Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013 and a great youtube video link

First, Happy St. Patrick's Day. I did not find any leprechauns, but I did walk on the beach where there were shells and little bits of gold. That works for me. 

Walking is a key part of my life. It has been and I expect that as long as I'm physically able to, that it will be for the rest of my life.

Relaxing, photos, long beach walks, walks up big hills. All good and a part of weight maintenance.

I've linked to a great video- well worth the 9 minutes to view.

Happy St. Patrick's day. If I had leprechauns, I would put them to work doing laundry, cooking and taxes. ;)

23 and a half hours- Dr. Mike Evans


  1. That's a great video Karen, thanks for sharing.

    Also, thank you for your support over on my blog. I really appreciate you and your wisdom and encouragement.

  2. Loved the video also. Great message and info, was fascinated by the artist.

    I thought your shell was a fried egg on the beach for a moment (as in it is hot there).

  3. Great link, Karen. I'm going to share it.

  4. Becca, Vickie and Norma- thanks for stopping by. I saw that video about 6 months ago and I STILL think of it most days when I go walking. I love that method for teaching/training.

    The both the illustrator and narrator are awesome. Thanks for the link back, Norma!

  5. Regarding walking, I have done it, for mental health purposes, since I was about five years old. Due to the fact that I was an athlete, I never thought of walking as anything other than an activity "for my head", one that I could not live without any more than I could be without shelter, a real NEED. I thought of myself as a person who does not exercise, per se, though I certainly knew that the walking was good for me.
    For the last year and a half I have been tracking my calories daily. Though, being small boned and at my best in the 130 # range, I prefer to be about 10-15 pounds lighter thank I am currently, but at almost 5'7'', I could live easily in the high 140s, where I have been for the last year or so. To my surprise I found that I can maintain this weight at an average of about 2300 calories per day. I cannot attribute this to anything other than my walking, since I am in my mid 50s and have been menopausal for seven years.
    I plugged my info into Norma's very helpful TDEE calculator and found that almost to the last calorie, my walking can be considered "heavy working out", namely 5-7 days a week. Hmm, who knew, WALKING!!!! I guess I'll have to stop saying that I don't work out.