Monday, March 16, 2015

Food Addiction posts- kudos to Marion and Jane -March 2015

 I wanted to send this virtual bouquet of spring flowers from my garden to my blog friends Marion and Jane. (see links below).

I have to give big thanks and kudos to both bloggers. For their honesty,  and for blogging about food addiction.

 Marion's post 

  • For blogging about eating specific foods, in specific amounts
  •  For blogging about there being no cure
  • For it not being easy


Jane's post

  • For blogging about needing support themselves, every day
  • For being one bite away
  • For  having  a choice

 I can fully relate to both posts. I eat from my food template. I'll never be cured, but I consider myself in remission.

I've got more support now than when I did in weight loss. One  weight support group, one around Food Addiction.  Getting support is as important as giving. Indeed.

One bite away. Always.  Moderation schemes are a dime-a-dozen. Finding support and your own food template, abstinence plan (everyone's abstinent plan will vary- for very good reasons) is much harder, in my opinion.

I used the mantra "I choose this" when I got off sugars and grains. It stops me cold every single time today, when my slippery slope thinking starts into the old habits and behaviors.

Today, I choose food sobriety. I'm glad I'm not alone. We are stronger together.

What works for me:
1. Not eating processed sugar, no grains, dairy, nuts, legumes
2. Getting support, as needed. Knowing I'm not alone.
3. Rinsing and repeating every single meal, and between each meal.
4. Realizing that the line between food sober and food addiction is tissue paper thin

What did not work in the past:

1. Moderate eating everything, because I wanted to believe I would binge eat if I could not eat all the things.
2. Not getting abstinence based support, thinking I was the only one.
3. Going off my food plan when traveling or for "special occasions".
4. Not understanding how grains and sugars effected my brain and that going back and forth was a lot harder than just staying on one side.

All right. Head over and read Marion and Jane's perspective. Blogging about food addiction is really hard for me. Being honest can be difficult,but also rewarding.   Onward.


  1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for the shout-out. I'm addressing these feelings as I start my "spring campaign of personal health" of which there is 1 participant- Me. Lol. You know, like we always have to do as maintainers. :D

    1. Thank you, Marion. Participant of 1 . LOVE this. :) More awareness that the work around n=1 is the most effective work we can do. Kudos!

  2. Karen - once again a great post, one that many can relate to ...........

    As you say "Blogging about food addiction is really hard for me. Being honest can be difficult,but also rewarding. Onward."

    Support helps so many people

    Your spring flowers look lovely - great colours.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan. As hard as it is, there is some freedom for being honest and real. :)

  3. Looking forward to following the links and reading the other blogs. You continue to be a source of inspiration. I haven't yet declared total abstinence - I'm scared and weakwilled but I am close because I am sick and tired of listening to myself bitch and complain. It's not easy to live in an abstinent world but it's just as difficult (I think) living the moderate path. When you are an all or nothing type of person, one bite is too much. Thanks Karen for continuing to 'preach' abstinence without being heavy handed. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you and your journey.

    1. Isabel, yes, being sick of going around in circles is part of what motivated me to hop off that part of the binge, repent, repeat cycle and onto the this feeling sucks, now I've felt it, going to bed feeling well, waking up feeling great.

      Once I dealt with the year or two of "stuff" involved in feeling my own feelings, it did get better. Owning your own abstinence is a really individual thing. I know what one bite will do, but I also know what just walking away will do. Super powerful ownership.

      Here's to finding what you need to do. Never easy. Always worth it.

  4. I find abstaining from certain foods works so much better for me than 'moderation' ever did. After nearly four years I can moderate a little - but only with certain foods. My bad trigger foods (flour and sugar) will never form a part in my diet again. They are simply too dangerous for me.

    I eat wonderful food though and the old foods are just that... old and in the past. It is a massive thing though for us all to get these out of our life and I believe the ONLY way we (food bingers) can mainain.

    1. Lynda, yes! It's interesting to discover what foods we can moderate. I never would have guessed that 85% chocolate would be one of my moderation foods, but it is, and I enjoy that in a good sort of way.

      I agree, It's probably the only way we can maintain- sanely and with health. Thank you. :)

  5. Do you read Hollie's blog at 300poundsdown? She is still struggling with getting a handle on her addiction, and wrote a really powerful post about her current struggles just yesterday.

    I agree with you, I think it's very empowering and positive for people to give voice to this struggle. It takes a lot of courage.

    1. Hi Wendy, yes, I saw Hollie's post. I wish her the best. Sorting this stuff out can take a while. Glad she's not giving up. That is essential. I tried so many times in 40 years.

      Thanks for your kind comments. :)