Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas check-in 2012

Highest Weight 187.4
Goal Weight:  115.4
Current weight 116.0

10 months in maintenance
Over weight for 40+ years
Height 5'1''  (I'm short)

Mid forties

Christmas was nice. Time with my Jr. Family member and a Christmas eve performance at church. Opening gifts, talking with friends in the Mid-west, coffee at Starbucks.

Christmas Beach walk, photo bombing lifeguards. I'm a mid-west transplant. After spending 28 years looking at corn and soybean fields, I love the ocean, tide pools, and the West. I embrace that.  I've done my time in the cold. ;)

I took an awesome beach walk and did some tide pooling in a new area. Awesomeness. I'll never tire of the stuff I can see in the tide pools.  I'll post more photos later. 

What worked:  
  1. Paleo/Primal food (no grains & dairy)  and activity (outdoors, lift heavy things) template .
  2. Weighing daily
  3. Keeping a work life balance. 
  4. Time with the family.
  5. Clear mind to deal with emotions that popped up. Mind is clear because of 1-4.
What surprised me.  Ghosts of Christmas past- I must have done a lot of emotional eating Christmas Eve in years past. I my mind kept telling me to eat sweets!!!  Especially Christmas eve while stuffing stockings & wrapping gifts. I must have numbed myself so much in the past. 

The clarity and peace of mind is worth all the hard work of maintenance.  Good to live life. Best Christmas gift, ever!!!

What hasn't worked in the past

1. Eating cookies and candy
1.5 Baking cookies for "others". So wrong!! (my next blog post)
2. Trying to out exercise the cookies and candy
3. Starting over Jan 1
4. Numbing up with food. 

I invite you to step away from the trigger foods and any foods that make you numb up. Start today. Don't wait until Jan 1. 


  1. I think we (all) have times, events, locations, and people which were clearly/absolutely linked with food in our past. It is amazing (just as you wrote) how "food" pops into our mind or we will find ourselves standing at the pantry or refrigerator. It takes a long time to reprogram those neuropathways. I changed up most of my life. New activities that are not associated with food. I retrained myself to not eat in front of the TV by only watching TV when I was on the treadmill at the gym for most of one school year. I stopped reading printed books and switched to audio. I stopped quilting. I found like minded friends.

    1. I can see why that is so important, Vickie. With a total transformation, so much of life has to change for the transformation to be complete. Thanks for sharing about your changes. I was literally pacing 3 separate times to the pantry doors. It blew me away. Glad to have the clarity and place of mind to stop myself.

  2. Here comes 2013, Karen...let's smash it!

    1. Yeah, Norma! Can't wait. Starting out with a Whole30 in Jan. I'm stoked.

  3. I'm with Norma, 2013 is around the corner and it will be amazing! :D

    1. I'm looking forward to 2013, Maren. Love your blog. :) I feel like I'm traveling along with you on your hikes.