Friday, May 3, 2013

15 month check-in for weight maintenance and 2 years food sobriety!

Hey! If you are new to the blog, welcome. I check in once a month with weight graphs (if you are Paleo and/or scale adverse, hang in there for one day or skip down to my progress photos). Today is a very special day, (two years mostly) food sober. Yeah!

Okay, first the weight graphs. My weight has been up a little bit. Yesterday, I hit "scream weight". I remained calm and looked back at my food, weight trending, mind set, and exercise. I did have a migraine yesterday, so I'm sure that inflammation was involved.

Here's what worked in April 2013
1. Weight lifting 2x per week, for 3 weeks, I've doubled my arm strength.
2. Pretty consistent food logging.
3. Discovering ground bison at Costco, awesome, filling grass-fed protein.

Here's what did not work in April 2013
1. Not making time to strength train the last week of April.
2. Eating too many nuts.
3. Not grocery shopping mid-week to replenish staples like tomatoes.

One month

two months
three months

 Here's the plan: I'm in a challenge (more in an upcoming post)- not a Whole30, but I'm cutting out nuts for this month, and probably longer. I can really relate to those bloggers (thinking of Leigh at Poonapalooza ) who abstain from nuts. I think I have enough evidence that whole nuts mess with the slippery slope thinking in my brain. I do have high hopes to occasionally use ground nuts for some meat coating, once and a while. Just like I do honey. Once every 2-3 months, I use it for cooking only.  Time will tell.  I will report back later this summer on the scoop on the nuts. :0

Enough!   Two years ago today, I started in on my weight loss and commitment to cross the line in the sand and never go back to the old habits and behaviors that got me overweight. I've been food sober about 98% of the time. Freed my body, freed my mind. I feel so much better. It's been worth it.

To those of you who are new to the blog, I did not loose weight Paleo style, but my efforts to maintain my weight lead me to Primal/Paleo for weight maintenance.  It's been pretty awesome so far. Primal/Paleo Style eating is underused for overall health and as a primary tool in weight maintenance, in my opinion. More than just weight maintenance, total health. (see my blood work here).

Sustainable, tasty, sober food living. yeah! I still have the same struggles, work, commute, broken furnaces and garage doors, getting enough sleep. Some urges to binge eat. But all of that is much easier to deal with when I'm not numbing myself up with food.

May 2011

May 2012

April 2013


  1. congrats on your anniversary! :-D you're looking great!

  2. Love that you keep reassessing what works and what doesn't, even though you are in maintenance! It keeps me honest that maintenance takes work.

  3. Tess- thank you! I feel great. So nice to put on clothes that fit month in and month out...
    Jeannette, you are so right- maintenance is taking me almost as much work or more than loss. There's longer periods to go between figuring things out. I think as long as we keep looking at that- it's key. Good luck on your whole30. :)

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! What an inspiration!

    Re nuts, you'll have to pry the cashews from my cold, dead hands. LOL That said, I weigh them religiously every morning (well, 6 days a week), and keep it to precisely one ounce. And my favorite snack is 2 cashews. Count them. Two. It works for me, and I almost consider them candy. But such healthy (for me) candy. But to each their own! I respect anyone's individualized 'kryptonite.' :)

  5. Karen - I am pretty sure you are talking about raw nuts. But I put this note here in case anyone else doesn't know. A lot of the addiction problem people find with nuts is actually the oil and the salt. Peanuts (which are actually a legume and not a nut) are best (in my opinion) in dry roasted, no salt form. Walnuts, cashews, almonds are best in raw, no salt form. It is hard to find pistachios in raw, no salt form, but that is best too (in my opinion). This carries over into dried fruit too. VERY hard to find dry fruit with no additives. And even if you find them in plain form, the act of drying makes them overly sweet per volume and causes problems.

    Your posture looks better in current picture than in 2012 picture. Do you think so too? I realize angles are different, but I think I see a difference. Have you been working on this with your strength training?

    I always love these posts of yours.

    1. That is valuable information Vickie--thank you. I did not know.

    2. thanks, Vickie. The almonds are raw, non-salted. The macs are roasted, non-salted. I think that whole nuts light up the old bingey pathways. Peanuts are out, due to the inflammatory properties. No go because of the Hashimotos- and 100% chance of overeating, even peanut sauce.

      I'll know sometime in June when I re-introduce almonds as a chicken topping. Time will tell.

      Yes- strength training. Good observation on my posture. I think the better upper body strength and core strength helps.

  6. Congrats! So happy for you. What an amazing accomplishment! And being happy for me that I have found your blog. I really like your approach and identify with much of what you post. I especially love the "what works" "What doesn't work" I may "steal" that...but will certainly give you the credit.

    Thank you also for your offer of support as I was thinking about a Whole 30 challenge. I know I will do it soon. It has been a real eye opener to see all the sneaky places they put additives and sugar.

  7. I love comparison pictures, and I also see a difference in your posture which is great. I have been working on that too. Congrats on two years of healthy living. :)

  8. I just raised my water glass to you Karen. Happy two year anniversary :)

  9. Karen you look great! I love seeing your progress and I love reading each one of your blog posts!!

  10. Sorry about the nuts. :-( I agree you look even prettier and stronger this year. xo

  11. Happy Anniversary, Karen!!! You rock so hard!!! :)

  12. Many congratulations Karen, I have only been reading your blog for a short while but do enjoy your posts. Your pictures say it all, well done

    All the best Jan

  13. Hi Karen! Awesome photos! You're so slim!!! I always like your analysis.

    Regarding nuts, I have not eaten them for a long time now because I can't handle them. However, I was eating a few mini-choc. chips here and there, which was working great for several months--until it wasn't. I've had to leave them alone for right now. I guess we have to keep re-inventing our food formulas to keep on top of it.

    :-) Marion

  14. Well done Karen!! I don't think nuts are a problem for me... luckily. I measure out a tiny amount and am happy with them (if indeed I have them at all). I also am very aware that almond flour is indeed, ground almonds!! I use that a little as I can too. About coating for food, parmesan cheese finely grated makes a really crispy coating. I mix a little of that with some LSA (linseed, sunflower and almond ground up) and it seems to make a great coating.

    It is great to know what works for each of us and to cut out the trigger foods. Now just to get rid of my wine....

  15. I eat raw nuts and I find that I'm o.k with just a few! However, the flavoured fried and salted ones that another story :(

  16. I really like the term 'food sobriety.' I think I definitely have an addiction to certain foods, notably ones that have a lot of sugar. Having one piece of sugary food makes me want dozens more. One is never enough. People don't understand why I won't 'have a little piece.' Because sometimes little pieces lead to a binge! Aack!

  17. Two years? Awesome Karen! And looking good! The first picture of you doesn't even look like your current pic! Congratulations. I hope to be you in two years!

  18. You look great Karen, and your blood tests show a a healthier body. Way to go.

  19. Thank you all for commenting on my 2 year update. It's been a lot of work and a lot of awesomeness, too. Whole different life. Karen P