Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whole30 check in- day 27 and plans for the future

Okay- The Whole30. Day 27. Here's the scoop- Karen style

What is working:
  • Eating clean paleo is going well. Very little that I "miss"
  • No sinus headaches. Excited to bring back food slowly to see if I can minimize the few sinus headaches more.
  • More calm during stressful work event that lasted a week. Cool! 
  • Clearer skin overall.
  • Clearer sinuses. Yes!!! 
  • This means deeper sleep. Probably keeps me more calm at work. 
  • I cleaned out my 1000 year old lids with no containers  food container cabinet!
I can see how all of the good points work together to make a better over all health picture.

Here's the more difficult part of the Whole30. Not hard, but more work;

  • A little bit more cooking and food prep- think cooking chicken rather than rotisserie.
  • Seems like a lot more dishes. A LOT more. 
  • I had to face the fact that I found containers from pre-1994 in my cabinet. What the heck!!??
  • I had to say no a couple of times to eating out and bacon while eating out on vacation.
  • I got less done on some days because I go to bed earlier. 
  • Grass-fed meat costs a little bit more (but it's worth it, when I can).
 I'm planning for Feb 2013. I plan to bring foods in one-by-one about 72 hours a part to see how I feel with them. I know what a golden opportunity  it is to do an elimination diet and to be able to road test foods. That could be an eye opener. Or not.
That is the scoop. All this rain in So. Cal is making things a little greener. We need the rain, but I do have to adjust the walking times. I make it work. And, the flowers are pretty, too. Easy compared to the cold in the rest of the US. I'm fortunate!


  1. I don't think 72 hours is enough. Because one serving might not impact you, but serving number two a day or two after might. When good allergy food studies are being done, they reintroduce much slower pace. I am thinking maybe one a week. And then when you add the next one, the following week, suspend intake of the food from the first week.

    The dishes thing gets better over time. I prep and cook twice a week. I am the queen of one pan. I can figure out a lot of things to do in the same pan, one right after the other.

    I cook all my chicken at the same time. So I either put chicken breasts in 9x11 and bake. Or chop chicken up and cook on top of stove. I like the new thin sliced boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

    I prep my raw veggies at the same time I am cooking. So tonight chopped celery and carrots to go in soup and also cleaned prepped carrots and celery to stay raw in refrigerator.

    1. Thanks for the "wait longer" advice, Vickie. My containers are mostly so I can take my food and go- work, errands, freezer. I'm a big fan of batch cooking and the crockpot is getting more use all the time.

  2. My oldest Tupperware container was my grandmothers. She died in 1990. So it has been at my house for 23 years. I am guessing she probably owned it for many, many years before that. It was in dreadful state, really discolored, I soaked it in cascade and it looks brand new. I have other dishes and things of hers that are 50+ years old.

  3. I learned so much on my first elimination diet...eggs, a staple in my lifestyle, were something that I reacted to...I couldn't believe it. I never felt like they were a problem before I did the reintro stage of my elimination diet. Good luck with the reintro. Do you have a plan?

    And congrats on getting close to the end of the Whole 30...that's awesome!

    1. I Lynn, eliminating eggs must have been difficult. I may try an auto-immune protocol later in the year to see if anything presents itself. (thyroid disease in 1997- I take thyroid replacement meds and have been balanced out since then)

      I'm probably going to start back with ..... bacon? 85% chocolate, or chicken sausage. I don't eat much of any of those, but the few servings a month I would have ( okay, I had the 85% chocolate everyday). I'm mainly looking to see if I have fewer sinus headaches.

  4. Seriously, between the Whole 30 and cleaning out the containers, you're my hero. Congrats!

    1. Awww, thanks Rae Rae. Sometimes if I think about what my normal day entails, I think- how the heck do I get everything done that I need to do. Sometimes I try not to think about it so that I don't psych myself into a stand still. :) So far, so good.

  5. YES! The prep is the hardest part I think. When we did the Slow-Carb diet a few year ago it produced an insane amount of dishes and prep-time for meals was extensive. Wish that part was easier.

    1. It's a priority shift for sure! Adding in the podcast listening has probably been the best motivator.

  6. Sounds like Paleo is working real well for you. Maybe I should venture on over too:)

    1. It does work well for me, Leigh C. Natural way to keep my carbs lower AND steer clear of trigger foods. Double duty. Ask any questions you might have. I can still trigger myself on paleo foods, but that is probably another blog post... :)