest of the community and world. 

I can get out and "play" every day. I've got the strength and balance needed to hike long and far, or stroll close to home.  It's the mind, body, earth connection.   Good stuff!   

And always good to have a natural motivator for weight maintenance. When it becomes more than about just weight, it becomes part of living life. Awesomeness.   

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You can see more of my photos at
Pacific Seastar
Seastar hanging onto rocks

Starburst Anenome


  1. Your photos are excellent. I especially like the baby octopus. I think they are one of the most interesting creatures on earth. The Project Noah site is great as well. :)

    1. Oh, Thanks, Caron. That little eye is so cute on the baby octopus. Glad you like project noah. As you travel around, you can see what may be around you (seasonally, anyway). :)

  2. Beautiful photos. I am also on a quest this year to find ways to "play" as part of my weight maintenance. Love the Project Noah site!

    1. Thanks, Shrink to Fit ( I was going to use STF, but the abbreviation could stand for something else- LOL!!! ;)

      I considered weight loss and weight maintenance as separate phases. I used Project Noah for weight loss motivation, but because of the very low calorie diet, I needed to keep that in check. Door is wide open and activity is much more key in maintenance.

      Good luck in finding what you can dive into and do as often as you can.

  3. Your photography is amazing!! I also love taking pictures (more so than scrapbooking). My daughter also has the same love I do, so often after hiking/running/or even playing tennis, we pull out our cameras and start taking pictures.
    Looking forward to more of your pictures in the future :)

    1. Thanks, Simply Me! Glad you and your daughter like taking photos. Promise to post more. I took >10,000 just in 2012. Fun stuff.

  4. I enjoy your photos very much Karen! What a wonderful way of combining several pleasant, healthy and useful activities!