Thursday, July 17, 2014

An awesome ebook by Mark Sisson "The Primal Connection" on sale 7-17-2014- check it out quick!

Mark Sisson (The Primal Blueprint) book author has a sale. For at least right now, the Kindle version of The Primal Connection is only  $ 0.99

Here's the link to Marks site, the blog post, and attitudes of gratitude.

I can't say how much longer the e-book will be $ 0.99, so download it now. A big shout out to my bloggy friend Lynda over at "Living the Life" for the great reminder. Thank you!

Once I read it, I'll post a review. Thanks Mark's Daily Apple and Mark Sisson. Awesomeness. And Gratitude. Always.

Karen P.


  1. Back up to full price again... I'm glad you got to download it. I did too and will read it soon :)

  2. Thanks, Lynda!! I should have more free time in August... or maybe I'll down load it and sneak off to the beach or garden in July. :)