Sunday, March 31, 2013

Second food sober Easter- 2013

This will be my second food sober Easter. Last year, I was a weight maintenance newbie and still transitioning from the loss to the maintenance mode.

This Easter, I've got almost 14 months experience. It's easier to see how jelly beans, peeps, and chocolate candies ruled my day. And left me feeling terrible, hooked, and overweight.

Norma linked to an article from Oxygen magazine . Sugar was such an addiction for me. It's such a relief to be food sober. Good for my mind. Good for my body. It is not my fault that sugar effects me this way. It is my responsibility to deal with it.

Walk #1 is done. Crock pot has a great beef balsamic roast and the house smells great. Visiting with friends without "using" sugar is the best. I know I'll be zooming around tonight feeling awesome instead of puffed out, wanting more of the sugar drug, and feeling sad, mad, and stuck. The good feeling keeps me on track and honoring my body and mind.

Hope you'll be joining me in Food Sobriety, today , and every day.  Safe travels. Onward. Karen P.

What works for me
1. Abstaining from Easter Candy
2. Brewing a good cup of coffee after dinner
3. Keeping any left over candy from others away from sight, and out of the house
4. Walking in the morning of a holiday.
5. Walking after dinner, walking with friend or family member- or walking myself if others are occupied.

What didn't work
1. Buying and eating Easter Candy
2. Eating dessert on top of Easter Candy. (Holy Sugar load!)
3. Eating left over Easter Candy
4. Not taking time for myself
5. Not walking if others were not going to join me. 


  1. I really enjoy your "what worked/what didn't work" posts. It's helping me take a hard look at my own behaviors, past and present. Planning for maintenance! Thanks. And Amen to sobriety and being off sugar.

  2. Thanks, Lyn. If I don't keep writing down what didn't work, I can see myself slipping back into that slippery slope thinking. I could do that easily. So writing it out helps. Glad you are staying food sober, too. It's tough to quiet those voices.


  3. My youngest daughter likes to put peeps in the microwave and watch them expand. She never eats them. We don't buy Easter candy but I have not given up sugar entirely -- yet. I can certainly see how it would be beneficial. Do you also skip things like ketchup and barbecue sauce because of the sugar?

    1. Do the Peeps explode??? I imagine they could make quite a mess... ;) Happy Easter, Caron!

    2. They haven't exploded yet but they get REALLY big. No mess so far. Happy Easter to you as well. :)

  4. Amen to a food sober Easter!! Hot Cross Buns were my downfall - do you even have them there? Spicy buns you heat and smother with butter? I could eat 6 at a time. None this year although I had a nibble of a chocolate egg. Not bad and no guilt at all.

    1. Lynda- I think there are hot cross buns here- and some Mexican specialty and Filipino specialty breads, too- in local bakeries. I know I could eat many Hawaiian Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls. Glad you had no guilt. :)

  5. Did you notice sugar showed up on my food sensitivity NO list - ? I thought that was very interesting.

    Happy Easter.

    Walks not only allow time for oneself and time out from desserts and the like. They are also really helpful if dealing with too many relatives or difficult relatives. (The very last time I ever stayed with my husband's mother, I walked a LOT of miles that week. My family took turns walking with me. So, I sort of returned from one walk, just to trade walking buddies and start out again. Then I learned just not to go there.)

    1. Vickie- interesting about the sugar on the no list..Makes sense. Smart move with the walking. Walking saves me more times than I'll ever know!

  6. "It is not my fault that sugar effects me this way. It is my responsibility to deal with it."


    Hope you had a nice day, Karen!

  7. Today was a beautiful day here...and I went to the gym and worked out. At the end, I was about to finish up with some treadmill work when I realized it was stupid to do that when it was so beautiful outside. I went home and do multiple walks with my pups. They loved it. I got some natural vitamin D in addition to the work out. It was awesome. We are fortunate in that we do not have many traditions for holidays so we do our own thing. For me, that means working out at least once that day. You are doing great! Love the lists.

  8. I've been sugar-free since July last year and the biggest change has been in my energy levels around 2.30-4pm That used to be the time when I would slump and make the least beneficial food choices. It took a while to adjust but now I just don't miss it. Well done on your maintenance!

  9. Love the term 'food sober.' It sounds like you had a great Easter, Karen. Well done. I'm happy to say that I joined you in a day of Food Sobriety.

    My well meaning mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me an Easter basket with exercise clothing and branded candy. The candy went into the trash--the clothing into the laundry. Can't wait for my next jogging session.

  10. Norma, Lynn, Sandra, and Vanessa- thank you and you ladies rock! Love the trash the candy and keep the work out clothes move, Vanessa! :) Sandra- I also get less sleepy in the afternoon. Huge difference in better energy levels. Lynn- multiple walks with dogs sounds heavenly. We "borrow' a dog often. Good motivator. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  11. Karen, I also enjoyed reading your list of what works for you and what does not. Though I am a new reader of your blog, I find it so constructive to see the process by which you find what is effective in your pursuit of health and what is not. I also appreciate your respect of those who find that their own list may be different from yours and as long as they are as successful and healthy, what is important is that everyone learns, often from long years of trial and error, what brings success and what does not.
    I am glad to know that you enjoyed your Easter, yet felt in control of choices and behaviors that were not as easy to practice in the past. Whatever the path, it IS good when we find our way!

  12. Thank you once again for your love and willingness to share your feelings..
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