Monday, November 25, 2013

An iPhone and Android App to use "Before I Eat" - love this customizable app

Before I Eat App to Help Stop Binge Eating
Before I Eat

*FCC disclosure. The app developer gave me a code for a free app. And, I totally spaced it and paid a whole $0.99 for this app. My opinions are my own.

I've been an emotional  since I was 6. I'm now 47. Even though I'm at goal weight, I can still get hit pretty hard with an emotional urge to eat to solve problems, reduce stress, and sooth myself. The urge can come out of nowhere, although, stopping to consider the root of it usually reveals being tired or over stressed for me.

I LOVE this app. I've interacted with Alen Standish on and off since he interviewed me for a podcast earlier this year and I told my own story. Through those interactions, my own recovery has been strengthened from a support side. I also got to hear updates and see the initial idea for the app grow.

1. First check it out yourself here: Description, screen shots.

2. Here's the Youtube video

What works for me to stop an emotional urge to eat.

1. Using the HALT-B method to stop emotional eating
2. Stop and asking myself : What do I really need when I'm food seeking.
3. Actually doing the self care step: Hint usually it's to go and sleep if it's after 9pm.
4. Ask for help and support when the emotion is strong (death of a loved one, stressful event)

Here's what I like about the "Before I Eat" app, this works for me:

1.  Just the act of opening the act takes my mind into a "stop mode"
2. I can custom pick from the HALT-B list that I've chosen as my "favorites"
3. I can listen to Alen's soothing and positive voice recording.
4. I can pre-record my own voice or that of my daughter saying positive things and listen to a positive "loop"
5. I can make notes in the journal so that I can see progress and make connections to events and triggers.
6. I can stop myself BEFORE I EAT.

All for $0.99.

Here's what didn't work in the past before I had a handle on the emotional eating:
 1. I just quickly ate some sugary (mini-candy bars) or wheat thing (toast with fake margarine and cinnamon) to sooth myself, or believing I was soothing. Trust me, it was not effective and I was 60-70 pounds overweight for 3-4 years.

2. I did not think about tools or choosing effective processes. I was hooked into the sugar/wheat from a biological perspective. What I thought was soothing was fueling the behavior/habits.

3. I had a negative sound track in my head. This makes me tear up to this day ever once and a while .... Essential to work with someone or to effectively break free for good emotional health.

4.  The negative self talk loop drove me back to the highly palatable food.

5. I did not write or type in a journal.

6. I did not stop myself before eating off the rails. The foggy sugar/wheat brain, the negative self talk, yikes. Not a happy time.

I recommend the Before I Eat app, and I recommend you try it out yourself. Discuss!


  1. Karen, I didn't listen to the youtube, but I will tonight, but this sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This sounds very interesting and I listened to the YouTube! Thanks Karen.

  3. I just bought this and am listening to the tutorial right now. Thanks!

  4. I also purchased this app. I'm hopeful it will be a huge deterrent when I'm bored at night and my thoughts go to what I might find to eat in the kitchen. This really has been a problem for me at times, and I've given into the urge to eat more than I care to admit. Thanks for letting us know about this, Karen. :)

  5. Interesting ..... thanks Karen

    All the best Jan