Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Avoiding long lists of ingredients- the 7 pound chocolate cake

Cliff Swallow giving me the stink eye
This was my expression, I'm sure of it, when I read the ingredients on this 7 pound chocolate cake.

Wow! When I was eating this stuff, it did not phase me. Now that I don't eat this stuff, well, it's amazing what I used to eat.

Thankfully the cover was on this cake and I did not have to smell it. The bakery name has been removed in the event this cakes' origin would like to remain nameless. If you shop there a lot, you will recognize it.

No wonder my joints hurt so much when I ate sugar. :0  

Truth be told, when I'm not in a challenge, I will once every 3-4 weeks have one Medifast Mint Maintenance bar (they are discontinued, double the allure! ;) ). One, once and a while. The ingredient list is long, but it does not trigger.
 What works: HUGE and important difference on the two items :My off Paleo food must never trigger me into over eating. If I think it is, I'll stop eating and throw it out with coffee grounds on top. Important physically for my body, important mentally for my mind to own, remember, respect, and live with a mind that is clear and not under the influence. 

What doesn't work: everything else! Moderation strategies, bites, tastes, even one jelly bean or M&M. The first ingredient in this cake is SUGAR! It's a 7 pound cake.


  1. I noticed the first ingredient too!!!! That is a lot of sugar. I don't think this cake would have ever interested me but there were others that did :) No longer, thank goodness.

  2. Yikes, crazy ingredient list - I used to eat that kind of stuff ALL the time. Now, no matter how "off plan" I get, I still never cross that line into eating foods with millions of ingredients I can't pronounce. I might not eat paleo all the time and sometimes I eat a lot of chocolate - but I always know WHAT I am eating.

  3. And look at the allergens list! Ick!!

  4. It's insane, isn't it?

    and I truly believe now that 'enriched wheat flour' is a total oxymoron.

  5. First ingredient in regular slimfast bars is sugar.
    In the higher protein slimfast bars, sugar is #2.
    And that is not 'cake'.

  6. Sugar, sugar and more sugar.
    What a crazy world, no wonder obesity, diabetes etc is on the increase. This sweet ingredient is everywhere and sometimes not obvious. Too much of 'the white stuff' does you no favours. Check the labels on what you buy, what you are eating, best to avoid it.

    All the best Jan

  7. I'm trying very hard to figure out what foods are triggers for me. It's still a journey, but most of the time, I can tell if something is going to send me over the edge. Yes, this cake would do it! Paleo has been a real eye-opener for me, and I'm really liking the results!

  8. It is amazing what you learn when you start reading labels and such...Personally I am happy eating primarily foods without ingredient labels because they are fresh whole real much easier!

  9. Once, many years ago, we bought a carrot cake that size, so it ended up in the freezer. I nibbled away a little piece at a time and gained about several pounds just from the excess calories of that one cake. Lesson learned the fat way. :D

    :-) Marion

  10. It's funny, that cake would have jumped put and said "eat me" a while back. Now it just sounds disgusting!

  11. Wow! Makes me feel sick just looking at the ingredients, let alone eating it! I can't see many real ingredients in that list! I prefer my chocolate brownies made with cocoa, butter, eggs, nuts and a bit of sweetener.

  12. That ingredient list is scary! You know what scares me as well? The fact that a lot of "healthy" processed foods have ingredient lists that read similar to that cake. Granola bars, pasta salad stuff in a box, etc. It's all bad.