Friday, November 9, 2012

A plan for weight maintenance- while loosing

I read an awesome post from the Refuse to Regain website. Planning my first maintenance year took a lot of reading, work, thinking, planning, and then finally testing out what worked and what did not. 

Setting up a solid plan about 20 pounds before I hit goal weight gave me enough time to formulate a plan, get my head wrapped around what I would likely need to do. My weight loss tool this time was much different than my maintenance plan was this time. They were very separate and different phases I studied the new plan like a student.

I still do!!!  Anyhoo. Give the article a read and and a thought if you are nearing goal. I can say that I entered into weight maintenance much more prepared. I still have to and had to tweak the plan here and there. That's what the first year is all about- IMO.

One tweak- I'm pretty much off dairy now. I never thought I would need to be, but too many side effects. On one hand, I'm glad I know- sinus trouble and acne are no bueno. On the other hand, I miss feta cheese and an occasional latte. Not worth it, but worth feeling better.

9 month check in will be up this weekend. Still rocking it.  Much more than a stable weight. More soon.

Did any of you have a plan for maintenance? Did you have to change up to make it work?


  1. I really didn't have a plan for maintenance. One night at a meeting someone asked what would they do now that they had lost the weight. My leader looked him in the eye and told him he would keep doing what he had been doing. That was a revelation to me. I had ALWAYS lost and regained. It seemed to be the only way.

    That simple comment stayed in my head and when I had met my goal, I started the six weeks of maintenance that WW does. Honestly, I thought it was just a way to get an additional six weeks of money but it was a good lesson. I tried adding a bit more food to see if I would gain. I adjusted as necessary and here I am ten years later still counting, measuring, exercising, tracking and drinking lots of water.

    You are doing great! Ever onward. :)

  2. Thanks,Caron. I find it interesting what sticks in our mind once we are ready to hear the message. I always felt disconnected from WW once I made it past the 6weeks of maintenance. My meeting now has a lot of lifetime members, and I find them to be a good in real life resource. I go once or twice a month to see the other maintainers, network, and go to the trader joes after. ( I cannot tell you how many times I've gone shopping with my name still on my shirt -Lol!,,)

    I can't help but think that a support group post weight loss, in real life would be helpful. Thank goodness for the Internet. Congrats on your ten years. That is awesome.