Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thinking of those in Oklahoma today

My heart goes out to those effected in the Oklahoma tornadoes. The families, the responders, the community.
I've lived through very small scale tornadoes in the past. Nothing like the most recent storm. Here's to strength , courage , healing and rebuilding for all those people.

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  1. Very tragic and so sad for the parents of those little children. All the stories just break my heart.

  2. Parts of my great grandma's town were wiped out when I was 4. It was bad enough that there is a Wikipedia article on it. I was there within a few hours, we had to walk in, roads were closed, to check on her. Her house was intact, she was fine, devastation was all around her. Made quite the impression. (no I am not at all sure who thought that was a good idea for a 4 year old). I do not think I could even visit tornado alley this time of year, let alone live there. So scary and so sad.

  3. Hi Karen

    I think this dreadful news has affected us all. Everyone I have met today has spoken about the tragic news.My heart goes out to the families who have lost their children and all loved ones.

    May they find the strength in the coming days to rebuild and go forward but in these dreadful circumstances that will not be easy.

    Thinking of them all Jan

  4. Thanks for posting Lynda, Vickie, and Jan. The noise a tornado makes when it is right over you is the loudest noise I've ever heard in my life. The noise, the terror, and seeing the destruction weighs heavily on the mind. The nightmares used to get to me sometimes. Now, I rarely have them. The one I lived through was so small compared to the big ones in OK, TX, and other states.

    My company will match my donation to the Red Cross.

  5. It is just so sad. We had a horrible tornado here about 5 years ago and while there wasn't that kind of loss of life, the devastation was overwhelming.

  6. I am scheduled to donate blood, Red Cross called yesterday saying they needed more. We are waiting a bit, so middle can donate too (had her wisdom teeth out last week).