Saturday, March 2, 2013

Favorite Podcast review- Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness- Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib

Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast
Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness is hands down my favorite Paleo Podcast. Here is a link on iTunes to the podcast. Each week Sarah and Jason talk about topics and answer questions from readers. Many of the questions that are featured are very common questions you might have while switching to a Paleo or even clean eating style of eating.

I love Sarah's take on eating, cooking, and traveling and Mom's perspective on things. She blogs at Everyday Paleo It's this perspective that I absolutely need to help me navigate my own food template. I also have to navigate having a non-Paleo-working-toward-cleaner-eating middle school-er - AKA the Jr. Family member.

Transitioning to Paleo last year was a major mind & action transition for me. I build my foundation around a lot of Sarah's recipes and lifestyle choices. It gave me a place to "fit-in" and feel comfortable. Just learning to slowly eat healthy fats after years and years of Weight Watchers low fat processed food, points counting was made easier by listening and learning from the podcast.

And, Jason's got a great outlook on training individuals for their personal goals. Jason can be found at EPlifefit. I was so impressed when I met Jason at an Everyday Paleo meet up at Anaerobic Crossfit2 in Laguna Nigel in Feb 2012. He's like a walking researcher, no nonsense, you'll get to your goals and here's why kind of guy. All backed by solid research.  I love that he's tuned into different ages, stages and both male and female clients. He's got the knowledge to help all ages with their fitness goals.

Anyhoo- Sarah and Jason have played a major role in educating me so I can live in my later 40's better than I did in my teens, 20's and 30's.  Awesomeness. Fountain of youth awesomeness. Oh, and I can finally maintain my 70+ pound weight loss, too.  Frosting on the.... wait! I don't eat cupcakes or  frosting any more- ;)  It really is a gift of renewed life. One that I can pass on to Jr. Family member. Sweet!  Life changer! Health maintainer! All of that. More.

Give their podcast a listen. Let me know if you tried it or already listen to the show.

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