Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Paleo-ish Inspired Instagram Account- weight maintenance does not have to be dull!

 I think a Paleo-ish food template is underused in good health, weight maintenance, and for post auto-immune disease.

I want to use my photography skills to show case the absolutely delicious and filling Paleo-ish style meals that I eat while maintaining my 70 pound weight loss. 

I made a new Instagram Account: karenspaleolife

 I've got to blame THANK Bill Staley from  Primal Palate  *(note: I cannot follow the main feed at Bill and Haley's site due to the high number of my trigger food photos, but I do admire and respect Bill's mad photo skills. And, I thank  Tony Federico from Paleo Radio podcast from 3/4/2015 for the inspiration. I look forward to meeting both Bill and Tony at Paleofx 2015.

Win-Win: My almost 800 followers on my Southern California photo walking account, family and friends probably don't want to be spammed up with Paleo inspired photos.

PS- you can still follow me over at my original Instagram Account: gardengirl_kp to see awesome Southern California Photos.

Here's what's working for me:

I love photography
I love eating from a Paleo-ish food template
I love maintaining 70+ pound weight loss
I love eating low inflammatory for post auto-immune Hashimotos
I love feeling strong and lean at age 49
I love feeling full
I love having freedom from Food Addiction
I love eating real food
I love Instagram

Here's what didn't work for me

Not practicing my photography, keeping photos to myself
Eating the Standard American Diet  (SAD) and moderating sugars and grains
Yo-yo dieting for 40 years, while eating the SAD
Eating grains, sugars and dairy post Hashimotos disease
Not very muscular age 20-early 40's
I was hungry, 80% of the time and binge eating
I ate to numb out and avoid life
I ate low WW points packaged food, diet food, process bars, baked potato chips! junk food
Life before Instagram (joking!!)

All righty. Follow me if you are Instagram inclined. :)  Karen  I still have to eat, but I don't eat junk!

PS- you will not find paelo-fied junk food on my new IG account. That's how I roll.

Southern California, Carlsbad Feb 2015


  1. I don't have an instagram account, but I will definitely check this all the time (I follow certain people that I know). I can't wait to see your foods and what exactly you eat. I think a lot of food bloggers ten to lie about what they eat (they post these enormous meals on their blogs or instagram accounts) because there is no way they can stay as thin as they appear eating all that fattening (and bad) food. I know you're the real deal so I am looking forward to this! Thanks for doing this, Karen! I will get great food ideas!

  2. There are so many different media choices now !

    But I love your blog and your photo's ...... please keep on posting

    All the best Jan

  3. As you know, I'm not 100% Paleo, but I would say 90% of the food I eat is Paleo, and I love seeing real food and getting inspirations so that I don't end up in too much of a rut... (and I don't need to see all the Paleo treats many post...). So I'm very excited that you started a new IG account and am following you!