Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chocolate Chili- Savory

I have to share this recipe for chocolate chili.  It's savory, rich, warming and reminds me a little of mole sauce.  (my photo)

The original recipe- From The Well Fed Cookbook (Clothes That Make the Girl web site) link is here

I modified this recipe by substituting

  • ground turkey to replace the ground beef
  • cutting the coconut oil to 1TBS from 2.
  • using chicken broth instead of beef broth
Wow!  I made this in my dutch oven on the stove top and have plenty of left overs to freeze.  Had to post this recipe. Delicious. 


  1. I'm just now learning how to use refined cocunut oil..I'm slow to jump in lol. This recipe looks good :)

  2. Looks good. Definitely worth a try:)

  3. The recipe freezes great! I froze it into half servings and heat it up for afternoon snacks. I use celery sticks like a dip. Good stuff. Good flavor. Very rich (probably the chocolate.)

    Let me know if you try it. Karen P.