Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day 2014 - loving the non-food celebrations, my heart loves them too!

Happy Valentines Day 2014

 My cells, my mitochondria, my body... it's one more day on planet earth. Hey cells! I'm going to celebrate Valentines a third year with non-food items.

Awesomeness!  Food Sobriety, I love that MORE than any food item. My brain, body and soul love that, too. Weight maintenance, it all falls in line...

What's working for Hallmark Holiday Celebrations.

1. Celebrating with good coffee in my Love mug. (remember when postage was 20 cents?) I might sprinkle some cinnamon in my coffee. I love that.

2. Eating from my food template- Grass fed beef = great omega 3's, protein, low inflammation. My high sensitive CRP = 0.4  That's love, right there.

3. Cards: yep, I'll be sending out some e-cards tonight. I have no idea what US postage is right now, but I can send e-cards to those I love.

What did not work in the past: (binge trigger warning... words food photos.. stop reading now if you need to ...)

1. Celebrating with food. Binge food. Specifically boxes of chocolates, conversation hearts with words on them, cinnamon hearts. This marks the first Winter Olympics in my 47 years that I've not binged so bad while watching the Olympics that I've not binged on those little nasty hearts with words printed on them. Gold medal for me!!!

2. Eating "special" frosted sugar cookies and frosted cupcakes, even though I had committed to weight loss. My promises and talking head did not match my walking, working body. 0% correlation there. Frosting = binge = weight gain.  No other way in this equation for me.

3. Giving people candy. People who were also trying to lose weight. Open apology here and now. Sorry I enabled you. Forgive me my trespasses. I forgive you for enabling me to do the same.  Love forgiveness. Moving on now..

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!!!   Here's to another day of love with non-food items.


  1. happy valentine's day, Karen! your experiences and willingness to share them ARE a gift!

  2. Happy valentine's day, sweet friend! :)

  3. Happy Valentines Day .... We are celebrating with a lovely salmon dinner and fresh steamed vegetables, we just love fish.

    All the best Jan

  4. Happy Heart Day, Karen! Congratulations on all the Wins today.