Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013- three years wheat free, 2 years abstaining from junk, very thankful!

King of the Turkey Vultures!

 Thanksgiving 2013

  • Three years gluten free
  • Two years grain free
  • One year (almost) dairy free

This leaves me free to live the life I was meant live. Long walks at the coast, fun times with family and friends, handle stress at home and work, carry on through tough times and fun times. More time to volunteer my time and funds, more time to get out into my community.

Free from most emotional eating now that I'm in remission.

More chances to share my given talents.

Removing grains, processed sugar and sticking to a mainly Paleo templates has added more than I could ever imagine to my life.

If you are abstaining from grain, sugar, processed foods this Thanksgiving, I salute you to adding more to your life than you remove.

Thanks to all my regular and new readers and stay food sober this Thanksgiving. Catch me on Instagram and Twitter and give me a shout out if you need some inspiration. :)  We are stronger together.

What works:
1. Sticking to my meal plan.
2. Walking 10,000 plus even on vacation
3. Staying in remission from emotional eating using steps 1-2
4. Wisdom to know.

What didn't work in the past
1. Eating out of candy bowls, nut bowls,  and not planning
2. Dropping my walking routine while on vacation.
3. Relapsing from progress that I had made by having sugary foods (and wheat)
4. Food to numb

There's no better way to connect to the place you are than to have a walk around, in my opinion. Here are some photos from a recent walk.

What Fall looks like in Orange County- sycamore leaves on the reclaimed water box!

Always thankful for the November sunsets in California


  1. Karen, so you've had zero grains for that long? No slips at all? I'm amazed, even more than I already was!

    Happy Thanksgiving! And thank YOU for being such an incredible role model in this path to better health!

    1. Yep! I've been off all grains, legumes, etc. I went gluten free in July 2011, then grain free starting with my transition to Paleo for weight maintenance, then dairy free since early Jan 2013 after the Whole30. All had such huge health benefits in addition to sustainable weight maintenance. I get headaches, acne, and binge urges, so the temptation to go off plan is really limited.
      Happy Thanksgiving and here's to staying OP every holiday. :)

    2. That's just amazing. Being 100% is still a pipe dream for me. I consider myself well in the 90-95% grain free (many many days are 100% grain free, but 3-4 times a month there is some grain, usually onion rings. Yeah, don't plan on giving those up.) (LOL) Truly amazing!

  2. Congratulations on your resolve to a healthy fit lifestyle!

    1. Thanks, Marc. You, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Karen, great post as always.

    I love that you know what works for you and you do not steer away from your path.

    Happy thanksgiving, and the sunset in California looks super.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. I never get tired of the sunsets. :)

  4. Every time I read a post, usually written by someone who is stuck in the higher end of the scale, about how strict we all eat to maintain, I leave a comment that most of us eat very clean in order to avoid pain and keep our secondary conditions under control and weight maintenance is a side benefit. Because I think that IS how most of us maintain without feeling deprived. We like living pain and symptom free.