Monday, February 10, 2014

Slender Safari podcast- my story and interview with Shey Harms episode 35

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shey Harms at Slender Safari in mid- Jan 2014

I forget how I originally met Shey, probably twitter! Anyhoo, I can relate a lot- thyroid problems, yo-yoing with weight. Yep! I know this cycle more than I know any other way... up until recently.

Shey has been considering a Paleo/Primial style of diet or just finding what works best for her. It was easy to talk to her and I probably talked more about thyroid disease than any other interview.

Thyroid disease (auto-immune Hashimoto's, diagnosed in 1997) probably is the thing I've blogged least about, but drives 90% of my individual choices in my Paleo-ish template.

Shey is very easy to talk to about weight loss and I love chatting with people who are looking to build their own template for success. No one weight loss plan or weight maintenance will work for one person. Shey is considering a Paleo-ish template, so I of course add my 2 cents on that. :)  In my own experience, a low inflammatory template is a super great match for post Thyroid disease for overall health, including weight maintenance.

Head on over to iTunes and download episode #35 and check out the other episodes that may be of interest.

Wishing Shey all the success in the world on her own quest to loose the rest of the weight and do all the things she loves to do. :) Thank you Shey, for sharing my story so others may find what works for them.

We are stronger together! And I'm motivated to blog more about my Thyroid and post thyroid experiences.  Auto-Immune disease is no small thing to recover from and manage in the long term.


  1. I loved this podcast, Karen. LOVED!
    I'm taking you with me today on my walk, camera in hand.
    This has given me LOTS of information to ponder and I see that I may have to make some more changes to my diet. I realize, with great sadness (lol) that I'll have to wean myself off dairy & nuts. Dairy, because of the mucous and nuts because of the addictive behaviour it causes for me. Nuts I can go cold turkey on but the dairy ... oh the dairy!

    Your common sense, no pressure approach is exactly how I need to proceed on my own path. Baby steps.

    1. Awwww, Karen, thank you.... dairy and nuts were the last things to go... I really didn't want to ditch them but the rewards of no sinus headaches and sleeping well (dairy) and stopping emotional eating with the nuts ( probably related to my thyroid disease, not a personal fail!!! Important to note this.. ).

      Keep walking with your camera. My best decisions are made on my daily walks, with my camera! Keep going and trying things that work.. the answer is inside you.. it does take time for it to come out... Onward.

  2. Hi Karen, I think "we are stronger together" and it is only by sharing our experiences, that we can help each other.

    As always the individual has to be happy about sharing experiences, it's a personal choice.

    I've always loved the way you set out What has worked for you - What hasn't worked etc.

    Looking forward to more posts .............

    Many thanks

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan. Customizing your own template for your own health has been the most rewarding AND the longest project I've ever worked on in my life. It's very, very important to only share what you are comfortable sharing, using your own risk based approach. I'm judged now more than ever for what I share. And there are both good and bad risks...

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. Hi Karen, I enjoyed the podcast very much. I'm always sharing things you've said with my daughter. You're known as that "scientist lady who even checks to see if there is gluten in her shampoo." She came in one day when I was reading your blog and was looking at your pictures and saying how "cute" you are. Hope that makes your day. :)

    1. Awwww, thank you Caron... YES! It makes my day... :) Gluten in my shampoo really effects my hair looks better too!