Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite Podcast week- The Fat Burning Man by Abel James

I use podcasts as on-going weight maintenance tools for learning and expanding this phase of life.
I'll be doing shout outs to highlight my favorite podcasts and why  I like them.

The Fat Burning Man by Abel James . Subscribe here
The Fat Burning Man website is here.  Website

Why I like it-  Top reason:  I listen and think, that's cool

  (like the a cool vintage Corvette parked just off the Pacific Coast Highway)

  1. Great interviews- I learn from the topics- health related, fits my maintenance world, great speakers, too.
  2. Timely topics
  3. Abel James awesome voice. Dreamy. I would pay to have his voice replace Siri. ;)
  4. Frequent podcasts
  5. Free learning
  6.  I listen while I clean my house. Motivation to do something I hate turns into a cool time to listen, learn, and go on with my day.
If you listened to Abel James and the Fat Burning Man, did you like it? Do you see what I mean about his voice? 

Next podcast shout out-  Dean Dwyer- Make Shift Happen and the Life Style Hacking Show. No fighting guys, somebody's podcast had to come first. ;)


  1. I've never heard of them but thanks so much for the info!

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