Thursday, March 5, 2015

More posts soon! Radio silence and still weight maintaining- rolling with it

Freesias, Feb 2015 garden
Hey!  Usually radio silence in weight maintenance land is a bad thing.

Not so with me. Just real life taking over many different ways.

Sleeping like a champ most nights, finished taxes, parent stuff, work stuff, gardening stuff, dental stuff (wahhh!).

I've got thousands of cool blog posts in my head. Awesome Paleo, NSNG, and Weight Maintenance stuff and great what's working for me posts.

 Yeah, a couple of pounds higher, but withing my range and maintenance pivot zone. My take away, try not to literally bite your tongue, have the dentist laughs (in a funny way)at you, then eat a food that doesn't agree with you (WTH?- fennel root is NOT my friend). I'm over it. LOL.

I'm still standing, and hey, gotta laugh or I'd cry. My maintenance range is 113-119. Weight pivots happen. I either roll with it or not. I've got 37 more years to maintain. So I roll with it. Not binge eating, still lean, clothes fit great.

What's working: Good sleep
What's not working: Sweating normal weight pivots

Proof of weight maintenance:

1 year weight pivot


  1. Thanks for the update, Karen. Glad that you are busy, and that it is nothing more. I think I am probably one of the few people who does not mind the dentist though when I saw him last week, he told me that I might need crowns on my lower right and left back teeth in the future because I have had some large fillings on them for years. Yikes! Not looking forward to that, but I trust my dentist completely and have seen him for over 20 years (he started at the practice I visit when he was very young). I told him he is not allowed to retire any time soon!

    I am a little higher too, but within my weight range. I feel like my change is due to where I am at with my cycle, but no need to eat or binge or get frustrated!

  2. Good to hear from you Karen.

    I'm due at the dentists shortly ... just a check up, but why aren't dentists appointments looked upon more favourably?

    Freesia photo looks lovely

    For now ... take care

    All the best Jan.