Saturday, December 22, 2012

Graph- example of weight trending Dec 2012

Getting my geek on : First, check out the graphs!  I am a scientist. Its part of me. And, it's one of the most helpful tools I can use.   I embrace that 100%.

From the one month view ,things look pretty steady. From the 3 month graph, trend upwards for sure.  Only a pound or so- about one pound average over goal.

I did start to track my food again this week after 8 weeks without tracking. I'm still eating from a Paleo template, watching  my carb intake, and making an effort to get my walking in and some strength training, too.

Foods most likely to creep- fruits & nuts

I'm going to add some Tabata style sprinting several times a week. I do suspect a perfect storm of work stress, more desk work, the colder weather (note: So. Cal cold is only 50 F. I did my time in the mid-west, I remember what real cold is like. But I've adapted to warmer "cold" ) and portion creep has me a little higher weight wise.

I really think that portion creep will keep me tracking my food more often than not as I go through the years of maintenance. No matter what my eating template is, portion creep is part of my slippery slope thinking. I've got to address this, early on, and quickly.

I loved Robb Wolf's post about "low carb bypassing normal satiety mechanisms and combinations of highly palatable but low-carb foods" . The words " it's still a ticket to Fat Camp" rang true for me. Check that post out if you have some down time.

Clothes still fit. I feel great most days. Good energy. I could use a little bit more sleep.  I'm very interested to see how the sprinting, better sleep and some de-stressing will effect things.

Okay, tomorrow, a post about Medusa. And my ticket off the crazy train.
I urge you to address slippery slope thinking right here and now. Don't wait.
Now off to freak out the neighbors out with some Tabata sprinting in the side yard. :)

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