Monday, March 3, 2014

2 year, 1 month weight maintenance update

 Weight Maintenance Update:

Note 1: If you are here from the Paleosphere and don't use weight as a data point, you may want to skip today's post.

Note 2: Current photos will follow, soon.

Note 3. See the 3 weight spikes in the second half of Feb 2014 in the graph to the left. Shrimp.  Frozen shrimp with added salt. I think I'll stick to fresh shrimp from here on out.

March 3, 2014

Highest Weight: 187.5
Current Weight: 117.0
Goal Weight Range 113-118
Height 5' 1"
Age 47
Menopause: 6 months or so
Graphs: staying steady, downward trend in Jan-Feb (first half)

What's working
1. Paleo-ish template, low inflammatory
2. Daily weighing
3. Working on home/work projects
4. Batch cooking chicken, grass fed beef, bison, & lamb, lots of veggies.
 5. Prioritizing sleep.
6. Sea Salt to season

What did not work in the past
1. Eating high inflammatory foods, low fat, high carb, sweets  in moderation if they "fit into my points range".
2. Avoiding the scale and not dealing with small/large gains
3. Watching TV and sitting a lot to avoid house projects.
4. Buying a whole lot of diet frozen foods for $2 for 5 boxes (bargains! coupons!) and a lot of Skinny Cow ice cream. Worst food I've ever eaten and I thought it was awesome at the time. Ugh! Different food palate, different food planet. 
5. Staying up too late watching TV.
6. Eating lots of salt on low-fat pop corn, diet frozen meals, canned veggies.

Okay, that's it.

Somewhat routine, but that's the way maintenance is supposed to be. The batch cooking has been pretty tasty. I took some photos at Gwen's request for recipes, so look for some of my favorites ( they are easy) later in the week.

Storm on the left, sun on the right. San Diego County Winter 2014


  1. None of that blue sky up here this past weekend! ;)

    Eager to get those recipes :)

    1. Hi Gwen, I found a little bit of sun on Saturday at the coast. Didn't last long as I got pretty wet about 10 mins after I took that photo. I was a light rain, so not too bad. I was lucky and got to the car before the huge downpour.

      Recipes next...... Funny thing is that most of my blog traffic is based off really old Medifast recipes. LOL. I'll love to see the Paleo batch cooking overtake the Medifast in popularity on my posts...

  2. The batch cooking and getting on the scale daily works for me, too.

    1. Running stitches- I've gotten so much information from the scale as far as food sensitivities, trends, and just putting the breaks on slippery slope thinking. Yes, without batch cooking, I'd be sunk!

  3. Years I ago, I ate frozen diet foods, too. I know cringe when I think that I ever put that in my body...

    1. Andrea, I know! People talk about fad dieting... I bought those because I thought it would lead to a thin body... probably kept me hooked on processed foods much more than I could ever be. Sigh... live and learn. :)

  4. This was very interesting. I like how analytical you are! I am curious about the batch cooking

    1. Holly, thanks! I plan to put a post up soon about batch cooking and some links. As the single head of house hold, batch cooking saves money and my health daily. I started getting well when I stopped eating junk at work and stopped eating out regularly.

  5. As always, Karen, very insightful - I love how you analyze your data. Batch cooking is a biggie - although, the roasted veggies never last in my house as long as I think they should - too yummy! On Sunday, I roasted a head of cauliflower just to use it up, and it was gone within an hour of coming out of the oven. Amazing to me how our tastes have changed -we ate a whole head of cauliflower that would have taken us at least 3 days in the "before" days. And cooking meat in batches has been a lifesaver. can't wait to see recipes! Keep it up with the maintenance - you are an inspiration and give me hope!

    1. Jess, yummy on the roasted cauliflower. Winter is a great time to do oven roasted veggies. Thanks and recipe or two to come over the weekend.

  6. although I don't think the scale should be the ultimate judge of whether we're "successful" or "a failure" I also think that it's an incomparable TOOL for showing progress or regress! :-) just like what you learned from the shrimp -- it could easily have taken much longer to "register" without the weight graph to make the fact stick out!

    1. Tess, yes! I've picked up on so many foods that It would have taken me a lot longer to correlate the food sensitivity. Particularly when I can pair the spike in the scale with acne, headaches, and other things. I don't mind seeing the fluctuation if it's a salty meal from time to time, but if it's inflammation (acne, headache) I'm more likely to do more "testing". :)

  7. Well done Karen, just love the straight forward way you set everything out, it's very helpful.

    All the best Jan