Saturday, June 11, 2016

Still here, my weight update soon, until then, some current topics, snapchat, salt, and a few rants...

Hey! I'm still here, just living a normal life and getting ready to shift into summer. Once my photographer is awake ready, I'll post my 4 year, 4 month update. Teens, it's like they live on 2nd shift.  LOL.

Snapchat- I'm on Snapchat.   User code is  gardengirlkp Want to see what I'm batch cooking food wise and garden  stuff on the weekend ? Follow me there. It's a load of fun and quick. I like it. I will stay young with new technology. Yes! Yes? No! No? Maybe so.... LOL.

RANT about weight maintenance:
Weight maintenance- Sometimes  I get a little grumpy. That I'm held to BMI, Weight, Waist measurements, glucose, and HA1c for steep,steep insurance discounts.  My health insurance offers so few weight maintenance tools that are truly effective.  I need to stay financially solvent and get my health insurance discounts, too. I'm single head of household. Yo!

Just glad I took matters into my own hands and did my own self experiments. Really, if long term weight maintenance is being required of me, then I need better tools than the standard whole grain , moderate all the foods. Oh, and the wellness website wanted me to practice baking my own bread this week.  Pretty harmful advice to many seeking good glucose control and weight management, in my opinion.

I'm OVER it. First world problems for sure... Why not me. Why not bust my butt ,save money and make my health optimal. BRING it... ;)
Weight maintenance, two plateaus

RANT about the low carb vs higher carb in Paleo/Primal/LCHF/ Keto world bashing one another. This is general, not aimed at any one person. 

Look, Listen here- bashing each other. Hey, does that help our low/no grain and low/no sugar message???  NO. There will be different sides and different n=1. Chillax and take a me, then a WE approach. Take a see what works and change up when it doesn't. Easy enough, but is it?

What works for you pre-auto immune may not work post. What works for you in your 30's may not work in your late 40's, 50's or 60's.  Get ready to dial it in then change it up due to age, auto-immune status, glucose response. If you are a guy, it may be much easier to lose weight, as it should be. If you are a post menopausal woman, it may be much more difficult, as it should be. Different approaches are needed.

Hey, n=1. Low processed foods. Choose folks to follow who are oaky with n=1 and who are getting good results themselves. Really, I want to model my Paleo/Primal/LCHF/Keto after those who walk the talk. Yo!!!! Low stressor outers, good life and adult management stills.

Find what works for you, then share your story, low carb, keto, moderate carb, etc. There's no one right way, but one that will work better for many. Be prepared to change it up as you age, just saying

I'd much rather see folks doing what works then telling their story.  I know lots of people who eat some grains and feel fine. I know plenty of people who are very low carb, no grains, no sugars and great. Some that abstain, some that moderate. 

Make the talking head match the action body- show us by your own example. Change it up if it's not working, stay the course if it is working.

I'm also over it. Another first world problem. Let's align together for dietary peace across the planet. 

Less rant, more bone broth

I used these silicone molds and my instant pot to make some homemade bone broth cubes. I find that mixing chicken bones with some beef bones gives me a good GI balance AND now that I have lower blood pressure- due to weight loss and my low carb lifestyle, I need some salt. Yep, I'm in the 25% of the population where I need salt to be well.

 I will pass out cold on the 100+ temps where I work. Inland  Valley temps in So. Cal are hot. Thank goodness Roger and the Caveman doctor podcast and the Paleo Nurses taught me about salt intake (pink himalayan and sea salt work for me well) early in my low carb Paleo days.

That DASH diet is really just terrible advise for me. I eat out maybe 2% of the year, this means I can adjust my sodium levels lower in the winter and higher in the summer, as needed. I don't eat processed standard american diets so I don't need that dietary approach.

I keep a bag of broth cubes in the freezer at work and drink half a cup here and there, as needed.

That's it! Social media, ranting, and food prep all in one post. At least it's out of my brain now.... Onward. How's summer going for you all?


  1. Fab rant there, Karen. So wise and true!

  2. Ahhh, thanks, Shauna. I know it may come off at two faced- as in listing what didn't work. But, on the other hand, I'm sure I'm not alone. I do think our dietary differences are deep seated in genetics, epigenetic, environment, age. So many factors.

    The only thing dangerous is not thinking for ourselves. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope you are doing well this summer.