Monday, March 4, 2013

13 month weight maintenance check in

Okay, it's been 13 months since I stopped loosing weight and started maintaining weight.  It's taken me 40 years to get to this point. Lots of things that didn't work in the past got left behind. The things that do work get to stay in my weight maintenance car. :)

I credit my success to fine tuning things that do work, then "rinsing and repeating" daily, for 13 months. It takes some adjustments along the way. What worked in the first 6 months had to be tweaked a bit to get to the next 7 months. It's all good.

Highest Weight 187.4
Goal weight : 115.4
Current Weight : 116.4

One month trending graph

Below is a 3 month trending graph

I've been trending above my goal. In a way that's okay. As long as I can attribute it to a positive health goal. Except for too many macadamia nuts and almonds on some days, my eating has been right on template.  I've gone nut free for the month of March so I can assess if I want to keep nuts in my food template.

Here's what is working:
 1. I have been increasing my strength- by lifting heavy things and more strength training. My clothes fit pretty well. That's why the pound over goal is not so much a problem for me. I'm as strong as I've ever been in my upper body. That should help me to avoid bone loss as I age. This is hugely important.

2. Still weighing in daily, except during travel/vacation. It works. For me. Best tool for me to banish the slippery slope thinking that kept me from maintaining my weight my whole life.Graphing and looking at my weight data as trending is hugely important. I can tell you that I would have gained anywhere from 10-25 pounds back again had I not been weighing in daily. I can tell you this because it has happened to me over 3 or so major weight losses. No need to repeat that pattern of behavior.

It works, don't be afraid to use a tool if it works.  I'm a scientist- biology, chemistry major and a licensed health care worker. Weight is one metric. I can graph it. I like that. If you don't weigh in daily during maintenance and can maintain- Kudos to you. The scale is staying in my plan.

3. I've been eating more organic meat- think chickens, grass fed beef, and bone broth from the chicken. The food being fed to my food by big industry is not looking so good. I worked hard to get soy, corn, grains,etc out of my diet. I don't want it showing back up in my protein sources. I want my money to go to farms/practices that are sound for the animals and for my health. The protein sources taste better, too.

4. I lifted this 5 gallon jug of water onto the water cooler in mid February. (see below) Yeah! It wasn't pretty form wise , I had a "spotter". Since then I've listed two other jugs and have improved my form.  Now I sneak into the break room in the morning and practice moving these bad boys around just to lift heavy things. I amaze myself!

Here's what did not work for me in the past. I write it out. The slippery slope voices still come by and try to sneak in. I lock the car door and speed away from past behaviors and patterns that took me away from my goal. I leave those bad boys sitting on the curb.

 1. Strength: Not doing strength exercises- at any weight.  
2. Not weighing in if I knew I gained. Here's the script that used to run through my head:
 "I've gained weight! I won't get on the scale until I know the numbers look better, I can tell I gained weight because my pants don't fit, I cannot face the numbers..... I'll get back on the scale when I know I've lost, I would like to sound off on the WW person who weighed me in and pointed out the gain,... " Holy smokes, this was so not right for me. Ticket to obesity.
3. Eating a lot of packaged, processed meat. Whooa! I can't touch that stuff now. It tastes nasty.
4.  Is related to strength training. I just couldn't lift what I can today.

My 5 gallon friend
That's the scoop. It's not too much. It is a challenge and one I feel like I can master if I keep in step with my priorities.


  1. Great post & great ideas, Karen! I'm looking around for a meat CSA myself. :)

    1. Norma, I see meat CSA's at the farmers market. Good luck!

  2. Yay for you! Thank you for some great ideas. I am finding that I really like strength training myself as I continue to amaze myself at what I can do.

  3. Idea for you - add your height and age.
    where you list your starting weight - put the age you were then.
    where you list your current weight - put the age you are now.
    List your height right there somewhere.

    I LOVE these summaries of yours. Truly love every word.

    1. Good reminder. When I'm on the big computer. I'll edit the post , Vickie.

  4. Weighing in daily, or at least five times a week, is also crucial for me. It's important to have a "scream" weight that I refuse to go past and I never did that before when I lost weight over and over and regained it over and over. We don't eat a lot of meat but I'm not sure I really trust the labeling of the meat I do buy and would like to find out more about better choices. Great post. :)

    1. Totally love the scream weight idea. I do feel a lot better about grass fed. Suppose to be good omega 3's in grassfed beef. I wish bison was cheaper. I love it!

  5. Congrats on another month of maintenance under your belt, Karen! I would really be interested in more details about your strength-training routine: especially how you got started, and whether you take classes/have a trainer/or just found advice online on how to get going with strength.

    1. I had a trainer long ago, Hils. When I joined a gym. Now it's free weights mostly, a few machines and starting in on more push ups, planks and lifting heavy things. Amazing how fast I can get to higher weights. Love it.

  6. Great job Karen! Very inspired by your ability to maintain!

  7. I also love stopping by your blog and reading your awesome posts! Thanks for sharing what does & does not work. I find that most of what you write is applicable to where I am in my life as well.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying incorporating strength training into your exercise program! It's fun getting strong!

  8. Thanks Becca and Jenn. I think clean eating and lifting heavy things are not used enough in weight maintenance and loss. Glad there are others out there who are in my "tribe" :)

  9. That is fantastic Karen, congratulations! Given your achievement and level of dedication, it is even more impressive that you are so supportive and kind/gentle with our suggestions and encouragement of others, not that the two are mutually exclusive. I simply mean that some who have been as successful as you, may be more shrill in their insistence that others should follow their (and ONLY their) path and no other. You share what has worked FOR YOU and encourage others to find and follow what works for them. Admirable!