Saturday, March 30, 2013

Articles and Links- health, food, and spring photos 3/30/2013

Ah! Spring time hiking find- wisteria. Fantastic. If I could only find a way for smell-o-vision. ;)

Here are a few articles that I enjoyed reading.  Weight loss, Weight Maintenance and  overall health are very effected by the food we eat.

Yoni Freedhoff's article at USA today  - second hand junk food really rang a bell with me. I've got to admit- until I switched over to a cleaner way of eating, I contributed to second hand junk food. I'm not proud of this, but I've forgiven myself and now make amends by bringing clean food to potlucks and shared meals. 

What works- walking the talk
What did not work bringing the latest baked good from Costco in a large tub. (this walk made me large)
From There is another level above "I'm doing fine"  - wow! I can totally relate to this article. My health is far, far above where I expected to be when I started loosing weight. Not only am I a normal weight (for almost 14 months now), but my overall health is greatly improved.  I was not sick this winter (not even a cold!), I'm stronger than I ever have been before ( I call these accidental muscles!) I have more clarity, better sleep. 

What works- eating whole, low inflammatory, lower carbohydrate foods, lots of veggies, protein, olive, coconut oils, with some nuts and berries thrown in.
What did not work- eating high inflammatory foods (wheat/processed sugar/vegetable oils), not eating enough whole foods, eating "low fat treats" like ice cream, 100 calorie packs, and pizza. 
Article from Discover Magazine on food being addictive (original article here)
Yes, Yes, and nodding Yes. Jumping up and down yes. I found certain foods to be very addictive. 

What works- being tough, not moderate. I do not eat foods that trigger me to overeat. Certain foods Are. My. Drug. I accept this, and live this. I'm at a great level of health. So now, I thank my addictive brain for the extra level of life that I get from my diet and lifestyle. I swam and stopped sinking. I owned this stuff. Roar!

What did not work- eating "everything in moderation". Holy FAT trap, Batman. There are just certain foods that trigger me. And I kept trying to eat them. Because so many people told me I should. And, like a good little lemming- I followed those people right off the cliff and into obesity for many years. I missed the clarity I needed to change up and find something that worked.

Stepping off soap box now......
It took a solid 8-10 weeks off trigger food- wheat/grains, processed sugar for the brain flog to clear and to cross that bridge.  Sweetness that a cupcake does not have. Richness that the best bar cookie could not bring. 

Happy Easter- if you Celebrate. Celebrate food sober. Life and health are not in Easter candy. 


  1. I have wisteria in my backyard, not nearly as nice as that picture.

    Always love your what works, what doesn't work notes.

  2. Your statement, "Happy Easter-if you celebrate" means a lot to me. Very few people acknowledge athiests or other non-Christian religious views. I appreciate the inclusion!

    Even though I'm not religious, I can say a hearty AMEN to your comments about trigger foods. I definitely have them, and the slippery slope often whisks me away to a binge I didn't intend.

  3. Vickie- I keep doing the what works and what doesn't so my slippery slope voice stays at bay. I'm certain I could talk myself into old obesity type habits within a very short time.

    Kaki- I work with so many different cultures and religions. It's taught me to use inclusive language. - glad you stopped by. Jelly beans and other Easter Candy really effected me poorly.

  4. Our pup dug up our wisteria when we planted it and we haven't gotten back to planting it again. The photos are awesome.

    I still struggle with the fact that eggs are an inflammatory food for me but I am living with it and learning to adjust things as I learn more information about how certain foods impact me.

    I try to avoid the whole second hand junk food thing but I know there will be plenty of candy in the office tomorrow...but I will not indulge in it....nor will I contribute to it.

    That whole "anything in moderation" thing is something I hear over and over again...but I just smile and continue what I know will work for me.