Monday, December 31, 2012

Garden 2012- a look back

I could smell the flowers before I saw them!
 Here's my Garden- 2012.

  Hang tight if you visit my site for weight maintenance. I plan on doing a Whole30 in Jan 2013.

There was not much going on, I have to say. That's okay. Plants in pots were easier to manage and water. Sitting on the porch was not a priority. I was out taking photos of  "Other Peoples Gardens (OPG!)- I just made up that term!! LOL
 and walking a lot.

Goals for 2013 are to plant, grow, and actually remember to water herbs for cooking.   And to photograph the heck out of OPG!!

Edited to add baby lizard-awwww....

Baby Western Fence Lizard

Jr Family Members pot of carrots
Awaiting the blooms
Freesias are a favorite

Bella Donna Lily-green but no blooms

Awesome jumping spider.

Jr. Family member picked this color-

Anna's Humming bird, from the shrubs 
Cedar Wax-Wings in the shrubs

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