Saturday, March 9, 2013

Favorite podcast- Quit Binge Eating- Alen Standish

Another favorite podcast is the Quit Binge Eating podcast by Alen Standish. Alen's blog is here
I particularly enjoyed his interview with Beverley Glazer - podcast link is here
The how to tell people you are a binge eater episode was also a favorite - podcast link is here
A link to all the episodes on iTunes is here

I don't really know where I fit or if I fit at all into binge eating as diagnosis. I think I do fit some of the descriptions, but not all. I used to lie and tell myself that I was not a binge eater- I only went on mini-binges. LOL. Kind of funny- kind of not. :0

I do know that there are some foods that I cannot eat without stopping easily- even if I am feeling unwell from it.  Jelly beans, frosting, cheap milk chocolate, cookies, brownies. Mostly sugar. Sometimes foods like popcorn (salty). And anything with wheat- especially pizza crust, cinnamon toast, and breakfast cereals. I could over eat "healthy cereals" granola cereals sweetened with honey just as much as Captn' crunch, Coco-puffs, or heaven forbid Lucky Charms.

Frozen yogurts and oatmeal were vehicles to put on trigger- sugar laden toppings. 
I just got the heebie- jeebies typing the words "healthy cereal". There. Is. No. Such. Thing. For. Me.

I'm so glad I decided to take myself off my trigger foods. And I know that I'm one bite away from eating off the rails. Even after 70 plus pounds gone for over a year.  It's still there. Lurking. On the other hand, there is peace and freedom from the sugar/wheat driven eating and cravings. My heaven on earth- as I'm free to play with Jr. Family member, the cats, go walking, take my camera. Yes!

I lean into it, like pushing a door open with my shoulder. It's not too much, I respect the pressure and I know that I'll use that resistance on my shoulder to get to where I'm going. I respect the limitations and I fully know what trigger foods will do to my health- physical and emotional.

I've gotten off topic. But I recommend the Quit Binge Eating podcast. I can relate to many of the topics. We are not alone. We are stronger together.  Stick with your clean eating. Life is there. Waiting. Worth it. We are all worth it.

One of my upcoming posts will talk about the day I realized that wheat was driving many of my cravings. .....


  1. Thanks, Lynda. Huge red flags wave when I read that "I could never give up my bread.." Fear, irrational beliefs. I'll tell you, cutting out wheat is underused in weight loss and weight maintenance. Not just for weight- for total health. I suspect that long term maintenance would have a higher success rate. I know that with some more scientifically sound studies over the next 5-10 years, there should be more interest (and results).

    I've got two blog posts that I'll do this week- one is about figuring out wheat was a trigger food ( I almost passed out in the kitchen!) and one are tons of graphs showing the obese/wheat me, the weight loss me, and now the paleo template me. Wow! My blood work looks awesome.

    Glad to be off the food binge/overeating cycle. I was stuck with the Standard American Diet and advice so long. Going over to your blog now to read... :)

    1. Amen to being off the food binge/overeating/diet cycle!!

  2. Hi Karen.

    Good reading, and I will check out that podcast. I too denied 'binge' eating for a long time, justifying my overindulgences as 'small scale' only - and what a big fat lie that was for me!

    I'm also another person who, although I'm maintaining substantial weight loss and am very happy to be doing so (thank you, Lord!), is only one bite away from leaping off the straight and narrow, and I'm all too aware that that carbs (especially cereals and sugars) are my nemesis!

    Yep, you are right. We are worth it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I'm like Deniz, binging on a smaller scale. However, it's still binging, nonetheless, and it's what keeps me at a weight that is too high to be healthy.

  4. I am a recovering binge eater. Moderation has been hard for me to find, but I get better all the time.

  5. Hi Karen - This is my first visit to your blog, and just with reading this one post, I love it. You remind me of myself in many ways. I'll be going back through your archive to get more good info, but the podcasts you mentioned will be on my list for today after work. Like you, carbs, esp. sugary ones, are big triggers for me. No moderation possible, so best they not enter the temple!

    Congratulations on your weight loss - it sounds like you've had some great success. A day at a time. I really appreciate your support and wisdom in comments on my blog, and glad they got me to yours. I'll be a regular here now.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Deniz, Lynda, E Jane ,Kaki, and Leslie. It's so good to get together with other people who get it and are using similar tools for keeping ourselves well. I've got all kinds of good posts in the works.