Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whole30, day 12 - Eating out & Tide pools

One of the lowest tide of the year in So. California. Awesomeness. To explore the tide pools with the family.   I was grateful that I have good health to climb the stairs and good balance to stay upright.   Fun to chat, people watch, and warm up cold, cold feet.

I had a snack of half a serving of macadamia nuts without salt. Day 12 of my Whole30.  Macadamias keep me full for about 2-3 hours. Good snack until I can make dinner.

 I've adjusted to eating out and taking Whole30 compliant snacks with me on the go. I quickly put together the cooked chicken thighs, baby spring mix salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados. I put balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a small container.  I had no problem telling the waitress I was "on a special diet", ordering a cup of coffee and eating my meal in the restaurant with my non-paleo family member. Didn't phase me a bit.  I've arrived!


  1. More pics of the tide pools?? Awesome day!

  2. Will do , Mrs Swan. I'll load some up for tomorrow. :)

  3. We sometimes go to a Japanese restaurant in Tucson. They have a sign on the door saying "No outside food or CAKE!" We wondered about the cake particularly and then we thought it might be for people who want to have a birthday party and bring their own cake. We also wondered how many people were bringing in food from outside for them to put up a sign. Your food looks delicious.

    1. Caron, that is sooooo funny. No outside food or CAKE! I think you are right on the birthday thing. The server asked if we wanted another plate or not. We got it, but I really did not want to eat anything else at IHOP. We were on a day trip.

      I tipped very well and most restaurants seem very happy for the business.

    2. most/all restaurants do NOT want anything brought in from the outside. Your waitress was very gracious.

      Usually we choose restaurants where whoever is going can eat. But I can see that would be complicated for single parent.

      Speaking for myself only, in this situation, I usually just drink water while other family member eats. This comes up at the local sushi restaurant where veggies are steamed in sugar water. . .not a regular thing as they normally go there when I am not with them.

      I think I only ate out once a week (normal for me) even when all the kids were home over break.

      I pack food for myself (all the time). But I guess I am usually by myself when I eat it. How does you child feel about packed food? I guess picnic?

      I have gotten egg white and veggie omelete (no cheese, no butter, no oil, no salt) at ihop.

      I have also ordered a plate of greens and added a baggie of stuff from home. And I give the waitress a larger tip to compensate. I have not done that often, but I have done it.

      As I said - now we mostly go where I can eat. This is a joke at our house. Because I am not the only complicated one. We have two vegetarians also. So, if we are all going, there are about 4 places (total) from which to choose.

      We always take water into movie theaters and that is a no-no too. But we try to avoid plastic and the only way to get water there is plastic bottle (and the prices are outrageous, so there we always carry in our own).

      Pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

      What a fun thing to do.

      It is amazing to me what you can see at low tide. Like the baby octopus. I never would have guessed would be that close to shore. About how much "normally under water" land is exposed at this super low tide?

    3. Not picking on your food, just asking - was surprised to see chicken thighs vs breasts? I realize we all pick our numbers, compromises, spending. Just asking what is your thought process?

      I also have never had a macadamia nut. Will look up numbers and compare. I hadn't thought of them.

    4. Thighs were on sale- boneless , skinless. Once I bring them home, I pull them apart and cut off any extra fat.

      Since I'm eating from the Paelo template, I don't eat fatty cuts of meat, but my avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil intake is more than any other diet I've ever followed. I don't over do, just measure my tsp of olive oil, or coconut oil.

      I moved very slowly, scared to death of fat during transition. I went from "Whooo- I ate some avocado slices. Yikes", to eating slices every day. My lipid panels are the best I've ever had in my whole life. Much better thin and eating healthy fat and maintaining my weight than the low fat/high carb WW style. That didn't work for me past the age of 35 or so. Post baby.

      Nice thing about it is that the healthy fat is really satisfying. Not tons, but just enough.

    5. Vickie- ps- the tide was -1.7 Maybe 0.1 of a mile was exposed. There were about 100 people out on the reef poking around. Good stuff. Fun to chat with people. Awesome family activity.

      The iHop trip was a once a year deal. She usually orders eggs, meat, maybe potatoes. I don't keep any waffles or pancakes around my house- so she decided she would order some. We had picnic eaten a lot the first week of the year on vacation. I was cool with it. If it hadn't been the Whole30 month, I would have ordered scrambled eggs or an omelet ( NO pancake batter- ask for gluten free), with some bacon and fruit. I rarely eat bacon.