Saturday, March 26, 2016

I woke up yesterday in a wash of memories of Binge Easter past.... 5th food sober Easter

Lordy! I woke up yesterday, Good Friday, awash in memories of Easters past. Binges past.

** Please note I do NOT have details of past binges of years past in the post below*** Food addicts in recovery know that's a red flag and for those who are actively binge eating, you are living it it.

My past behavior: Easter was a prime binge holiday for me. First my Valentine's Day, then my birthday in March, then Easter in March or April. Like El Nino rain storms, my binge triggers were all  lined up one after another.

Root causes: I think the week of food sober birthday celebrations, and some candy I was handed, combined with some junk TV, too late at night were all contributors.

I still get strong binge urges at Christmas and Easter, some days. Probably old memories. 40 years is a long time of conditional binge eating. I let the feeling come in, feel it for a minute or two, then let it go back out again. It's NOT a sign to moderate sugar, that is for SURE!!!

Corrective Actions: I threw the candy out, had fun with  the lottery scratcher card , got to bed earlier and I'm totally fine today. The old me would have soothed with a variety of Easter Candy. The new me takes non-food approaches.

  • Meditations, 
  • Brining Primal/Paleo food to the Easter Celebration, 
  • Long  outdoor walks with my camera 
This will be my 5th food sober Easter. Onward and it's not too late to make this your first food sober (food sober as you define it) if you find yourself in the middle of an Easter Candy binge. Here's to stepping away from the sugar filled cycle that the Standard American Diet has made tradition.

Onward and here's to stepping off the binge, repent, repeat cycle. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

Sand Verbena and Swallow Tail butterfly- Torrey Pines March 2016

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  1. reading your post I just realized that I wasn't in a CVS drugstore at all this past month so---I never even saw the Easter Candy ( light bulb moment ! ) :)