Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rule 2, step 2- Add while subtracting

Surf meets the turf

I'm choosing a rule, with a sub-rule from Refuse to Regain (by Barbara Berkeley, MD) to write about. My opinions are my own, your experience may vary.  I would highly recommend the book.

Rule 2, Step 2

Add while subtracting:
This rule & step deals with adding new things back into your life during the first year of weight maintenance. The author gives different ideas for changing exteriors, interiors, environment, and spirit. The idea is to add in new things to your life to replace "thrill" eating and any other subtraction you may have made since being overweight.

lemon grass
For exteriors, I've changed up the garden (potted plants EZ only) and I'm letting my hair grow out a bit. I bought an inexpensive submersible camera for my tide pool adventures.
 For interiors, I'm studying for a test for work and reading weight maintainers blogs. Also listening to my favorite podcasts, Everyday Paleo- by Sarah Fragoso, Make Shift Happen Show by Dean Dwyer, The Paleo Solution- Robb Wolf while I go about de-cluttering.
For environment, I'm attempting to de-clutter and I have a whole new living area, compliments of some very kind relatives who were moving. Added to that our 2 new tortoiseshell kittens.
Changing my spirit, still working on that one. If I can squeeze in some volunteer work in an area that is near and dear to my heart. If time runs out, I can pursue that opportunity early next year.

I like it. It's nice to identify with a new way of living and the thin me. I would not dream of going back to the old way. Like a switch that is permanently moved.



  1. Good ideas. I've only been to one WW maintenance class and she was covering a chapter from this book. Whatever I can find to motivate myself is good. :)

  2. Love these ideas and am borrowing your idea....checking out Refuse to Regain to take on my road trip next week. Plan to read and meditate on one chapter each day. I've read it before, but was not at goal. I believe now it will provide a whole new perspective.

  3. Wonderful ideas. I love her book and her website.

  4. I saw your note on Diane's blog and followed you over here.

    I LOVED this post.

    I have been adding things back in my own life the last couple years.

    I have been at first goal for many years, dropped some more weight to hit second goal in 2009 (I think, if I am remembering correctly). So have been in maintenance for a while, but really working on adding things (social of my choosing) back the last several years. I have added slowly and carefully.

    Loved your lists/examples.

    Very good post. This is the part of maintenance that a lot of people do not understand.

    1. Vickie- so true!! I hear you on the slow part of adding back in. I don't want to over due, but other things need to take the place of what the eating/baking/sitting. It's good stuff. Make life rich (not so much money wise ;) ). Thanks for your comment.