Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meeting Michelle Tam - Nom-Nom Paleo Cook book author and blogger March 2015

Karen and Michelle- bucket list photo
 I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Tam, aka- Nom-Nom Paleo book author, blogger, Mom, and all around good chef.  She was signing books at the Newport Beach Whole Foods.

Michelle chatted a lot, she signed our cook book and gave Jr. Family Member  and I both Nom-Nom Paleo figurines. It was an awesome day!

Meeting Michelle in person was on my bucket list. Here's why: Way back in 2012, when I decided to adopt a Paleo-ish food template for long term weight management, there were only a few women talking about Paleo. Michelle was one of them.
The recipes in her cookbook and blog (for my daughter, bacon sammies) For me, chicken stock, cooking with grass-fed beef fat and coconut oil. The cookbook itself lends me to discussions about real food with my daughter. The comic book style, the great photographs. We were picking out recipes that we haven't tried yet while we were in line for the signing.

The concept of umami. I grew up in central Indiana. There was no umami,but there were a lot of jello molds, cool whip, church casseroles and corn on the cob.  There was also a lot of Crisco, Tang, and Snackwells - it was the 1970's and 80's. Unami, full fat, spice mixes, better late than never I was so scared! Of the pressure cooker, of the fat in the fat, about keeping my health.

Eating proteins, veggies, some fruits and dark chocolate. Natural Fat!!! Plus cooking most meals at home. Via Michelle's blog Nom-Nom Paleo I could read how she balanced working night shift at a hospital with cooking meals for her kids. And yes, I was reading when Michelle had spicy language, and I thought it was hilarious. Now cleaned up, I still miss the original blog style, but family oriented is good, too.

I could also see how energetic and over all healthy and strong her whole family was.  Yeah. If cutting out a food group resulted in energy and health, I wanted some of that! I knew the rate of weight maintainers was low; for me I had only maintained my weight for 5 months during a prior loss.  It was easier for me to take the leap of faith knowing that people were eating this way and looking and feeling great!

March is my birthday month, so the trip up to see Michelle, get the book signed, (and some shopping in the OC) was definitely 49th birthday gift I won't forget. I can't wait to cook some more Nom-Nom inspired recipes.  I may have to go all out and get a sousvide supreme for my 50th next year. ;) A big thank you to Michelle for everything.
So fun!
Signed cook book
OMG- I'll save you Nom-Nom Paleo!


  1. Just stopping by to say you look glowing, healthy, and very pretty! Such a vibrant picture, and I LOVE that dress! It is flattering and something I would most definitely wear!

    1. Thanks, Ali! The blouse I was wearing was really long- so it looks like a dress the way the photo was taken. (somebody in line at the time). I was happy to say a hearty thank you to Michelle. Fun stuff.

  2. So pleased you had an awesome day ....... March is a good month to have a birthday, so when it arrives have a brilliant birthday!

    All the best Jan

  3. It's a bit tangential, but...
    Do you remember where you got the 5-20% statistics from? I have been wondering what the long-term rate of success was among the (few) successful weight maintainers. Thanks.

    1. Hi Valerie! This is an older study.
      I see different numbers thrown about. The National Weight loss registry probably has the largest data set.

      Oh, and here, Dr. Berkeley disputes the 5%! Hmmmm based on this, I think I will reword and edit the post. Thank you Valerie for making me think. :)

  4. Sounds very fun!!! It's probably very motivational for you too. :-)

  5. For reviews of paleo cookbooks: