Sunday, October 27, 2019

Food Sober Halloween 2019- Nine years into remission, my best tools

Food Sober Halloween. It really started here for me. Bite size.... Bite me... The disease was full swing with those little bars. Sad. If you can moderate those, please have empathy for those of us who dive deep into disease. It's a disease, not a lack of willpower.

My best tools

1. I don't keep or give candy out at Halloween. I go dark. I love the kids all dressed up. I refuse to enable childhood obesity, diabetes and fatty liver. Personal choice. Move along to the next house, the munchkins are not sugar deficient. I promise. LOL. It's not funny though. It's so heartbreaking.

Seriously, we have a global pandemic for adults and kids. NO WAY will I fuel this monster. PS- I'm getting a roll of quarters today for my besties. I'm not the Halloween grinch, but I do care that kids are getting liver transplants and teens are getting gastric bypass. It doesn't have to be this way. Preventable. I know, I was an obese kid. I stopped myself from getting sick. I want others to stop easier than the way I did it.

Oh and no, I'm not into giving out plastic crap trinkets. They wind up junking up the yard and going down the drain to the beach where I pick them up again and again. So no.

Lots of non-food ways to celebrate the season.

2. Manage stress: OMG this week will be off the stress chain. Planning by batch cooking my food, sleeping as well as I can, and meditation.

Low tide just north of Swami's Beach, Encinita

3. Abstaining from all binge trigger food. No grains, no sugar, no guar or xantham gum, no nuts. I predict no binge urges. So much easier to manage if I don't open my brain up to stinking thinking.

4. Hopping on the scale, daily. It doesn't lie. It's data. Hop on, record the number, move along. Make choices that will change the number if you decide you need to do that. No shame, no blame. Just data management. Be scientific. Be Processed based. Be hopping into food sober living because it is a choice made with a clear mind.

2 months of daily weight data

I'm abstaining this week. I'm doing my part to end childhood disease. If you are local, stop by for a quarter and tell me that you are, too. If you are far away. Virtual 25 cents in your box. :)

Onward and use the power of the tool abstinence is, as needed.

Kind of glad the doorbell is broken!


  1. Yes to all this, Karen. We do have a global obesity pandemic. I was just having this conversation today with a close friend who is one of the fit, normal sized people I'm friends with in middle age. People seem to just give up the older they get and resign themselves to be heavy. I can eat a little bit of sugar daily now without it leading to a binge (dark chocolate is what I eat), but I get on the scale every day to keep myself accountable. That is very key.

    1. Me too on the dark chocolate without binging. And yes, everyday on that scale. No better data collection for me. So good. :) I had one binge urge when I was exhausted one night and just wanted to throw in the towel and start eating at night. It lasted 15 seconds, told myself, hey you're tired, go to bed. And I did. No acting out my thoughts. Good to hear from you and food sobriety feels good. KP

  2. Hi, Karen! I just found your blog while trying to see if there were any weight loss MAINTENANCE groups out there on FB. Happy to find your FB page and blog. I am in my first year of maintenance after 2018 was spent in successfully losing 75#. I had mentally prepared ahead for maintenance, and have been successful so far, thank God! But it's hard to find other people who have DONE it and are doing it for the long haul, as is my hope and my goal. Now that I am at your site, I see you have lots of links to other maintenance resources. Thank you for your compilation! I look forward to checking these out. My long term goal is to continue to stay off of tamoxifen or similar meds after bilateral (stage 0) BC in 2017-2018. My oncology team was so impressed with all the changes in my numbers from 2017 to late 2018 (besides the scale.) Keeping my BMI in normal range, exercising, etc., should give me the same if not BETTER benefit than taking one of these very potent drugs for 5 to 10 years. So I am using every tool out there to stay focused and committed to living healthier. Plus clothes shopping (I'm a thrifter) is so much fun. I certainly did ID with your Halloween candy post. Glad to find you!

  3. Hi Mary Beth!!! So glad you found me. When I was starting maintenance I always told myself there were people like Vickie, Sarah (bubbly heart on twitter) and many others, including all the folks that Dr. Berkeley- author of Refuse to Regain book and others in the Paleo/LC world. I TOLD myself I WOULD be one of them, so I applaud your efforts. I used to work in Oncology in the medical lab - still do but support staff now.

    Lots of post oncology patients at the Low Carb Keto events. Thinking good thoughts for you as you go about long term weight maintenance. Yes... OMG., I'm ready to hit the thrift stores for sure. I love going . One of my long term maintainers, Kim, is post BC also. She is public about it. Find us on Twitter, I'm there and on IG stories a lot.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm ending my side hustle food addiction work today, so more time to blog weight maintenance coming up. Under talked about topic IMO.