Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paleo Non Paleo - success stories from Alison Golden- yep! I am featured

I have the huge, huge honor of being featured as a success story at Paleo/Non-Paleo by Alison Golden.  My story is here, please read it and share it with anyone who you think could benefit

I think this is one of the best write-ups ever. I read it, and I was wow-ed! Is that me? Yes, yes... it is. Something about this story, the way it's written, my photos. My daughter read my story and gave me a huge hug and a teary thank you.  What a gift!

What can I say?   This: I'm so honored to be featured. Alison's blog has been a place of learning as I transitioned off mainstream, commercial dieting and the Standard American Diet. I will happily direct people to this link as much as possible.

It was so, so important that I could see others who were successful and who made life changing (saving) diet and life changes so that they could live a better life. I was like Alison. I knew no one else who was doing what I was doing in real life. Meat and Veg! Yes! Read more about Alison's story here.

Be sure to check out the other success stories on Alison's blog. If one of those stories hits home, try out, test out , experiment, problem solve, and bring what works with you.  We are stronger together! Customizing your food and life template is key, in my opinion. Keep going and keep working on what works for you.  Thank you, Alison!!


  1. VERY good, Karen! You are such a great role model!

  2. Well Done Karen ... Yahoo !

    All the best Jan

  3. Really good write up. You conveyed the total health/secondary conditions part in addition to weight loss/maintenance very well.

  4. Congratulations, Karen! What a wonderful write up.
    I've been reading for a few hours over there today and have really enjoyed yours and others' success stories.
    The big takeaway for me is to keep trying and tweaking and not giving up and to make up my own eating template for where I am right now. It can always be changed later if something's not working out for the best.

  5. Thank you Jeanette, Gwen, Jan, Vickie and Karen. The big hug and thank you I got from my daughter after she read the article was all the Valentine's gift I would ever want. :) Karen P

  6. The pleasure was all mine, Karen. Yours was an awesome story, and I loved the ways you set your boundaries and made yourself the center of your world - all so you can benefit others. And what a wonderful response from your daughter and what are wonderful role model you are being for her. Great, great job, lady!

  7. I agree Karen, so well written. :) You are an excellent communicator as well as role model/inspiration for how well Paleo has worked for you!