Monday, July 2, 2012

5 month weigh maintenance check-in

5 Month weight maintenance check in.

Total Loss: 72.4 pounds

Months in Maintenance: 5 months

Weight around goal:  +/- 2 pounds at or below goal weight

Mini goals- twice a week strength training.  Yes!
  •  3 weeks in a row
  • Combination gym with free weights, some machines and exercises at home from the book- Everyday Paleo, by Sarah Fragoso
What's working:

  1. Picking out a gym or strength training day and sticking to it!
  2. Packing my work out clothes the night before
  3. Using favorite music as a reward
  4. Weighing everyday
  5. Sticking to my food template of primal/paelo
  6. Continuing to try a few new recipes
  7. Batch cooking on the weekend
  8. Walking 45-60  mins most days
  9. Shopping for groceries to meet the food template while on vacation.
  10. Reading weight maintenance blogs to keep my head in the game. 
That's the scoop. I'm still running into people who have not seen me in a while. Mostly, people have gotten used to the new way that I look.  I did not recognize myself in the mirror. Its cool and strange at the same time.

Got the green light from the doctor today. Loving this summer at the new, lower weight. Very worth it!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my recent post. Funny thing is that coming here makes me now think maybe it would be a good thing to start a new, different blog, that did help me with accountability in maintaining. I'm impressed with your success:)

  2. Hi Karen! I'm very impressed and encouraged by your continued weight maintenance. Thanks for answering my question about calorie counting a few posts back! So it sounds like your primal/paleo food template is done within the structure of a daily calorie maximum. I know it seems like a lot of the paleo and primal people don't count calories at all. Do you think that is too much "gray area" for someone who has been obese (too much room to overeat still)?

  3. Thanks Karen!

    Hi Hazel, the Priamal Paleo world uses the words "self regulate" and for me that is similar to intuitive eating, where you stop because you aren't hungry. Sometimes that works for me. Maybe about 20 percent of the time. I may try a whole 30 where I do that for a month, or not. But in the past , ALL intuitive eating just isn't in the cards for me. So yeah, too much gray area for me. I've accepted it, pretty much. I don't blame myself, it's just the way I've always been and I'll need to use the right tools to deal with it. Karen P

  4. I know what you mean about all intuitive eating not being in the cards . . . As I tell my boyfriend, "I have no OFF switch" with many kinds of food. It is just easier to impose some absolute external limit than check in with myself and arbitrarily decide. Emotions can often severely cloud my vision when it comes to eating---and that's bad emotions/anxiety AND good emotions. Plus I have a mean sweet tooth.

    I'm really enjoying following along with your journey. So glad to have found your blog.


    This link is one of the best posts I have read on intuitive eating.

    Honestly most posts on this subject seem to include the word "cake".

    I am not an intuitive eater.

    I eat the same breakfast most every day of the year as it is right mix for successful exercise/day for me. But that being said, I do have non-hungry days occasionally, where I do not eat much later in the day. I try very hard to eat with an eye on total calories and the right mix of foods. I am all about nutrition and not wasting calories.