Friday, November 8, 2013

Fantastic podcast with Heather (Half Size Me) and Alen (Quit Binge Eating)

Great podcast with two great podcasters- Heather from Half Size Me and Alen from Quit Binge Eating

Heather shares her story with Alen in podcast #31 ( link below)

As a former emotional/binge eater in remission, I can very much relate to Alen's interview with Heather. Great interview and important to share our stories of recovery. Kudos. Knowing there are other people out there who are in recovery was my key to my own life changing events.

I highly recommend subscribing to both podcasts. Here's a link to Alen's interview with Heather at iTunes.

I'm test driving Alen's new app, Before I Eat, too. FCC Disclosure: Alen gave me a free code to try the app. I was so excited that I did not use the coupon code and paid a whole 0.99 cents for my experience!!! LOL.... 

More next week.


  1. "Great interview and important to share our stories of recovery"

    I think only by sharing stories, news, reviews etc can we best find what works for us.

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. That's what I did, I checked out different weight maintainers then searched their favorite resources until I built my own template. Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)