Monday, July 28, 2014

High School Reunion- overweight, normal weight, and weight maintenance

Highland Park, Kokomo, Indiana

 I've got a 30 year High School reunion coming up in my home state- Indiana.  Back home again.

I've been in San Diego for 20 years , so California seems like home.  My close relatives live out West, too.  I still like visiting with family and friends when I return. I could do without the seasonal allergies, though.

As far as weight goes, my classmates have seen me yo-yo diet all over the place. I put the YO in yo-yo dieting after 40 years. I've known many of my classmates since kindergarten

In the past, I had major life changes at all the reunions I attended.
Graduation:  normal weight, about 5 pounds higher than now. (1984)

10 year - didn't attend that year, about 30 pounds overweight. (1994)

15 year- didn't attend due to to an international trip, normal weight, about 10 pounds higher than my current.  (1999)

20 year reunion- attended, normal weight- 10 pounds higher than current.

25 year reunion - attended, highest weight ever - 70 pounds higher than now (2009)
August 2009 and July 2014

30 year reunion - attending , normal weight,  lowest weight since Freshman year in HS (2014)

Thoughts, beliefs and feelings :
1. I knew I would still be maintaining my weight loss in 2014 when I got to goal weight in 2012
2. I will be rocking a little black dress for the reunion dinner.
3. I feel like myself at the lower normal weight
4. I'm glad I attended my other reunions at all my weights
5. I don't give a rats a$$ what anyone thinks about me any more from weight or other perspectives.
6. I thought my 2009 blouse made me look "thin" when I bought it. When I saw this photo when I returned home, I realized I was very, very overweight, but didn't do anything about it for 2 more years.
7. I DO really care what I think about myself and I deeply care about myself, feeling my best, my best health- physically and emotional
8. I won't be shying away from cameras or photos
9. I will be focusing on remembering the good times and catching up on our lives.
10. It's just good to be me now. 
11. The Indiana humidity and heat and travel are all much easier at a normal weight.
12. I'll stay on my food and exercise template while traveling. Because my food sobriety doesn't take a vacation.

There you go! What I think, believe, and feel in 12 bullet points.

What's working now:
1. Low-inflammatory, Paleo style diet for overall health and weight maintenance
2. Daily habits (weighing, walking, strength training, food template, stress relief and work/family/balance)
3. Good emotional boundaries
4. 1-3 Owning my own stuff, so I can just be myself

What did not work
1. Moderating junk food, eating sugar & wheat, counting calories/points- lower quality of health
2. No daily habits to support my goals (didn't weigh, didn't exercise, ate whatever, used food to cope, didn't put myself first life balance)
3. Didn't know how to set emotional boundaries until I was taught.
4. I didn't own my own stuff, I didn't feel "like myself"

Anyone have any High School Reunion stories to tell?

The take away:

Self-efficacy Rocks!

long road to my friends' Indiana home


  1. I love that covered bridge - one of my favourite movies is "The Bridges of Madison County". You are looking great in that last photo - nice jeans :) Have fun at your reunion.

    1. Hi Lynda! Thank you! New jeans... love them. Larger size- US 6 (vs a US 4). I've found I've gotten curvier as maintenance goes on, but my waist and belly stay slim. I'm all about keeping my visceral fat low for disease maintenance!

  2. Great post, Karen. Two points resonated with me in particular. I also don't care what others think of me in terms of a weight perspective. Everyone tells me I look good now, but I still want to lose 7-10 more pounds so I am going to do what works for me. In addition, the heat and humidity are much easier to deal with at a normal or lower weight. I hope you have a great reunion!

    1. Ali, Thanks. Yes- I think now that I'm 48, I care more about me and less about others opinions of me. More that I'm healthy in my body and mind. Great gift to myself. Good luck on the last 7-10 pounds. I've found those pounds that come off more slowly. Ah, patience!

  3. Bravo, great post! Seems like it takes us a while to figure out what works best. I , too follow a paleo type diet and feel so much better than I did on previous schemes.

    1. Larcana- thank you. the Paleo template has been a physical and mental gift. I'm so glad that you found it and it's working for you. Whoot, Whoot! I suspect Paleo/Primal is underused for weight maintenance and disease management. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. Fantastic work, as usual! Enjoy your trip/festivities!

  5. Karen, you have done very well, you look great. How did you get a handle on the binge eating? I know you said you took care of weight loss first, or rather started with weight loss and worked from there. I've done well with weight loss but at times emotions get the best of me still and threaten my peace and success. Any tips would be appreciated. Perhaps I just need to go through your blog from the beginning to see how you did it. You have it locked in now, but I am sure it wasn't always as easy as you make it look now.

    1. Hi Isabel, I started abstaining from wheat and sugar, then I started to eat fewer processed foods, I white knuckled it a bit, I got in a support group, I got out of that support group ( I need to be in an abstainer group, not a moderate eater group) and I did a bunch of reading about it. Stopping binge eating took about 1.5 years to get into long term remission.

      I would say it's not always easy, but so,so, much easier than trying to moderate junk food, sugar, wheat. Also, feeling my feelings is easier than the pain of emotional eating and having that pain and the extra weight. It's like flipping a switch and turning off the urge to sooth with food. That's relatively easy. The time in cooking, clean up, getting enough sleep- that's a true day-in day out balancing act. Not always easy- but easier than my 40 yo-yo dieting past.

  6. Hi Karen are looking great and yes I know you mean August 2009 and July 2014 in your picture .....oops sorry for pointing that out!

    You have to be focused on a life style that improves health, weight, fitness and you certainly have been since I've been reading your blog.

    Good for you - Inspiring for many

    Have a great reunion

    All the best Jan

    1. Ahhh, I updated my caption. I was laughing to myself. That would be pretty quick work to lose 70 pounds in one month. LOL!!! Thanks for letting me know... :) Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  7. As always, excellent points, Karen! I think #7. "I DO really care what I think about myself and I deeply care about myself, feeling my best, my best health- physically and emotional" is especially important. Also, great that you didn't let your weight keep you from attending reunions in the past.

    Enjoy the upcoming reunion!

    1. Andrea, I'm so glad that I went. I had deleted so many "overweight" photos, it's such a relief not to hide from cameras any more. It's nice to put myself first- essential- IMO. Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)